smartdude's metroid project


might be back sometime

Those are just MZM sprites… and the tiles are recolored…


Looks awesome :smiley: When’s the demo going to be released?

yes serus, it is using all metroid zero mission, and a few metroid fusion sprites.

and the demo will most likely be awhile, im still working out quite a few things on it.

so ur gonna like make a cutscene opeing with a story right?

its not going to really be a cutscene…not video anyways, it will be the same as zero mission (the entire game will be like zero mission at that)

Almost the hole game will be like Zero Mission acording to what I have seen so far

Cool. Not sure about the Health system…

omfg amazing! plz finish this it looks awsome, maybe change the look of the health bar, make it look even better, cuz it already looks amazing. will you be usin fusion’s omega sprite? i cant wait for this, it looks amazing from 1 screen.

i will b lookin at that screen 4 loads of hours

It gets annoying when you say it like that…

Ya it looks like it’s just gonna be MZM+MF… I don’t understand how exactly this is gonna be M2 remake, if it’s just gonna use MZM’s sprites…

Well it will be a remake, just not a practical one. Just try to keep the maps the same.

bah… but the maps were SO confusing…

personaly i like the idea for the health bar, change is good, trying new things is good so ya

thats what i mean. that health bar rocks, but dosent quite fit with the picture exactly. try shading it differently, because that is just the best health bar i have ever seen ever.

uh… which one’s the health bar again? is it that red circle thing? and if it is, make it more metroidy :metroid: … it really looks odd comparing it to all the other health bar thingamabobbers.

Meh, it doesnt really hype me. But if you actually get it done, congrats.

hey where did smartdude go? he’s never on anymore…

And that fit’s in the topic how?

Smartdude is the topic creator…