Fangame List -- Awaiting Custom Game Descriptions

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Recent/active fangames are going to continuously be added now, old ones getting removed eventually. The newest ones at the time of the latest update are at the top.

Fangame makers should post in this topic if their fangame is not listed–assuming it is new, active, and/or old but still in progress–or if they would like their own description, not my generic maker and what’s in the topic description. Otherwise post here for any other problems with the list, such as missing demos, new fangame helpers/programmers, missing websites, etc.

What’s left of Primeval’s original post is small and italicized below.

The list:
(Last updated 9/13/2006)

P2D - Being made by all those on this forum with “Team Member” ranks or higher. A complete transfer of metroid prime from 3-D to 2-D. There are demos.

Metroid Prime: Entrapment - Being made by Antipode. A top-down and side-scrolling mix played entirely in the Morph Ball. Features classic upgrades from the entire series, exciting fights and many intricate puzzles and challenges. A wide variety of locations and enemies await Samus as she travels into the deep catacombs of planet Sykrosis.

Metroid Prime: Chaos - Being made by Wooderson.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 2-D - Being made by Ankhareon. There is an engine demo and a screenshot.

Dancing Grunts - Made by Dom Master. There is a “final version” available for download.

Metroid 2 Remake - Being made by SmartDude47. There is a screenshot.

Star Fox Assault 2-D - Being made by DarkHunter16. There are demos, but most have lost their sources.

Metroid Prime: Return of Mother Brain - Being made by EdTheDestroyer. There are demos.

Metroid Prime: Phazon Apocalypse - Being made by me, Troid92. It is a 3-D Prime-style first-person shooter, currently able to load different worlds and rooms the same way as Prime as well, using only one Game Maker room and one Game Maker object. Along with it is a Game Maker 3-D Model Maker, made specifically for the game, though it can be used for any game as it is possible to save into GML. There are screenshots and demos for the game and the model maker.

Shooter - Being made by SNIPER.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 2-D - Being made as a team effort. There are some demos scattered throughout the topic.

Metroid Overdrive - Being made by Outrage (formerly known as AnimationBoy). There is a demo and a trailer.

Starfox Battle - Being made by King Metroid.

Metroid: Nebulus - Being made by XMegadragon and crew. There are demos.

Metroid X - Being made by Tenka. There are many demos.

Space Pirate Attack - Being made by Chozo Dude.

Ocarina of Time 2-D - Being made by TheRealMethuselah. There are only old demos and screenshots, and the demos are broken.

Metroid: Net Mission - Being made by me! (note: Ironically, this originally said the exact same thing but actually meant Primeval–Long story short, now it’s referring to me, Troid92) And a whole team of people as well. It is an online multiplayer 2-D side-scrolling Metroid game with 13 planned characters. There are demos on the forums.

Metroid Legions - Being made by Skateraaron.

Metroid: Genisis - Being made by -058- and MasonMcCoy. There are many programs and demos on the website.

Castlevania: Requiem of Lost Souls - Being made by Dazuro Ghenari and RoguePirate. There are demos.

Swords of Legend: The Dark Sword - Being made by Czar Dragon.

Nintendo Wars: Eternal Destiny - Being made by ST-X.

The Wind Waker GB(Color) - Being made by Piers and company. There are screenshots.

Corruption - Being made by Dragon. There are screenshots and an old demo, new demos expected soon.

GM6 Metroid Engine - Made by WWakerFAN. Not exactly a fangame, just an engine that could be used to make fangames. There is a “demo”.

Metroid: Raider - Being made by metroid_noob_3.

Ok, I was getting confused with all the fangames out so I made a list of all of them on these boards, including if they have a demo or not.

If I forgot any please let me know and I will add them.

EDIT: Added a few more links.
EDIT2: Added Metroid: Evolution
EDIT3: Added Metroid: Escape Mission
EDIT4: Added Metroid: Origins and added Morphball Madness topic
EDIT5: Added many more fangames.

EDIT6: See top of post.
Edit7: Cancelled fangame removed, Swords of Legend forum changed
Edit8: Added Metroid 2 Remake
Edit9: Dancing grunts and nebulus.
Edit10: Added a lot.

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