Swords of Legend: The Dark Sword

Well… I’m just gonna try to bring this thing back, so here goes.

Well there are eight characters in the whle game, but they split up into 2 groups so its possible to use all the characters in the game (because RMXP only allows 4 partymembers per party).

Screen shots:

The very first town.

A battle in the town.

So far only RPG Maker XP.

I still need a new title and gameover screen for my game but i can make one. Suicide:

Character Profile:(Only 2 characters yet but will be updated)

Date of birth:February 4, 2012AD

Date of birth:August 24, 2013AD

Story so far:

17 year old Etachi, a high school student in Canada finds a strange necklace in a crater caused by a recent meteor that hit the forest. Then ventures through the remaints of the woods and teleports to a different time, a time of monsters and magic.

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Well thats all I got for now. I hope you like it.

BUMP. Please read the first post. Its been updated.

You might be hit for forum advertisement, but…
I personally hate that battle mode. I like to SEE my people. That, and if you add Jessy and Cid into the game, I’m going to scream. Why? Because every final fantasy game has a Biggs, Wedge, Jessy, and Cid.

Edit: What do you know, Czar managed to include the word Sword TWICE in his title. XD

about the battle mode. Its the only choice I had… I hated it to ut its not all that bad.

And every FF game had wedge biggs and cid but not jessy. FF4 and FF6 didnt have jessy. And by scream did you mean


How can Etachi be older then Aura when Aura was born before Etachi?

you can change battle mods in the script of maker xp…

Damn I suck at birth dates. FIXED…

oh and knuckles. I have tried a script that has a final fantasy style battle system but that needs to use animated battlers, Which I suck to much at right now.

Actually, it’d be more of a frustrated rant.

I was going to say… if you can use a better battle mode in RPG maker 2003, you can definately have one in XP. By the way, many people will like the animated battle style better than that one. So you might as well make it now, before you edit the current battle mode too much.

ok there are 3 reasons why i didnt get that battle mode the same as final fantasy.

  1. I’d need animated sprites(I already explained that)
  2. I’d need all new monsters. I already have like 50 that fits this battle mode.
  3. I really suck at scripting.

Besides, I don’t mind this battle mode, and I think I’m gonna keep it like that.

In order:

  1. I got nothin’ except that if you’re making a game, you shouldn’t be lazy. It… doesn’t work out.
    2.Same as number one, and that’s what I meant by ‘you should change it before it get’s to far’. Looks like I should have given that advice quite a while ago, though.
  2. I can’t imagine it’s that hard. You could just copy the script from the internet or something. I’m surprised that mode isn’t built in (it should at least be an option) something like it was on 2k3.

so…this is im guessing going to be exactly like final fantasy? :confused:

no this isnt going to be exactly like final fantasy…

Varis. I didnt really say i was lazy. I just suck at sprites, especialy big ones. and like i said in reason 3, “I don’t mind this battle mode”.

Dude… not cool. You edited out the part in one of your posts where you said ‘I’m too lazy to…(whatever)’ so I couldn’t quote it! Either that, I… just can’t find it…

But I wasn’t saying you said you were lazy. I was saying that I said that you were lazy. That, and that part wasn’t actually INCLUDED in reason three, it was down below, but we’ll just… leave that out, for simplicity’s sake.

i decided to change the names of wedge and biggs to something else. Dont know what it is yet but oh well.

…look up name generator on google, and use it for random names! :smiley:

yes i had one of those and it was a piece of shit… And i am gonna let this go dead for a bit untell i save money to get the legal version of rmxp. THAN I WILL GET THAT DAMM BATTLE SYSTEM, along with overdrives and other shit.

…um…just a quick question…how can a random name generator be a piece of shit?..its…yaknow…not going to lie to you or anything…

ok… let me tell you some dumb names that came out of that thing.


they’re all short name that are crappy.

BTW. when i get my new computer, which I will get before the legal rmxp, I be no longer posting updates on this forum, I will be putting them over there at mine.

slob…no…dont die…no!..SLOB!!!

dude wtf!? I decided to buy the legal version with money from my job… If I was a slob I wouldnt have a job. I’m not gonna quit this game, I just gotta get the legal version to use a special script that will make my game 3 times better. Then I’m gonna make some battle sprites. Besides… no one on this forum really cares about it. RRR Forums do.