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Current stage: Nothing

What’s up, guys? Heh, it’s been a very long time, and I’m afraid I have no updates to offer you. This is more of a “guilt post”. I’ve been working on a lot of personal projects such as a music album called Antechamber and I haven’t even had time to think about this game.
Just remember what I said - it’s been a lot of fun planning it out at the very least, and if I wind up actually making this, then that’s a bonus as far as I’m concerned. My original intention in posting what I did below was more to show what I had thought up.
Like you guys suggested, maybe it would be a good idea to get a demo going and at least post that. If I like it, then maybe I can go ahead with it. Even that at least wouldn’t be for a long time.
For a third time, don’t get your hopes up. You of all people should know the inevitable fate of 99% of fangames, just as you said.
There may be a next time, and if there is, I’ll see you all there!
If there isn’t, well, then chalk this up as another fangame that never was.

Let me start this out on the right foot. First off, I’m well aware of the overuse of the Prime label in fangames. Be that as it may, it fits into the Metroid Prime story arc nicely, so that’s why I’ve chosen to stick with it. So, the basics:
While Metroid Prime Hunters fit in between Metroid Prime and Echoes, Entrapment fits in between Metroid Prime and Hunters. In other words, it is a direct sequel to Prime which takes place before Hunters. This is important for many reasons. The game itself stands alone, so if players haven’t (for whatever reason) played Prime or Hunters, it doesn’t matter - but you probably won’t recognize certain references and characters.

The opening essentially is as follows: After Samus’ adventures on Tallon IV, she is regenerating aboard her gunship above the barren, icy world of Sykrosis when she is interrupted by a signal - the ship has detected the signature of a Pirate scout ship. The ship is so small that it could not have come from a station anywhere. Therefore she has to assume it came from the planet. The signature disappears and she follows. When she arrives on land, she finds the ship destroyed with no sign of life. In front of her lies a long abandoned base on the subzero surface and she enters. The door seals and she encounters a large, spherical, mechanical beast which immediately attacks. Samus rolls into the morphball to escape but a parting shot disables the morph function, so she becomes stuck in the form. She manages to escape, but the entrance door is also the only exit, so she must continue into the base. I don’t want to continue the summary because frankly, I don’t want to give it away, and also it’s too long to totally describe here.
Needless to say, there is a civilization which used to live deep underground in catacombs, and for certain reasons the Space Pirates are attempting to gain control of the remains and the research which lies unguarded. The great General Weavel (of Hunters fame) is the head of the operation, under only Pirate Command, and he will present a major adversary in the game. Just for clarification, when you first meet Weavel he looks like a normal Pirate. The Hunters manual says that a “previous altercation with Samus” destroyed his body and left just his spinal cord and brain intact, and he swore revenge. That “altercation” will take place in Entrapment.
Regardless of this, as Samus explores Sykrosis in this game she will travel through a variety of different locations including different experimental habitats (a la Fusion), underground catacombs, and a Pirate base. It is very plot-driven and will be supported by the Scan Visor and a running narrative by Samus (similar again to Fusion only more frequent).

Mechanics of the game:

The game should be of a decent length, at least 3-4 hours (uncertain), and will take place entirely in the Morph Ball. Throughout the game the player will find familiar upgrades suited to the ball and from throughout the series, such as bombs (the morph ball bomb and the power bomb), a variety of different ball-suits (varia ball, gravity ball, phazon ball, etc - there are three or four more), and many special upgrades (spider ball, boost ball, the Energy Transfer module (echoes), spring ball, death ball (Echoes multiplayer), Force Ball (Prime Pinball), and many more).
Probably the most important point is how the game will play. It is a mix of top-down Zelda style play and side-scrolling. It switches back and forth very frequently depending on what a given challenge or puzzle may require.
The game itself is somewhat linear, consisting of many puzzle or challenge-based rooms in succession, but much exploration will be required and rewarded for. There are about 4 or 5 main bosses during play, too, so don’t worry about that. There are many sidepaths to take, too, and the entire game is already mapped out by myself on paper.

Which reminds me. I haven’t started this game yet. That’s right, not one playable area - and there’s a good reason - I want this to turn out good. Really good, if I can manage it. And that takes lots and lots of planning. I will be ripping most sprites from existing games, creating some of my own, and making all of the music. No, not MIDI, either - I may go all out and use WAV music I’d make in a sequencer program. The filesize would be bad, but it would be well worth it. If I can find a way to use MP3 music I’ll gladly do that instead. But I don’t feel anything is worth sacrificing the quality of the music.

The game has me excited, and that’s why I want to work on it. With any luck the thing will be done in a year. We’ll see. This is more of an announcement of what I want to accomplish and to get some interest going. Thanks for reading, and watch out for some Entrapment news in the time coming!

Just so you know, I’m being really overly optimistic about this project. But no harm in that. I’d like it to turn into something and if it doesn’t, then so be it, it’s been a blast to plan this out. A reminder that I’m not bothering you all for help, I should be ok. Furthermore, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I will be making this in Multimedia Fusion. This may get some sighs of disappointment, but let me assure you that I know what I’m doing and with the right extensions you can do anything in it.

Well, the story sounds nice. While a “morph-ball madness” game has been attempted the project never went through (like 99% of all fan-games). It will be nice to see the concept live on.

The only thing that irks me about this is that you went ahead and posted the story and openly state being optimistic is the answer. In my experience that always fails … in order to succeed you need to be pessimistic, ready to accept the fact that it may not work out as you plan because a lot of the time it doesnt, and you need to be ready to tackle any of the many obstacles there are to creating a game, from glitchy/malfunctioning code to denial and redicule of the concept. I also believe in strong evidence of a game before breathing a word about it to anyone, thats screenshots at the least … preferrably an early alpha demo of some kind.

Otherwise you can pretty much expect people to ignore your idea, because many people have done the same thing in the past and failed - brought forth their game proposal and are never heard from again.

I dont mean to doom your project or anything, but I call it like I see it … and we’ve all seen it before.

As long as you actually make it to the playable demo/ engine phase, I’m happy. Pretty cool game concept btw.

Thanks. I hope it turns out, but as I said: I’d like it to turn into something and if it doesn’t, then so be it, it’s been a blast to plan this out.

Just so you know, Tenka, I don’t mind if people ignore and/or ridicule - I’ve put quite a bit of work into planning this and I intend to update the thread. In other words, I wouldn’t WANT it to fade into nothing, so I’m going to do my best to make sure it doesn’t.

Hmmmmm … sounds like a previously unfinished game that was here on P2d Forums called … Morphball Madness.

Morphball Madness Topic

I knew the dude making it … and if you had not seen this topic, props on thinking up the same thing :slight_smile: Its a good idea, hope you have better luck with it than Xenic did.

:unamused: read all the replys, someone already mentioned that, thats why you read the posts! :unamused:

Haha how did I miss that? Weird. I swear I read all the posts. Ha … my mistake.

And again, this was a completely useless post to the topic … so on that note …

I was wondering how you are going to do upgrades/weapons. It would be interesting to see how you would work all that into a totally morphball game.

this game is still up?

I have one idea,beam adapter once you get it press A and place a bomb(the num pad decides what beam you are on)when the bom explodes it will shoot out that beam in four directions and when you get the level 2 adapter it shoots in eight directions

PS you have ammo 10 per pack ok :smiley:

:whack: too many prime based fangames unlike most though this one has some merret :smiley:>

its only a name, i think they say “prime” cuz is between the games or cuz they loved the game… nothing more…

and i think this guys must join up and make a complete game, making demos of games that will never be completed is waste of time…