Metroid X v1.3e Alpha Build Test

Metroid X (Working Title) v1.3

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FileUpYours - Metroid X 1.3e
FileUpYours2 - Metroid X 1.3e

Rapidshare - Metroid X 1.3e

Version 1.3e

New Features

  • Updated Graphical Save File Menu
  • Save System, Save Files, Save Stations
  • Charge Beam - including Quintuple Ball Bomb Attack
  • Wave Beam
  • Fixed Customizable Controls!
  • 1 New Room (containing the wave beam, fight Meta Ridley to recieve)
  • Fixed Crouch Mode!
  • Preliminary Slope Code (incomplete, but will now allow you to walk over doors)
  • “Cheat Buttons” Removed - Replaced with new “Cheat Codes” system:

Cheat Codes:

Press F11 to activate Debug Mode, while in Debug Mode, type these codes in ignoring whatever happens to the player:

tkkfa - 200 to all weapons
tkgivesome - Morph Ball + Morph Ball Bomb + Run Boost only
tkgiveall - Give all abilities
tkdropall - Remove all abilities
tkgetcharged - Give Charge Beam
tkgosurfing - Give Wave Beam
tkeatfood - Recover 15 hp
tkdrinkv - Add an Energy Tank and recover full health
tkspewup - lose 15 hp
tkr - Restart game

Bug Fixes and Alterations(As many as I can remember):

  • Fixed a bug where holding both directions caused Samus to Dance
  • Fixed glitches where moving from crouch to stand while holding a direction can cause samus to move backwards
  • Fixed some collision detection bugs related to landing on corners (not all)

Known Issues:

  • Some glitches with collision detection remain, some new ones have surfaced as a result of working with slopes.
  • A glitch where the rolling jump sound plays continuosly after landing from the edge of a block.
  • Some Major Lag issues on low-end systems.
  • Major Lag issues on almost any system in the room where you collect Space Jump (consider this the “stress test room”).
  • Maps may sometimes read incorrectly placing walls or removing walls in wrong places.

Test Machine:

  • I do not intend to support a machine that has specs lower than this, as this is the worst machine I have access to that isnt a doorstop.

1.2 Ghz Athlon CPU
256 MB Ram
GeForce TI4200 Graphics Card

  • All features tested perfectly.

Version 1.3d

New Features

  • Mapping System!
  • Meta Ridley!
  • 2 More Super Missile Tanks to collect
  • Item% Counter shows when you press enter
  • Added “smoke puff” when wall jumping
  • 4 New Rooms added
  • Modified “Super Metroid” physics
  • Meta Ridley has the following abilities:
  • Breath Fire
  • Tail Attack
  • Fly-By breathing fire
  • Meta Ridley has the following vulnerabilities:
  • Only vulnerable to attacks when he is breathing fire and not flying by or if he is stunned.
  • You can stun Meta Ridley for a short amount of time by Shine Sparking at him.
  • Meta Ridley is invulnerable to Power Bombs.
  • The fire breath (when not flying by) can be shot at to recover items but is invulnerable to power bombs.
  • The fire breath (when flying by) is can be power bombed as well as shot at to recover items.
  • Meta Ridley has been made very difficult for his first release, I will judge feedback on how people do against him and tune him down from there.

  • Collectable items total as:

4x Energy Tank
5x Missile Tank
5x Super Missile Tank
3x Power Bomb Tanks

  • The gravity/jumping and wall jumping ascension/descension speeds have been greatly modified in hopes to get a more “Super Metroid” feel going. I want some feedback on it so I know where I can improve.

Bug Fixes and Alterations(As many as I can remember):

  • Remoddelled gravity/jumping physics to make it more like Super Metroid
  • Fixed a bug where falling after shinespark allowed you to moon-walk
  • Many levels remodelled to make sure all the maps link together logically
  • New levels added to support Meta Ridley, the old “soon to be” location was a bad choice.
  • An easy-to-get Super Missile Tank has been added so you no longer have to complete Wall Jump Madness or find secrets in order to continue.
  • Wall Jump Madness has been altered, the final “blind jumping” stretch has been practically removed.
  • Power Shot animation reversed - Thanks to Elpizo from Metroid Fan Mission boards for picking up on it.

