Metroid: Raider

Samus Aran crash-lands on a misty, cloudy world after a fierce space battle with a small, rebellious, and growing faction called the Blood Raiders. Her new Spark Suit is rendered useless, suffering discoloration and ability loss. She sets out to recollect her abilities, fighting many monsters and bosses along the way. Eventually, she finds the Shock Suit, equipped with every power she had collected along her quest. She then goes to the Raider HQ, and fights a deadly battle with the Shadow Raider. When she finishes him off, she runs, to find Metroids invading the Raider HQ. She must fight her way out of the doomed facility, get to her ship, and escape.

Anybody like this idea? I’m using Varia Suit sprites as the SpS (Spark Suit) and recolored Gravity Suit sprites for ShS (Shock Suit). The ShS is being colored by me. The SpS will be literally useless, with no diagonal aim or missiles. You fight the first few rooms with it, and then you find the Morph Bomb and Spare Suit, which you collect most of your upgrades with.

Upgrade List (in order of collection):
Morph Ball
Morph Bomb
Spare Suit (already contains a few beams)
Speed Booster
Super Missiles
Screw Attack
Shock Suit

Enemy List:
Hetinn (sprite coming)
Zrree (sprite coming)
Blood Raider (sprite coming)
(Zero Mission) Metroid (anyone out there have a sprite?)
A few more to be added later

Boss List:
Shadow Raider
None I can think of at the time

And yes, I will do more than sit around and come up with ideas. I promise. Anyone looking to help?

Seriously this sounds like one of those sit and watch projects…Im tobusy with 2 projects already so i cant help sorry…

Sit and watch? Explain, please.

No build demo, hes saying that you only plan to tell or show us what you’re making rather than releasing demo’s. Whilst its bit premature to jump to that conclusion, its not uncommon to feel that way when someone presents a proposal without any proof.

I’m not saying that you wont eventually create a demo or what not, but its standard practice to have proof before presenting the game idea/proposal.

There have been too many say-everything-do-nothing projects out there that never took off… so without proof you can expect people to think the worst. There have been projects that had working demo’s, even impressive ones (see Dreadscape), that ended up cancelling.

Well its not cause he doesnt have a build demo its mostly cause of all the things he is explaining. Now im not a man that quickly just jumps to conclusions but in this case with everything that you are explaining to have it sounds like you are just gonna bring in team members and have them do all the work…(pretty much this is what i mean by sit-and watch)

Tenka is correct most fangames dont end up anywhere however if they start out with an engine like Tenka’s did eventually it will get somewhere cause it has the engine.

Now if you have nothing…not even any sprites things can get a bit messy for example look at my other project, ‘metroid reign’ where is it now?? :confused:
no where!

Im still working on a new engine though but Shrander isint working on the DarkSamus sprites and everything else is inactive… but when I release the engine and say i need the DS sprites now eventually things will get active cause now there is actually proof that i was working on the engine.

see what i mean now?? If offended you then sorry

start working if you want people to believe you, have fun!

Wow. Recoloring the MZM Fully Powered Suit sprites to the Shock Suit is taking a really long time. What with all the crouching, aiming, jumping, rocket-launching… phew.

About the making: I suffered a terrible computer-death, so I have to sprite with a laptop and an older, more crappy computer. All I have to do is get my computer fixed after our California vacation trip and I can download Gamemaker and start with the actual game-making.

!! man your way behind! well anyway oh wait this isnt the right thread.

Delete is there for a reason you know.
I don’t know how to say this but… Shock suit? WTF? One word, plotholes. We have no clue how she gets the shock suit so please explain.

actually when i said “well anyway…oh wait this isint the right thread” Wuz because i was about to talk about mp2e so i guess now you understand hope you do T_T

So lets get this straight:
1.) You posted in the wrong thread
2.) I tell you that there is a delete button
3.) You tell me that the reason why you said that this isn’t the right thread is because you are talking about MP2E and hope I understand.
Am I missing something here?

Well anyways…
Are you just going to recolor and watch as the others do the dirty jobs (i.e. Programming)? I’m not pointing fingers or trolling but you seem to have a huge agenda in recoloring and nothing in the more “necessary” stuff such as Programming and GASP creating original sprites!

I have nearly no idea how to program, but I do have Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. I’ll do the monster and boss spriting, in addition to recoloring for the Shock Suit.

About the Shock Suit: In the Raider HQ, I was going to put electric beams and barriers that the Shock Suit could protect Samus from.

omfg you are stupid!! When i said “you are way behind” I WAS TALKING TO METROID_NOOB_3 AND THEN AFTER I SAID, “OH WAIT WRONG THREAD” I MEANT BECAUSE I WAS ABOUT I WAS ABOUT!!! SO THAT REALLY WOULDNT MATTER NOW WOULD IT!! gosh ive never screamed in a forum like that ever in my life…man you sure are a stupid one i tell you that…

You call HIM stupid, and then you say the sentence “I meant because I was about I was about”? What the HELL does that even mean?

Also, lay off the flaming, and lay off the all caps.

dishes out warnings

The only stupid one here would be you. >_>

…omg so no one really sees it…

I would see it if I understand what you are saying. Ok I’m done being cryptic. I just want this straight w/ correct spelling please. Are you saying that you posted in the wrong thread? Because if you did I tell you to delete it. Otherwise I didn’t understand you. Ok back to more important stuff…
VB6 sucks for game programming. Grab your self a copy of Game Programming for Teens Second Edition by Maneesh Sethi. Best author of a game programming book to date and teaches most easiest and game friendly language: Blitz Basic.

MEEEEEP Wrong answer. AmigaBASIC kicks Blitz Basic in the groin.

I’m only trying to make a simple Metroid game. No complicated codes like this one:

when RIGHT button is pressed
pixel1 72x7550
pixel2 72x8675
pixel3 55x757


TEH UPDATE 1: Here is the sprite sheet I’m going to be recoloring. I changed from the MZM Gravity Suit sheet because that one is way too big.

Remember, I want this to be simple, so no flaming about crappy sprites. I didn’t make them, anyway. I’m giving credit in the build demo(s), the actual demo, and the game.