Metroid Nebulus

It’s been 6 years that I’ve been making little games on Paint. You see, I use the magnifier tool and make little side-scrolling games, with no animation, or music. They’re pretty lame, but my sister plays them, and said I should make her a Metroid Game. She likes Metroid, because it’s a good strategy, and for once, the character isn’t a boy.

So I then created Metroid Nebulus; 3 years ago…

Nebulus took about 6 entire bmp. files on my computer. It was the largest game I’ve ever made.

Now, I want to try releasing it to the public, but it won’t be easy.

Here’s the story, but you need to know the basic lifecycle of a star, first:

A regular star like the sun, either turns into a red or blue stars. Blue stars are warmer. From then on, a red or blue star turns into a red giant or white dwarf. Then, it turns into a supernova, a giant explosion, and rarely a black hole. Then it becomes a black, dead star.

The Space Pirate Leader, Gyorgg, is a massive giant who wishes to destroy the Galactic Federartion and Samus, so they do not interfere with their future plans.

So, the nearest star by the Federation is a Blue Star, and his plan is to pump in Phazon to speed up it’s lifecycle, and eventually, create an explosion/black hole.

It will destroy much, and was the perfect plan for the pirates. They went to work on collecting massive amounts of Phazon. Gyorgg was made with a coating that was very protective. Phazon didn’t damage him. He transported the Phazon into the star.

Millions of Pirates and new Pirate Clones, guarded the star. Gyorgg actually “ripped a hole in the star” and found a strange blue substance, similar to Phazon;


This was perfect. Gyorgg took the Nebula and used it as a weapon. He was nearly invincible, even to Samus Aran, who was just informed about this plan.

Samus detected high Nebula readings near:

Friezha Mountain Range
Magmortis Isles
Gorflash Labs
and of course, the Neblolactic Core of the star.

Samus must defeat the 3 main bosses, Friezha, Magmortis, and Gorflash to get rid of the Neblo. Then, of course, she must go to the Neblolactic core and stop Gyorgg from taking more of the Neblo, and stopping his from his master plan.

Lastly, there is more than just three bosses in this game.

Many optional bosses are here too.

Meta Ridley is on the planet Twin Tebula, what he is doing is unknown.

PS- only hardcore gamers know what Twin Tebula is. In Metroid Prime, in some Lab, Twin Tebula is shown in a hologram and if you scan it, it says that it is one planet, but the second is a mirage. If you look at it, you may turn blind.

Of course, Meta Ridley has some eye protecting thing, and Samus has a Visor.

Well, that’s all for Metroid Nebulus!

EDIT: Here’s more info on Nebulus:

Gorflash is a giant machine who is in a lab that exploded a long time ago. He uses all the energy left in there for power. But now, the Neblo energy was used for his power. This energy would be too strong for Samus to handle, so if she came to the labs, she would never return… Well, Gorflash is the leader of the Gorflash army, and works with the Pirates. The lab is full of water with an electric current in it. So, watch your step!

Friezha was a powerful Vho who worked in the Friezha Mountain Range and leaded her army, the Friezha Army, there. Noxus, another Vho, knew what she was upto…
Noxus knew that Friezha was now using Nebula power, and she had to stop Friezha.
But, Noxus had to leave to the Alimbic Cluster. However, another bounty hunter found the power there, Samus Aran. Atleast it was in good hands…
Friezha Mountain Range is a very cold place. There is much water there, too. You won’t survive without a Gravity Suit.

Magmortis is a fierce dragon who works in the Magmortis. He is in an army, but does not lead it. Dragmortis, a metal enhanced clone of Magmortis, now is the new leader of the Dragmortis army.
Dragmortis is an optional boss. However, you must defeat Magmortis. He uses Nebula power, too.

Lastly, Gyorgg, who will probably have a different name soon, is in the Neblolactic Core. Samus can gradually get used to Neblo, and when she gets to the core, she will need the Nebula Suit. However, this suit can allow you to shoot Neblo blasts. It gives little extra protection to Samus from Neblo. Gyorgg uses a few Neblo attacks, so that suit would be very useful.

Sounds good but… uhhh… how could I put this… Gyorgg is the boss of the Great Bay temple in Majora’s Mask. So, uhhh, change that.


Wasn’t it some big fish, instead?

That big one that swallows you(and you needed the Zora Boomerang to kill underwater)?

I remember that clearly…

It couldn’t have been the boss…

Are you sure it’s from Majora, or any other boss?

Because if this is true, I guess I’ll have to think up a new name.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Yeah, Gyorgg (Not quite the name, I don’t think, but VERY similiar) was the boss of the Great Bay Temple in Majora’s Mask.