Known Issues:

  • Meta Ridley may “fly drunk” at times
  • The map system may “miss” walls sometimes, usually associated with a room in which portions of the room are excluded from the map. (e.g. a winding path of some kind)
  • Several bugs with collision detection, directional shooting and lag still remain (no work done since 1.3c).
  • May freeze if left minimized for too long.

Version 1.3c

New Features

  • Missiles, Missile Tanks and Missile Doors
  • Super Missiles, Super Missile Tanks and Super Missile Doors
  • Missile Ready animations
  • New Falling Animation
  • 5 New Secret Rooms
  • Diagonal Upward Shine Spark
  • New Mock Intro and Title Screen (Not in-game “Story”, just title intro)
  • Re-designed the Item Display window with the Scan Visor
  • Ball Bomb Blocks
  • Power Bomb Blocks
  • Moving Backgrounds courtesy of Orpheon (Metroid Reliving)
  • Collectable items total as:

4x Energy Tank
5x Missile Tank
3x Super Missile Tank
3x Power Bomb Tanks

  • Find them all and you’ve seen everything.
  • Tip: (Classic Super Metroid Technique): The Power Bomb makes for a good X-Ray alternative
  • To Shine Spark Diagonally, charge it, press jump, then while she is hovering press the “Aim Up” button (Default: A). She will shine spark diagonally in the direction you are facing.

  • The Mock Intro/Title does not necessarily mean that I’ve decided to stick with the name “Metroid X” nor does it mean that Metroid X will be anything more than an engine test. In fact it was merely a result of boredom/de-stressing than anything else… I threw it together in minutes so its not very heartful.

  • No Screen Shake on the Super Missiles yet.

Bug Fixes and Alterations(As many as I can remember):

  • Fixed collision detection when changing from morph to crouch/crouch to stand
  • Fixed many bugs associated with aiming directions and direction animations (many … not all)
  • Fixed a bug where if you landed while turning it would lock your controls until you jumped or crouched.
  • Screw Attack no longer gives you space jump
  • Reallocated many collectable items including moving the Space Jump to the original position of the Screw Attack (The Screw Attack is not far from it)
  • Fixed a bug where when you jumped up onto a platform you would hover in mid air instead of landing
  • Monsters no longer drop items if you have the maximum of that item or have not collected your first Expansion Tank of that item.
  • Tweaked the Aim Up/Down running animations to be more fluid

Known Issues:

  • Still possible to shoot backwards in some cases
  • Still possible to lock your controls if you turn just before falling off an edge
  • Keys still get stuck if you release them while changing rooms
  • If you Shine Spark while directly next to a breakable block you will hit it instead of breaking it.
  • Running into a wall can negate Aiming or Missile-Ready animations

New Cheat Keys <Must have Debug Mode Activated(F11)>:

U: Gives 500 Missiles, Super Missiles and Power Bombs

Version 1.3b:


  • Remoddelled collision detection system

  • Remoddelled the 9th room, hopefully less laggy

  • Room to Room transitions added

  • Power Bombs Added (there are 2 to find, each gives 5 bombs)

  • Small/Large Energy and Power Bomb powerups added dropped by monsters:

  • 40% Chance to drop Small Energy

  • 20% Chance to drop Large Energy

  • 5% Chance to drop Power Bomb

Bugs Fixed (as many as I can remember):

  • Fixed errors with facing direction when entering scan mode
  • Reduced some problems with keys getting stuck (still happens but not as often, still working on it)
  • Fixed some bugs that sent you stuck into a wall, some still remain
  • Realigned vertical shooting when against a wall on the left

Known Issues:

  • Power Bombing in the Screw Attack Test room will produce major lag
  • Door Collisions very buggy
  • Sometimes when jumping “up-onto” a platform you will hover in mid air above it
  • Directional Aiming is still utterly screwed, if I’m happy with everything now … this is the next thing I work on.

