Yo i need help in a sheet plz

Yo!! i have i grreeeeeat request to do guys! plz, somebody whos good at spriting help me!, i am a pretty good drawer too, but not with the mouse, u aways prefered paper and pencil XD, so im having troubles to do a modification in a sprite… heres what im talking about:

in whatever you guys help me i will be very gratefull, cuz im doing a game, as you can see in this topic ,and master-x is the last playable character that is not programed yet, cuz i dont have the sprites…

I’ll take the element recolor but the other one I would have a bit trouble doing that, i’m great at editing but not all the time.

oh thats turifc! im terrible when it comes to recoloring… maybe is because the programs i use… irfam view and idraw,

when you’ll be able to recolor?

-comment retracted-

Uh, he just said that he uses IDraw.

IrfanView is excellent for recoloring, so if you have problems with it and IDraw, I think it’s just a “replace user and press any key” issue.

…em… yeah. I’ll stop multitasking and listening to music now.

Depends if I work or not. I’m just at the ending of the fire elemental.

cloud, you are brazilian?.. that"que" reminds me portuguese

and hunter_fusion, what element yo talking? i didnt get it (maybe cuz im brazilian)


Hmmm I see, well i’m asian. The sheet you posted at the very top. With the Blue, Green, Red color.

Thats what i’m talking about.

Red for-Fire
Blue-Either Ice or Water (Whatever it is I don’t play the game)

Plus heres a problem with your sprite first off

The trim are kida gold
His body is mostly both light and dark. (if you know what I mean)

ooh now i got it!.. ok see what u can do, if you no be able to recolor all theres no problem with me man

im usualy online only in the weekends cuz the school, so if somebody do the sprites i will only be able to see then next saturday