Prime 2D Demo v0.0.1904

After the critical acclaim of our last demo didn’t quite reach our expectations, we decided to take a hard look at where we wanted to take Prime 2D. Going back to the drawing board was painful, but ultimately resulted in a new experience that I think you will enjoy.

Prime 2D V 0.0.1941 Download Link

This first official P2D demo boasts an epic vocabulary of more than 1250 verbs! Never before have
players had this much freedom of movement, featuring custom animations for such actions as yeeting, vacuuming, and smelling. Such detail, and all with native support for 8K resolution!

It’s impossible to overstate the incredible amount of effort and dedication that has gone into this project over the years, with hundreds of volunteers working together on multiple internet forums. To have gotten this far is truly a remarkable achievement.


Never played anything quite like this. Such modular, much wow.