New Keys:

F9: Change Music (will eventually change to Silence, then loop back)
F11: Debug mode, reports a few variables for testing purposes

C: Change Weapon, (To Select Power Bombs)

Cheat Keys :

F3: Gives you Morph Ball, Morph Ball Bomb and Run Boost, disables the rest
F7: Disables all abilities
F8: Give all abilities

  • If you disable something you can collect it again
  • Abilities does not include power bombs

Previous Version Features:

Features as of v1.2a:

  • All graphics and sounds ripped from Super Metroid
  • Many sounds featured from general movement to monster/weapon/item sounds
  • Working wall jump *tip - you’ll need to use it to see everything
  • Working plasma beam
  • 8 Way aiming and shooting for standing/running and aerial, (crouch only left/right for now)
  • 3 different enemies (destroyable and hurtful)
  • Working Plasma (blue) doors
  • Explodable blocks (They dont respawn as of yet)
  • Status Bar with Energy Counter and Energy Tank Counter
  • 7 Rooms to explore
  • Items Working and Collectable (you will need to find them yourself):
  • Morph Ball
  • Morph Ball Bomb
  • Run Boost
  • Gravity Boots
  • Energy Tank x 3


Arrow Keys: Move
Space: Jump
Shift: Run
Z: Shoot
A: Aim Up
S: Aim Down

Cheat Keys:

J: Add an Energy Tank
K: Subtract 15 Energy
L: Add 15 Energy
R: Restart Game

The game will restart if you die.

Features as of Version 1.2b

New Features:

  • Preliminary Scan Visor as seen in previous screenshots, press V to use it. There are 3 simple objects to view in the first room.
  • In-Game Menu + Configurable Keys! No more fiddling with my crap settings! Simply press Enter to access the menu then press left to access the configurable keys.
  • All Current rooms remodelled so Wall Jump is no longer required
  • 2 New Rooms, 1 which will later serve as a place for my first boss and another for those who appreciated all the Wall Jumping. Thats right its a Wall Jump Challenge room! You will know it when you see it (if you can find it).
  • Removed the game maker “default” room transitions, I will eventually attempt my own transition type but for now you can zip between rooms a lot faster.
  • Resprited the Morph Ball, after taking a look at original Super Metroid it needed to be more of a “rough vibration” rather than a winding-windmill.
  • Remoddeled jump physics, you will now stop ascent if you release the jump button and no longer stop movement mid air by releasing left/right buttons.
  • Changed ShineSpark animation, now has shadows … however removed flash sprites -** Need Help with this, I want to do it using drawing functions if possible.
  • Added “Darkness” in rooms 5/6.


  • Fixed the bug which jammed up movement after moving from one room to the next.
  • Fixed a bug in using upper diagonal aiming with movement keys where it would not register while already moving.
  • Fixed collision detection bugs in Morph Ball mode, it is now a lot more stable.

*I expect there may be some troubles with the configurable keys, it did take me a long time in testing to get it “somewhat” stable and I wouldnt be surprised if theres a few bugs I missed.

*Still many bugs with Directional Aiming

Have fun in the Wall Jump Challenge room XD

New Keys:

V: Scan Visor
Enter: In-Game Menu

Features as of Version 1.3a

New Features:

  • Death Sequence Anim Added
  • Run Boost Effect tweaked
  • Shine Spark Added
  • Space Jump Added
  • Screw Attack Added
  • Breakable blocks respawn
  • Run Boost Blocks Added
  • 4th Energy Tank Added
  • Modified placement of some items
  • 9th Room Added, flooded with breakable blocks (also contains the Screw Attack).


  • Fixed a bug with changing movement keys
  • Making the Shine Spark/Screw Attack was so much fun :smiley:.
  • In order to Shine Spark left/right, charge like normal (Run Boost then press down), press up to stand, then press jump once. While Samus has her knee in the air tap left or right to change the direction.

It says there’s an unexpected error whenever I try to run the Gamemaker file.

