Metroid Legions

I have been thinking about making a metroid fan game but i have no skillz, the only thing ive done is those game maker tutorials and those are no help.

i already have a story line :confused: , so here it goes…

Your a bounty hunter being trained by Samus Aran and she wants u to take her place when she retires. So u start off in some training levels, and samus gives u little tips in the simulation, after youve finish all the training levels u go on some field missions with samus…

thats all i got so far…

i want to add a create your own character feature but i dunno…

can some one help me with this plz!!! :slight_smile:

if you want to make a fan game you have to at least do SOMETHING… you cant let everyone else do all the work.

I can do stuff but not that much i m just lookin 4 someone to HELP me not do the whole thing. i just need some better tutorials or guidance to make the game

I have a few tips for getting started.

First of all, though this may seem like absolutely nothing, you’re going to get much more respect if you use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitilization, etc. It doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, but it definitely helps.

You’ll have to do most if not all of the planning, organizing, story, and such for your game. If you’re not up for that then there isn’t really a need for this topic.

It would also help greatly to the project if you do at least one of the following for your fangame as well as what is stated above: (though if you do the above well enough I suppose these aren’t necessary, but you should still try)

Programming - Start by learning how to use a program such as Game Maker or The Games Factory to make games, or if you’re up for it, you could try learning a language like C++.

Spriting - Start by using tutorials like the ones at this site.

Music - Start by learning how to use a program such as Anvil Studio or Noteworthy Composer.

There are many other things you could do, too, but those are the main ones.

As for the story of the game, the one you have so far isn’t exactly the most innovative or creative story ever, so you should try to improve it. A lot. I can’t really help with that, though.

Lol, im to lazy to learn to use gamemaker, so i just sprite. But you do need at least 1 of those skills. I recommend learning to program, that way, you’ll actually be in charge of the game.

Well I did some spriting tutorial and i’m working on my grammar.I already have game maker , did the tutorials but the platform game tutorial isnt that great, is games factory any better? well any other tips???

u really shouldnt rush into making a game if you dont even know how to make a good platformer.Think about it, u really think u can make a game everyone will want to play if u cant make a simple platform engine by yourself? You need to spend some more time with GM before you can assemble a team and such. Making a game isnt as easy as it looks, even with a simplified program like GM.

platform engine???

A platform engine,or basically any game enginje,is the main code and stuff that makes the game run.
im making a metroid engine,you could use it,but youll need to be registered cuz i am and i use alot of the features.

Im too poor to get the registered version

If you don’t buy the registered version, you can’t do anything with the program.

It’s becoming obvious that you have no clue what you’re trying to do, and you’re quickly falling down the slippery slope of no return. No offense, but it’s true, and it happened to me. Get better at a game-making skill and then ask for help from others. At this point you can’t do anything, so you will do nothing.

The registered version doesn’t help that much. If you aren’t going to be doing 3-D games or super-advanced games, the regular features will work just fine. Plus most of the registered features require you to know standard features first anyway, so it’s not like you can’t learn how to use the program while it’s unregistered.

But Troid, there aren’t certain useful tools like rotating the sprites in-game (which I would love to have for my game, btw). Unregistered can make basic stuff like a simple Metroid platformer, but you can’t make a generally good game with it, like P2D.

he tells me what needs to be done and i do it…
he takes sprites and builds the levels and i build them in gamemaker
and he tells me what enemys do…like they ram you or throw lava at you…

And you’re going to do this? All of it? All by yourself? Mostly for his credit because it was “his idea” not “your (collective) idea”?

I’m not saying you can do just as much without the registered version. It’s just not necessary for a beginner programmer. Plus, unless your game is based on sprite rotations, you have no need for rotations anyway. Fancy effects are the last things you need to worry about when you’re just starting.

Registering does help a whole lot eventually, though.

Edit: In fact, can’t you rotate sprites without registering? I remember making a bubbles mini-game a while ago before I registered that had the main bubble rotate to face the direction it was moving in. Meh, rotating is just one thing.

There’s others besides rotating. Rotating was the only one I actually ran into and remember. The only way I remember rotating without being registered was making 360 sprites with one in each direction. Ahh well… I’m not too good with GM anyway.

ill be under the creds as guy who programmed everything - Vurtual Ruler98

so yeah…

You know, GM probably isn’t the best thing to run into on your first programming language. And if you are too poor to afford the registered GM then be prepared to suck at game developing. Almost EVERY PROGRAM requires a bit cash… and I was lying on the bit part. ITS A LOT OF CASH! While game making for a hobby is the most rewarding, you can bet you are going to spend the same amount of cash as if you were a hardcore WarHammer 40,000 fan. So enough of my rambling. What should you do? Get a good Blitz Basic book. Then think about what you are going to do next :slight_smile:

game maker is the only programming language you should start with.EVER!