Prince of Persia: The Sands of time 2D

[u]Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 2D[/u]
“Most people think time is like a river…
It flows swift and true in one direction,
but I have seen the face of time and I can tell you…
…They are wrong.
Time is an ocean in a storm.
You may wonder who I am or why I say this, but sit down;
and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard…”

The Sands of Time 2D is a remake of Prince of Persia: The sands of time in 2D.
It is based on the Talisman Engine and is entirely non-profit and made for the enjoyment of those who play it. I am in the process of creating templates with thich to make the sprites and tilesets. The soundtrack will be custom made so as to avoid huge filesize and legal issues.

There is no demo as of yet, however the engine it is based on is available for free download on my website.

The sequels : Warrior Within 2D and The Two Thrones 2D will be begun shortly after the sprite templates are finished.


thanks, anyone else like it?

I’ve been watching your work during WIP for a while and I love what you’ve got so far. Your method of approach to a solid fan-game is respectable as well, get the engine THEN the story.

If/when you complete this project it may just be THE best game maker game ever made.

Good luck, I eagerly await to see what you make with it.

thanks very much

cool maybe you should focus on one project at a time?

Nice, I like alot! can’t wait till you finish.

The poles that you swing on really pissed me off. I just couldn’t use them. Other than that, this looks pretty damn good. I’m just waiting for the game with all of the better sprites! :slight_smile:

i dont much like the pixle’d lines of the title combined with some photoshopped things. It might just be because i think photoshop is the easy way out. also looking very good so far. didnt want to download the demo cus i have enough things on my comp already.

I haven’t used photoshop, the title is the actual SoT logo with particle effects and alpha-gradiented sprites behind it. the only thing that uses photoshop (GIMP actually) is the shading in the background (not including cutting shapes out of the images).

Anyway, gold leader what part of the bars are you haveing a problem with?

im_better: I’ll do one until I’ve got the graphics for SoT2D done then I’ll start on WW2D, do the graphics for that , then start T2T2D

The swinging, you know, in the counter/clockwise motions? For some reaso I just drop off a second after I get on, and then I can’t get back on it for about 10 seconds. Half the time I got on it only to fly off in the wrong direction. Meh, my hand-eye coordination sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, those are the braking ones, the ones with grey backgrounds are safe though

prince of persia the sands of time is out for the gba in 2d

wow… major bump. i was hoping to at least find some progress from the creator, but instead i find “prince of persia the sands of time is out for the gba in 2d”

he probably realizes that, but maybe he wants to make it in a different way than the GBA one.

It was kinda important…

Through a little Google research about this project, I found this: