As you may have noticed if you look in the graphics section, I am working on a fan game. Actually, I’m doing the art and story, and someone else is programming it for me. I figured I’d go ahead and post the basic outline.

Metroid: Genesis is set many years before Zero Mission, on Zebes. It will follow the fall of the Chozo Empire and the rise of the Zebesian Pirates, as well as documenting how Samus became who she is. On the planet of Zebes, there are the native Chozo and Zebesian Pirates, and a small Human colony. The Pirates enact raids every now and again against the Chozo, who are protected by the Humans. The Chozo have very advanced technology, but none of it is directed towards warfare, so they rely on the Humans for survival against the vicious Pirates. Unfortunately, the Pirates amassed a huge force and completely destroyed the Human colony, leaving but a single survivor, six year old Samus Aran. The Chozo took her in and began training her to be their protector, for they knew it was only a matter of time before the Zebesian Pirates began taking down the Chozo Empire. By the time Samus came of age, the Chozo’s top Scientists had built the most advanced weapons system that Zebes had ever seen-the Power Suit. It was organically linked to the occupant, heavily armed, capable of surviving high temperatures, and most importantly, upgradable. The other Scientific advancement that the Chozo had made during these years was a special serum (read:Chozo blood infusion)that, when administered to a Human, boosted the strength, speed, and reaction time of the recipient ten-fold. Unfortunately, on the day of the final test of the Power Suit, the Chozo’s largest and most grand city of Chozodia was attacked by the Zebesian Pirates. Samus got a real “field test” that day, managing to escape the city with a few of the top Scientists. Upon arriving at the nearest city, they decided that it would be extinction for the Chozo to remain as they were, so they gathered up all of the willing citizens and abandoned the magnificent cities, making for the caves and hills. They began guerilla operations against the Pirates, Samus leading many of them. The Pirates captured and enslaved many of the Chozo citizens, and pilfered their technology. Now, it’s time for Samus to make them pay.

P.S.I used all of the official Metroid canon for this, so any mistakes you see, please point out. :slight_smile:

Wow, nice story. :clap:

Wait, so you basically play as samus in one fight against the pirates or what?

No, that’s just the beginning. I’m not gonna spoil the story before the game’s even out!

I look forward to this, man. Great job on the story.

Thankee. :slight_smile: I can give you no set date, only that we will begin work this summer. I’ll be working on the sprites every spare minute I’ve got, and since my programmer will be getting out of school ten days before meself, I’d say we verily well may be nearly finished by the end of the summer…but I’ve never done this before, so I haven’t the faintest how long it’d take. :blush:

What the heck? You have Mason McCoy programming for you?

Aye, I do. Great guy, he is.

so can u be six year old Samus training some of the time? that would be cool. then all that stuff happens and she grows up, blah blah blah. that would be cool…

Did you actually meet Mason McCoy, or is he just working with you over the net?

Ugh, don’t make me think about making even smaller sprites. :stuck_out_tongue: Not too sure if that would be fun, what I’m planning will take the game slightly off the beaten path of Metroid games, and I don’t want to stray too far off that nice path.

Oh, I met’im on the 'net. Followed a link on the P2D page, actually.

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:>_>: Right. :laughing:

Gah, I bet that’d sell. >.<

It certainly sounds different from what most others are doing. I hope it works out for you and that we will be able play some of it soon.

Thankee. :slight_smile: It might be a while, I dunno how much of the engine Mason has yet…and I know that it’ll take a while for me to get the sprites.

In fact, I’ve been meaning to ask around for an artist to help a bit. I’m thinkin’, I can do characters, items, and weapons just perfectly fine, but backgrounds will be friggin’ hard…I’ve been considering finding another artist to help with those.

I can sketch decently, but can’t sprite for beans.

The Metroid: Genesis website is now up and running! Thanks to Mason McCoy for setting it up, and for noticing that I can’t do squat with websites. Check back freaquently during the summer for updates, downloads, etc. etc…

Dude, the beam sprites rock. The Samus sprites are a little small though. And the update page is nonexistant. Is there anything I could do to help with this game?

Read on the homepage, it says that the sprites, story, and home are up. We can’t have updates 'till we have something to update. :slight_smile: The Samus sprites are roughly the size of the NES sprites, so I’d say, for that size, they’re pretty well detailed, and seeing as I went straight from doing ten-pixel tall sprites to these, I’d say they’re not half bad. I’m pretty new at spriting, and this is my first game, so bear with me. :blush: I can only hope that me spriting skills are half as good as Mason’s programming skills.

As to what ye can be doing to help, if ye’ve any suggestions, please, please give’em! We need all of the help we can get! Right now, I’m not actively searching, but if I find one, I’d love to have someone to help with the background sprites and stuff, 'cause I just know those are gonna be hard.

Nice spriting, so far! They still need a teensy bit more work done on them, but overall, not bad for a first starter! Especially the Beam shot sprites, those are excellent.