Metroid Prime 2: Echoes(2d)

I will start working on the MP2E 2D cause i already got a Samus Engine and im a really big fan of Metroid so i was wondering (P2D Team) If i could use your sprites…

I don’t think we have any sprites for mp2e 2d, but if you find any, ask the sprite creator if you can use the sprites.

Anywy, good luck making mp2e 2d.

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And so starts a huge project by one lone man seeking fame and glory. Seriously though if you plan on making this you’re going to need a team, time, and a bunch of patience and commitment. Or if you don’t have a team then you need to be a very good sprite artist, programmer, music creator, tileset maker, etc. Just thought I’d put it in perspective for you.

Not made by SCU = vaporware. Seriously if you don’t get help from the SCU Team you can kiss your idea good bye. However, if you are really dedicated I can see a game without SCU members…

a lone man can make a game, it just takes longer (but you do get your way so…). I would advise getting a team

Yeah i do need a team but really i just need like 3 - 6 people

  1. The spriter(s)
  2. The tile finder(maker)
  3. The Co-programmer
  4. Music maker
    5 The programmer(me…)

P.S. True a lone man can make a good game havent you heard of that one guy who made the sequel to MF its called…goes to desktop and looks up the game…1 sec(5 min later) Metroid Redemption actually i think it was 2 guys who made it…

Can i use the original Varia sprites that you have??

The varia suit in MP doesn’t look the same as in MP2E!

Just so you know.

rly? how different is it?

Different color scheme, different visor, different shoulder pads, longer neck, and probably a few other things I missed.

yes i am aware of that…but i was like just thinking if i can use them for now…

I just ripped the MP2E Theme from the rom i just need to convert it to midi :smiley:>

Well no, the samus sprite sheets are p2d only. I don’t think MH (the creator of the sprite sheets) would appreciate it if other projects used the sprites…

You could use the super metroid sprite sheets for now…

Ok well thanks anyway…

I don’t think the miniscule differences between Metroid Prime’s Varia and Echoes’ Varia are enough to say that using the same sprites wouldn’t work. Of course, you always have to get permission from the creator, first.

yes i am awar…o…f…t…h…a…t…a…l…r…e…a.d…y. :sweat:

If you have an MP3/other files to MIDI converter, I’d like a link. <_<

Last time I did some google searches, I only found a few small programs that could only convert some completely solo instrument songs. Nothing more advanced than that, certainly not something like the MP2 title screen, or main menu, or whatever you mean by theme.

If you mean the main menu theme, I’m currently in the process of making a MIDI of that, and I guess I could let you use it.

Actuwally when i said theme i meant the title screen XD if you got the midi then give me the link cuz the MP3 is like 3Mgs

I’ll help with some sprites or maybe dark samus also. If so I’ll get on it.

Maybe I can work on some drawing art also…

sweet!! you two are in Hunter Fusion you can help with DS sprites. And Smartdude you can help me too! Im actually using GML but since you and CloudVaris only use D&D (And i have a Keen touch of converting D&D to GML) you guys can start on something with D&D and then later ill convert it…In the meantime im working on the engine.(Unless Smartdude you are gonna let us borrow the engine you are making)

lol did you mean that if it is good enough we may use it??

  1. Add the walljump ability it will be better.
  2. Sure ill give you credit :slight_smile: and blueberry pie ill send it to you
  3. you said you had to fix a glitch?? does that mean your almost done?? PM what you got…
  4. oh when i said fusion i meant it for “hunter fusion” a member