Prime 2D v1.0.0

Hi everyone,

I’m really excited to present the first full, working version of Prime 2D! A few weeks ago I finished tiling up the final rooms along with the help of some people I know in real life.
I did my best to fill in for some of our missing resources and animations for the time being. I hope my decision to switch to mouse controls for Samus’s aiming is not too controversial.

But enough of me talking – here it is! :smiley:


Be sure to read the readme file for more information.


I’m not touching this. This is the Internet after all…


It’s a totally legitimate tech demo. I used shader tricks to distort the screen in several different ways, and getting the shader system to work on a wide range of machines took a whole lot of testing. If anyone here is unable to see the fancy visual effects, please let me know.

Worked beautifully in wine.

Good to know. :sunglasses:

troid the game crashes when you start it

What happens? Are you getting an error message?

this really weird graphic thing than an error message it says the instruction at “0x4PRF0015” referenced memory at “0x04012014” the memory could not be "written"

Afraid you have been bamboozled. This was the April Fools ‘demo’ for 2014, one in a long chain of related jokes.

Here is the meaning of the errors:
0x 4PR F0015 (April Fools)
0x 04 01 2014 (04/01/2014)

ok thanks for telling me