If you call it Ghott now, I’ll know you’re doing it on purpose >_>

i think the one your thinking of is jabu jabu, the one where you need to drop a fish infront of him then he eats you and you go through the level… gyorgg i think is the purple fish boss in m.m… anyway the game sounds good.

thanks for the compliments.

Oh, and he’s not Jabbu Jabbu I’m talkin about. That’s the one in OOT where you have to carry the princess…

I figured out that Gyorg is in Majora. He isn’t a boss, just a miniboss.

He’s an eye.

Well, my Gyorgg is slightly spelled differently, but I guess I’ll change it anyway.

Gyorg -

It’s the water temple boss in Majora’s Mask, not a mini-boss

Oh, I see.

Maybe the new name should be Anthar.
It comes from several different languages.

Anth-means death
thar- sounds like star in some other language. The real word for star is tar, or tara for plural.

I drew this map at school. It’s sideways, and shows Gorflash Labs and Friezha Mountain Range.

M-Missle Tank
E- Energy Tank
large #- boss/miniboss hp
small # regular boss hp

Mind my ugly gorflash picture, this is not how the really looks. I’ll probably draw it later and show ya’ll.

I had to wait 3 minutes just for this to load.

Sorry if I changed the topic, but I can’t post this anywhere else.

Whenever I load this, half of the page is missing.

It takes forever to load.

Half of the time the connection is refused.

And, this only happens on this site.

This forum really needs fixing, no offense.

turns head sideways

Sorry that it’s sideways, and large.

That’s how it came out, and next time, I’ll try fixing it.

Is it alright?

A little less massive, and turned to the side… Map thing. Remeber to click to zoom in.

Lol, thanks. That’s much better.

But I see no Zoom In when I right click…

Oh, well, it’s big enough.

Move your cursor over the image and then left click.

When I do that nothing happens.

Well, it’s still visible.

Anyway, I doubt this game will even exist, unless 100 people go:

I wanna help! Me! Pick Me!

Unless I use already made graphics, and that is a baddd idea.

And, from the rate that I’m making Ridley, things will go by very slow.

I guess I should just forget this game… sigh

I doubt it’s worth it, anyway…

PS- Speaking of Ridley, I edited my other post on the Meta Ridley topic. (Graphic Section) There are now 3 poses, and a fireball attack.

Six years? Or is it three?

Either way I dont buy it. I have been working on retro side scrollers for two years, and I know I have a lot more to show for it than a scanned peice of notebook paper. Not trying to be rude, but please, dont insult the people who do work extreamly hard at games and are completely serious about it.

Before I go on my little constructive critic rant, I will give you props for using Twin Tabula. But … Why in heaven would you have a Meta Ridley there?

Anyways. A few things.

A star would not be affected by Phazon. A stars reaction is much too powerfull, it would make more sense if a star had blown up (supernova) and is possibly spewed Phazon everywhere, or a strange form of Phazon (like your Nebula).

Then the Pirates (always searching for newer and more dangerous forms of power) gained access to large quantities of ‘Nebula’ that had been spewed on nearby planets, planning to use it to destroy other stars around the Galactic Federation, thereby spewing Nebula everywhere.

Which brings me to: Revise your storyline, and this could possibly be a very good idea for a game.

One last thing: Why would you say using existing graphics is a bad idea? The engine I have created runs with Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission graphics, plus some of my own. I dont see how thats a bad idea …

Thanks for all that help! Oh, and I made the Magmortis Isle, Twin Tebula, and Neblolactic core map. I’m not posting it, though. You will see all the secrets there, and that’s cheating…

Well, why Ridley is on Twin Tebula, nobody knows for now…

If you really want to know, when the game comes out, play it…

The new storyline is in progress.

However, the following will stay the same:

Meta Ridley on Twin Tebula
A familiar enemy on SR388,
Gyorgg, now Antharg, (unth-Arg)
Nebula Weapons

EDIT: Here’s why I don’t like using already made stuff:

It gives you less freedom; you are restricted to what you have
There are no sprites for the bosses and enemies I have; they are original, and I don’t like copying many booses, because it spoils the strategy. Some, like Ridley, are fun no matter how many times you win or lose, so I added him in.
Besides, when you make a new thing that you will use for your game, you have a nice, good feeling of accomplishment.
Lastly, I wouldn’t want to play a game that was made with less effort, and used already made sprites, and finally, stole peoples hard work so their lives could be easier.

You refer to your miracle material as Nebula for the first half of your post, and Neblo for the second half. Which is it?

It’s Nebula. Neblo is short form, duh! :unamused:

Lolz, it’s not easy typing Nebulus 400 times, lolz…

Here’s an unfinished sheak peek of my new story…
The capitalization/punctuation won’t be correct; I have to write this fast before I go to sleep, or I’m grounded…


Forget it. I remade the story, lol! :smiley:

not very much action, but cool