Dancing Grunts

this is a full game not a demo
I made this in like 5 minutes using gamemaker

use the arrow keys and ctrl,shift,space and enter to make the grunts dance

you get less applause when a grunt stops dancing

Click to download the .Zip file from Savefile

I know about the Points glitch

Okay, I fixed the URL for you. You had “http://” twice.

But what is the point of this? All you do is hold keys down indefinitely and get points. It’s impossible to even tell what a glitch is…

oh I’m the only glitch finder then ^^ never mind about the glitch then

anyway there’s 2 levels and a bonus level

coughbreakdancing Gruntcough

No, I meant the glitch is impossible to find for anyone except you because you’re the only one who knows what the game is supposed to be about. What’s the purpose of the game? Are we supposed to be able to hold them all at once and get tons of points? Is that the glitch? You just left absolutely no description about what you’re actually supposed to do, other than “hold keys”. That means anything could happen, so if a glitch happens, nobody will be able to tell (except you, since you know exactly what you want to happen).

You also probably should’ve said earlier that there are actually levels, since in my 30 seconds of holding keys I got bored and quit, and now I don’t feel like downloading it again just for that.

the glitch lets you keep the grunts dancing without pressing the buttons

Brakabasataabala feed me

Keep posting like that and the only thing you’ll get fed is a ban.

Posted on wrong forum sorry…The other forum i was on has a spam forum

its kinda suckin.

no real motivation to play it.

Lol. Based on commentary, i think it’d just waste space on my hard drive.


dancing grunts isn’t as funny as fleeing grunts (easy mode)

or grunts running around in circles with their arms waving in the air when a plasma nade is strapped to them :sunglasses:

sorry,i cant resist

Yeah I’m kinda making a game Called Grunt Massacre (Any Ideas what it’s about?)

Is it about bad game design? Please tell me it is! j/k

But seriously, if it’s like this game, please don’t make it and take some time to improve your concepts and other stuff. :frowning:

until i hear better, i hold no excitement at all, sorry dom master

this isn’t a game. it’s annoying. when i pess a certain combo of keys on my computer its beeps. this game causes it. that doesnt make the “game suck”.the over all project does.

hurry up with that grunt massacre game then =)