Metroid Prime Chaos

Hey guys whats a MOD?.. lol…
And how would I get a MOD to delete this topic…
Unless someone wants to use this as there own… i dought it… lol…

The green one looks nice!

Green and Black for the Chaos suit plz.

Your “large” sprites are very nice. Since those large ones are from Super Metroid are you going to use SM edited in game sprites too?

Also what for the making? GM 6.1 is the way to go IMO.

green and black

pirate suit whoaa very nice ! i wonder what it does… hey,those metroids arent sucking samus’s shouder?

the green rocks

Apart from the clich? of “evil Samus clone causes Samus to loose tech”, pretty good. Nice edits, though the Metroid suit is kinda wierd…Metroids suckin’ on her shoulders and whatnot.

I do like the second Chaos Suit, green and black.

Good luck t’ye on this. :slight_smile:

About the Metroid suit … I think it would be more techinically viable if you turn her shoulders back into standard Shoulder Pads and have a Metroid Nuclei on her chest. I dunno, I just think that would feel more legit both visually and anatomically. You have to make it looke more like a piece of Metroid anatomy and less like an actual Metroid … spread it out a bit and make it more “bubbly” or something.

Thats my opinion.

Edit: Idea for the last Visor:

Metroid Visor:

Can sense energy sources. Could be used in game to find energy sources to unlock certain things as well as a possiblity of seeing enemies which are “pure energy” and not visible, if you are so inclined to have them in your game.

for the dark suit, i think you should have purple, blue, and black :stuck_out_tongue:

purple FTW!!!

pirate and metroid suit look a little wierd to me around the shoulders, but its up to you :smiley:

How much longer till the demo?

my computer is a little messed up rigth now so it could be a while…

sorry man but this is going to take a little longer than i expected…

How much have you done? Its been a month since you started this topic…

P.S. noticed you used my idea for the last visor :smiley:>


i think it is a cool idea (no matter how you er…spell it)

i would make samus blue of course…for turning invisible…able…whatever…

i dont have to much done… because i do have other things to do than just create my game… but i have about 5 or 6 rooms… morphball, morphball bombs all that jazz… theres no charge beam at the moment…

Oh and if you guys are not to buisy maybe you guys could help…
I need:

  • Tile Sprites
    - Snow
    - Stone
    - Dirt
    - Grass
  • Enemie Sprites (anything you want to creat… your own ideas or ones already made)
  • Background(s)
    - Snow Mountains
    - Snow Field
    - Forrest
    - Mountains

Thats pretty much it for now… but if any of you have any ideas for my game i would like to hear them…

Oh and since you guys didnt like the metroid suit idea… i changed it… but im on vacation but i will be back like sunday or monday… so ill show you the new idea then…

this gonna be a dead topic.

How about u use the X-Ray visor?

just like you would use the combat visor…

oh u mean that…

well, they could make the same sheet with a grayscale pallete…

It WAS a dead topic untill you bumped it! >_>

well you just bumped it and caused me to bump it.

im_better …that was possibly the most useless post ever…

and did they themselves say it was dead?..

sorry…a bit misinformed…