SP space pirate attack

Me and my bro have been working on this game called SP space pirate attack!

i dont have a demo yet, but im working in it!!! :smiley:

here are what me and my bro made so far:

Intro-complete (my bro did it)

title screen-complete ( me and my bro)

main menu-im working on it

movement demo-almost done(me and my bro)

ya so thats all me and my bro did so far.

if you have any ideas for this game, please tell me!

edit movement demo ALMOST DONE!

probobly coming out tommorow or after tommorow.

but dont expect to much things, the demo wont have a main menu.

Are you making it in the gamemaker?I bet it will be good :smiley:> .I can’t wait till it comes out.

hello, its chozo dudes brother

so, pretty much my bro just took a game that him and i started a long time ago and decided to tell people about it.

so i decided id give it another shot, and once a againgot bored, and decided that i had better things to do then improve SP attack.

since my bro cant do anything on gmaker, sp attack is off, but i might just finish it off… later


srry if u were lookin forward to the game

WTF? how did my brother went on my account…
Anyways im not quitting on Space pirate attack, im continuing. very slow progress… I bet you guys dont really care so do i… sry for double posting :blush:

stupid brother…

stop bumping your post yourself no ones interested in it yet…yes im aware i just bumped it

please edit your post next time :slight_smile:

also, im_better, there are people interested, that is the most radical assumtion i have heard recently…

…well…besides one of mine…

…calculators havn’t taken over earth…

You realize he only bumped it once, right? And you realize that there is one person that posted here who’s interested already? You just indirectly called him a nobody. Watch what you say.

Chozo dude, just don’t listen to him :stuck_out_tongue: .

I don’t mind at all that your account double-posted with you and your brother because it’s a little humorous at the moment. Might get old soon, though (hint >_>)