Ok i’m starting to program a game called: Shooter. VERY CREATIVE I KNOW :smiley: . Names gonna change soon i promise. It is going to be in Blitz Basic and completely moddable. In other words you can play a modified version of the game without messing up the original. Sounds hard? It’s on Blitz Basic (which eliminates some hardship that GML brings). I’m actually considering modding Shooter so that you get a Metroid game. The game might actually have to change so that i can make a fully Metroidy mod. Forum? Yes. Rules say that i’m not allowed to post the url but the link is in my signature. Steps have already been made to make it moddable so check it out:

Updated again in around… half a year.

Very good on reading the rules, so I maybe able to help.

Hey, wait. I made a game called shooter! COPYCAT!! ;_;

(keep the name, it’s fine)

Anyway, what’s with the “Hi!”? Is that the level editor without gravity you speak of? >_>

The shooter guy (In green) is a little disperportioned (totally wrong spelling), like for example his legs are too short, and his arms could use some work. Also, he could use some shading, especially if you’re going for that cartoony-ish look. (Which I’m just assuming) Other than that, it’s a good sprite for a start.

No the “Hi” is actually the room creator. Nothing but click and click to add blue blocks that will represent the actual tiles in-game. I’m going to do some more work on the person later next week.


Whaddya think? I scrapped the old side scrolling shooting because I didn’t think it would have that “tactical” feel that I wanted to go for. If you don’t believe that it still exists, see…

Since I don’t see the need of actually buying the $60 full version of BlitzPlus, you won’t get a Demo until I feel like it :stuck_out_tongue: . The test engine up there dosen’t look sophisticated AT ALL, I know. The sprites have changed and shooting, scrolling (kind of like Zelda, where you reach a certain place and it starts scrolling), walking, and enemies are now all in the game. I still plan to make a Fog of War, to get that “tactical” feel, and I plan to pump the A.I. with so much braincells that they can pick out the fact that braincells are two words.

Oh god, my eyes appear to be bleeding.


or it’s blinged out rims in need for speed carbon or something.

Or if they make a flava flave game…but lets not get our hopes up.

BTW do you mean the guy or the grass?

Teh grass, the neon green burns us precious it burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnns.

wash it out with the saturation function. otherwise it will look, well, really bad. and hurt t3h 3y3z0rz…

also, try darkening it. pure green does not belong anywhere if i have anything to say about it. same with yellow =P

OMFG PAINT FUCKING SUXX!!!1!!! So I’m making new tiles and I save. For some reason, Paint thinks its perfectly fine to take a shit on my picture. So THEN, I have to clean it ALL up and do it over. And when I copy it to do another tile, Paint takes a shit on BOTH the pictures. WTF IS WRONG?? HOW THE FUCK DO I FIX THIS THING?

Work in BMP or PNG format, not GIF format. If it needs to be GIF format, change it afterwards with a different program. Paint uses a crappy web-safe pallete for GIFs by default and won’t let you change it.

Thankyou Troid. It was originally BMP, but since I’m on another older computer, I had to go to PhotoBucket to retrieve my tiles. And since Photobucket saves them in JPEG, I had the trouble of messed up tiles. In that case,

And of course, the old new grass tile.

And I’m also toying with the idea of footprints

But that might take up a lot of needless space.
Go 'head and use them if you give credit (not like you would want to…)
On the programming front, I have replanned the whole thing, but I’m still trying to make an efficient Mouse-Aim. The old version did not use any algorithm so aiming diagnally was extremely easy but aiming anywhere else would require presice mouse control. To top off the news, I’m currently running at CLOSE TO 50 FPS! I GET MORE FPS PLAYING HALF-LIFE 2! It is unbelievably rediculous so I doubt this game will get very complicated. I’m also considering whether to just make a demo and port the whole thing to C++.

the detail on the grass tiles look like some flying bugs ^_^;