Metroid Overdrive

Hey, people. This is Outrage here! I used to be registered on this site as “AnimationBoy”, but I recently had a name change.

I am working on a game, in Flash, and I don’t have much of a story done yet, but I do have a lot of coding done. I whipped up this preview for you guys, and I hope it makes you anxious for the game to finish! But I tend to leave a lot of my games unfinished, but HOPEFULLY I will see to it, that I finish this one!

Soon, I will get a demo up for you all to give it a test run.

Please note, to view this trailer, you need Flash Player 8 or 9 at least. Please enjoy and wait for it to completely finish loading!

…you…need to use your own images for the trailer…it…just…otherwise seems like you pieced together nintendo’s stuff…

Well, the whole game is based on Nintendo’s sprites, so I made the trailer the same way. It wouldn’t make sense if I used my own for one thing and not for the other. And if you look at the beginning, it gives credit to Nintendo.

yeah, its just that every person who has played a metroid game will think it is a lazy person because they just use nintendo pictures and they are pasting stuff together from anothers work (oo! i saw that before!)

im not saying your like that, but it just kinda hits many people that way. :smiley:

Well, a good game takes a lot of effort. Not just the graphics, but the coding. I am taking forever, and I am not lazy, hence the fact that I am a pretty good game coder, good programmers can never be lazy :smiley:

Okay, so if your trailer just showed footage of the game using Nintendo’s sprites, that’d be one thing. It’d at least show off your code. But this is nothing but cutscene images, unedited, that have nothing to do with your game, because if you don’t even have a story, you can’t have cutscenes… and it shows no gameplay, no mechanics, no story, no ANYTHING except for things you didn’t make, edit, or do ANYTHING to… so why the hell is this supposed to hype us for your game? It doesn’t show your game! It might as well be an advertisement for ZM with a new name!

I must admit, Daz is right, it doesnt hype me at all. But good job, what program were you using??

so thats what i was thinking! hit the spot exactly! …and um…the feet thing…just…dont seem fit…feet thing seems like an earlier time type of thing (unless i am going crazy)

-illogical thoughts of SD47

Its more like a general Metroid Music Video than a Teaser for a Fan-Game. A trailer would have actual in-game footage or footage of newly created cut-scenes at the very least. Other than that its pretty nice, Text screens and animations synced with the music well.

Lol, people…I guess you are right. I will show you all what I have so far. I was not, I repeat NOT going to do this, but eh…what the hell?

Oh, I’m using Flash (Actionscript)

I am aware of most of the bugs and glitches, but if you find any, please post them here, and I will try to fix. This is only a build demo. It is the uncomplete version of the game, and at the moment, has no menu or preloader. Please wait for it to completely load because it will go slow on most computers.

The controls used are:

Left: Walk Left
Right: Walk Right
Up: Aim up/return from morph ball and ducking
Down: Aim down (When running)/duck/morph ball
A Key: Jump
S Key: Shoot/Drop a bomb

Note, my bombs are coded differently than the traditional Metroid game. Instead of letting them float in mid air, they fall to the ground. Please leave your comment on this and tell me if you like it this way or if I should change it.

Now thats more like it … Very nicely done. The intro proves you have a nack for the cinematics, and I cant see anything terribly wrong with the engine for a first release. Good Job so far.

Ball Bombs: IMO go back to the floating bombs … I’m a fan of multiple bomb jump techniques myself.

Thanks, Tenka. Yeh, I think i’ll go to the floating bomb thing. That might help me make the game a bit better, having more complicate puzzles and mazes, etc.

Any other comments, people?

Yeah, floating, faster, and weaker bombs would be better. And turning animations if you’re up for that, otherwise that’s not too much of a problem.

And I found a few glitches:

  • Turning around while moving up in a jump will cause you to spin-jump until you turn around or land.
  • Turning around while spin-jumping and moving down in a jump will cause you to stop spin-jumping
  • You should land on the ground earlier while spin-jumping, otherwise you can get into smaller areas (such as escaping from underneath the ship by spin-jumping madly to the left)
  • Not moving at all when you start leads to these glitches:
  • Jump, and you’ll remain with your standing sprite while you do so.
  • Fire, and the bullets appear frozen at a certain spot (I’m guessing the point (0,0) or something)
  • Morph, and you remain with your standing sprite and can morph as many times as you want
  • Bombing sends you up with no sprite change
  • Crouching lets you get into small passages, too. Just crouch and un-crouch a bunch and you can stand in any small space.
  • You can make it slightly below the grass if you run of the edge and quickly turn back

I think the camera could move a little faster. I don’t like having to wait very long to see what’s ahead of me.

Pretty good so far, though.

Alrighty, I fixed most MOST of the errors you mentioned, still a lot to do though. The bombs now float and explode a lot faster. You also do not fly up as high when the bomb explodes.

I got rid of the spin jump COMPLETELY…there’s no point in having it anyways, so I figured what the hell? (Again, I figure this a lot)

I fixed all of the glitches for if you don’t move when you first start.

The camera moves faster now. If you are facing left or right, you can always see more of what is in front of you, rather than behind.

Thanks for the comments, please, post more!

Again, the link is:

Just check there whenever I add more.

EDIT: I also made it so you can’t move left or right when crouched. This fixes the problem of being able to squeeze in small areas when ducking and standing.

bomb jump a little bit, and you land in the floor…

My opinon:
Really good.I can’t even make a game like that.The only problem you fall down and stay in the air if you go left or right.

…i would hope you can make a game better than that…since its not a game…

…anyways, quite a few glitches, control issues (spinjump?)…and well, quite the bit of sounds taken from other places (just recognized, they are good sounds), really you need a sound change, more…yaknow…metroid zero missiony…if that makes sense…

…anyways…, good cinematic stuff…i didn’t know when the game started…i was just kinda watching samus stand around…sorry…must be my low IQ…

Much better now. The camera actually seems to move a little too suddenly, but it’s really not that much of a problem. It helps a lot with seeing where you’re going at least.

Two more glitches I just noticed. If you stand in the air and mash down and fire a bunch, the bullets will eventually do the same thing they did with the game start glitch. This one looks like it will automatically fix itself when (or if) you add in aiming in the air, as it’s just letting you go beyond the morph ball level or something without showing it.

And the last one is just like the getting underground one. If you walk into your ship exactly one morph ball below the top, you’ll walk right through it at that level. Bombing a bit on the top can get you in that spot as SD pointed out.

There is an infinite bomb jump, too, but a lot of the Metroid games have those.

Alright, guys…I’ll try to fix that now…hold on…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

the camera screws up a lot of stuff, you know what i mean of course.

also, right when you get the controls (you can control the character after cutscene) it should say something cool, like “mission start!”…just a thought…sorry…playing a lot of megaman zero…

-illogical thoughts of SD47