Prime 2D Demo v0.0.1804

Happy Easter, everyone!

On this day, Christians celebrate Jesus rising again after 3 days in the tomb. Prime 2D has been dead for a few more than 3 days, but on this glorious day we rise from the dead, 4 years after our last demo.

Since then we have taken Prime 2D in an exciting new direction. There has been a lot of controversy and argument among the team over how close we should follow our source material, but in the end we decided that trying to copy things exactly was just forcing us into the corner of creating a game that was lacking any fun… or originality. We lost a few team members over the changes, but in all I do believe it has helped us create a better game.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you our new Prime 2D Demo v0.0.1804!

If you have any difficulties running the game, please post about it here and we will try to help you.


is this a joke where is the game

Yes, this is a joke. If you’ll look at the date of the post you’ll see that it was made on April 1st, as we at SCU have a long history of April Fools ‘demos’.

We are of course still working on the actual game, but Prime 2D is enormous, and requires a lot of work to make happen. This is unfortunately compounded by our insane decision to build our own game engine (a project started in 2006!) Unlike many fan projects we have decided it is best for us to keep progress out of the public eye as things can change dramatically over the course of a few weeks. We have internal milestones and planned demos, but ultimately as we are all working on this in our spare time (and none of us have any), we will launch it when it’s ready.

ok thanks for telling me and good joke