Star Fox Assault 2-D

Sorry, but this project has been canceled.
But you can download the last build demo here:

demo v1.2

Czar Dragon - 240 (highest score!)
DarkHunter16 - 237
Czar’s friend - 223
Tenka - 213
Troid92 - 182

looks good!

never played the 3d game for comparison, so that sucks for me… :cry:

Bah, can’t even dl your demo, I click on ‘download’ and nothing happens…

try right clicking it and save as. And smartdude, its nothing like the original right now.
It is just so you can get the jist of what it will feel like.

I liked it, the use of music/gfx/particles made it feel like a boss-fight back on Lylat-Wars. I’ve never actually played SF Assault yet since I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it, but I was a HUGE fan of Lylat Wars on N64.

I’m worried that the ship you’re flying looks nothing like an Arwing, reference to SFA? or just incomplete?

Other than that … I’ll be watching this fan-game, I like what I see so far.

Edit: Read your first post … heh, sry for asking a stupid question.

I found a glitch already, when you die the missiles and shots from the drones
dont have a ship to fallow anymore. But i fixed it, im too lazy to upload right now. maybe tomarrow. so, just dont die in the game and youll be fine! lol

-make sure to post your score!

You know how slow you move? Way too slow. Star Fox is pretty much each time you touch the control stick it moves. And… is that an Arwing?

I made the same assumption too about the sprite… if you read the first post he says they are temporary sprites. That means … he doesnt have an Arwing sprite yet.

As for the speed, I think its ok … but you need some special moves or a boost button to allow you to move faster at certain points. The speed shouldnt be exactly the same as the original because of the transition from 3rd Person to Side Scroller.

Good side-scrolling shooters always seem to be the only ones that allow you to maneuver and actually dodge bullets and beams with practice. (well, along with tons of sweet upgrades and other things, but that’s unrelated at the moment)

In the 3-D Star Fox games, you could twist and turn around, do a barrel roll, and you had a lot of freedom with what you were doing. In this fangame right now, it seems like you control a giant brick (which happens with most 2-D shooters)… It needs to be faster, smaller, have more directions to move in (I’ve never been to fond of the strict 8 direction movements in this kind of game, because nobody actually flies like that), and have, as Tenka mentioned, a few special moves (such as doing a barrel roll <_<) to help move around a little easier.

Edit: 8 directions are used pretty often, though, even in the good side-scrolling shooters, so work on fixing the other stuff first. Making the ship smaller (mainly thinner) and faster would fix the problem mostly, along with what I say in this next paragraph.

The actual bullets and beams could be altered slightly, too. Like, the missiles should be a little faster but keep their momentum as they turn, so you can avoid them with some practice. Then having them run into each other or enemy ships and explode would be a neat little feature to add to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I love how you can control the giant ship with some special magic skills <_<

Edit2: Oh, score. I got 143 first time around. I didn’t exactly know how you were keeping track of the score and spent a little too long trying to fire at the missiles.

I will be releasing the new demo today, it has a couple new features. as for the stuff you guys mentioned, it will most likely be in the following demo.
The barrel roll will be there for sure, only i cant relly do that right now because i dont have any sprites for that. if you guys want to see new stuff in
the game, im gonna need help with sprites. i suck at sprites, so i need all
the help i can get. so look forward to the new demo today, im just finishing a couple things up and it will be ready.

is it possible to play this with a logitech controller?

The ship is able to move way off screen, its to slow, and those drones i think are too strong but ohwell. Otherwise you got a good game going. :wink:

score: 154

You wont be able to use a controller till the next demo (v1.3), so until then, no.
your the only person whos actually posted a score so youve got the highest score so far.

EDIT- just posted the new demo!!! check it out! ^^^

Uhm. Try that other uploading place that you used for the other demo from now on. Doesn’t take as long and doesn’t bring you to an “adult friend finder” page with pictures >_>;

Well, it’s better now. I got 182 (well, 184, but I was hit with two missiles after the final boss had blown up since I didn’t know I still had to move and fire at them). I don’t really have anything to say. <_<

Edit: Oh, I do have something to comment on actually. The music was much better than the last one. Much less MIDI static, and it matched the mood a little better.

  • 213

I have to complain about the controls … are you left handed? Ive NEVER controlled movement with my left hand on a keyboard-only game, and yet I’ve seen such a control layout on numerous indy games. It confuses me :neutral_face:. Also I find Space bar a poor choice for shooting rapidly … the darn thing “shudders” too much, maybe its just my old cheap keyboard but I feel like I’m going to eventually break it.

All this cured with custom controls perhaps? No need to rush, I can put up with it for now.

Other than that … pretty good, good use of music, but not much changed since the last demo so its hard to make any constructive comments.

adult friendfinder ™ .com - the world’s largest sex and swinger personals site…>_>…plus the annoying 40 second wait…its like really annoying ass forplay, with the computer raping your mind…please…this site annoys me…would you like a link to another? :smiley:

anyways, about the game, very nice graphics, music is good as well, however, controls just needs a lot of work, not to mention ship i guess.

i got 218 on the new demo and my friend got 223. I’m so jealous. He loves the controls, I was watching him shoot a chain of plasma and pulverizing the boss.

Can we perhaps get a screenshot or two, for those of us who don’t want to download immediately? :slight_smile:

Screenshots probably wouldnt take you any further into downloading it. The graphics arent too bad but they dont represent the final game (doesnt even have a proper arwing sprite yet).

All the feeling of this build demo is in the music, sound and particle effects, not like the music is an original piece mind you, but the way it has been applied to the Side-Scrolling “R-Type” style shooter is pretty interesting.

shrug I’m one o’those people enjoys looking at old beta screenshots of games. :slight_smile:

Really sorry everyone about the site,’s servers are full, and im having a hard time finding GOOD uploading site. filegone isnt working for me either. So if you
know a dif site, please by all means tell me. (soon, or ill have to take my game off till i
find a new site, dont want to get banned).

About my game, youve all been really helpful. The reason I started this game, the main
reason, was to see if i could do it. And I have learned soo much. It seems like i learn
something new each time i create a new game. This being the first one ive released
on the net, im sortof imbarrased when someone asks about the sprites and why i dont
have startfox sprites yet. So it would be great if some of you guys can help with sprites.
I know te game looks good now, but im getting to the point that without good sprites,
it will start going downhill fast. I really want to finish this game. But i cant do it on my own.

About the controls, Im relly not sure what ill have in the game just yet. Im hoping to have joypad compatability, and maybe a customizable controlscheme for the keyboard.
But dont plan on it happening soon, like i said, you MIGHT have joypad functions on the
next demo. Its highly unlikly that you will have custom controls though. that will come
later. Until then, the current controls arent horrible. Ill include secondery controls if you
tell me what you would like them to be. I was thinking the arrows to move instead. The space bar seems perfect for shooting but someone mentioned erlier that they dont like it. Althoguh im really not sure what it would be then, probably A,S, or D.

Anyway, thank you for all your support, I promise a great new demo in the future.
(but dont rush me) If youve actually read all this, youve got some patients. You get a cupcake! :slight_smile:

EDIT- ill add some screenshots for you. But be warned, this game looks nothing like
starfox assault, or starfox at all for that matter. Because sprites are still needed.

EDIT2- here:

screen of the small enemies in the game.

screen of a robot enemy thats super agile, and really hard to hit.

screen of the final boss shooting plasma shots, and homing missiles.

Hope you like! I think they just make the game look worse though. >_>