If you keep the file in a .zip, close the zip, and try to run it then it’ll have an unexpected error…

In other words, extract!

Uhh… sorry guys, it works fine for me … what does the error say exactly?

It runs correctly for me.

Although it’s not very pleasant when the very first thing you do in an engine test is fall into the platform below you and cause an odd chain of sticking a few pixels inside everything you touch on for the rest of the game. I pressed the down arrow key. >_>;

The animations are good though, and it seems like a pretty solid engine other than some minor glitches (like pressing and holding the opposite direction of the one you’re turning in while turning). Good job so far.

Ahh sorry about that I forgot I left the “preliminary” crouch/morph ball functions in… I was supposed to remove them since they dont work yet :astonished:. So umm, yea dont press down lol.

It’s nice to hear some praise from someone directly from the P2D team :smiley:

I open it with Winrar, I load the Gamemaker file, and then an error thing pops up that says: “Unexpected File Error”.

Perhaps Winrar is the problem <_<;

hmm im also having problems with the engine and i use winrar.

Unexpected: Error.
Using: WinRAR.

I cant seem to reproduce the error =/… could it be because I used MP3 format for one of my sounds? Maybe I’ll try re-uploading my latest version (where I converted that to wav).

I haven’t tested this yet with this engine or anything, but I think I know the problem. You have to open it with winRAR, and press the ‘extract’ or ‘extract to’ button, or whatever. Then, find the file you want to extract it to. Click it, and once it gets done extracting, find that file, and open it from there. NOT just the winRAR program. That doesn’t… work.

i winzipped it also and it still doesnt work >_>

Update: Try the new version and see if it works… (I made it a self extracting executable)

Edit: I was working with a friend who was getting the same error and I think I’ve figured out the problem, I’m uploading a new version now.

The music and graphics are pretty good but there are so many glitches it makes playing the game a chore. I tell them to you If you want me to but I imagine you know about most of them already.

Yea, well thats why its WIP. Feel free to list them here incase u find any I dont know about. The thing is as I go I might choose a method of doing something that causes bugs with other parts of the program… I’m hoping to wait till I have all the features done before I can fix all the bugs.

So many glitches… still you really can’t expect anything better from a GUI-based game maker… my programming language of choice? BlitzPlus! Easy and faster than normal BASIC languages.
BTW: Try this, while running, jump and quickly change to a morph ball. You can get stuck in some places with this trick!
Also: If you are making a game that is prone to have glitches i recommend adding a way to restart the game without x-ing out and double clicking again. Very useful and easily made due to the “Restart” ability already included.

I dont find GameMaker that prone to have glitches, I just dont think its a good idea to fix them until all the features are down, often you go to fix something only to find yourself rewriting it later. Im gonna add that Restart ability in the next version, tis a good idea.

EDIT: New Version 1.2a posted.


No offense, but that’s definitely the exact opposite of what you want to do in programming. Found a glitch? Fix it immediately. Otherwise your program is going to be so full of glitches that in the end you’re not going to be able to fix nearly as many as if you would’ve started fixing them at a much earlier time. If you program one feature at a time and always think ahead for what other features you will include and how they will work together, you won’t have to keep rewriting your code. Plus, fixing glitches as soon as you find them is good practice, because you’ll actually gain experience with fixing them and become a better programmer, even if it does end up having to be redone later.

If it were an important project for my studies or business/etc I would probably agree with you. However as a home/fun project I think its more important to worry about self-motivation, you have to ask yourself constantly "why am I doing this?'. The answer is “for fun”, fixing bugs isnt fun … plain and simple, what is fun is building on what you’ve got so it has more stuff in it.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is, rather than get too caught up on making my game work “perfectly” for “everyone”, I’ll make it work for “me” first. That way I’m less likely to get discouraged and give up all together.

And, whilst I say I’ll take care of all bugs at the end, I do fix my share of bugs while implementing the features so I can at least use them. Plus as impatient as I am, some bugs just get to me and I have to fix them right away, which works good too since I really “feel” like fixing them.