Snes attack!


Plataform : ASCCI MAKER 2003

for two players

Yo!, this is my game, is a fighting game, as you can see on the screens, the game isnt even nearly complete, i am
missing some sprites but if things run well, i may finish this after vacations, now im gonna say about the characters:


Snes version of mario, the quickest character to control and the bigger solo-jumps of the game,mario
has a fireball that leaves the enemy burning for a while, that consume a lot of HP, mario can also jump on enemies head, this is he’s principal attack.


Cless have the smaller jump of the game,he’s arial attack is formidable for combos, but is hard to reach. when on ground, the sword attack can be used confront attacks if u have the right timing, if u press jump and attack button simuntantly, cless defend himself with hes shield, and if u press “two times foward quickly” cless do a dash attack very good, and it can be also used on air


Samus have the secound best projetcle of the game, the plasma beam is a fast, long ray of energy that do a explosion in shape of a circle when strikes something, samus also have the space jump ability, that is so fricking cool, jump one time, and then press the jump button again and again and again, she basicly flies arround!


My favorite character, no one will ever be match for X, he has four diferent versions of projetcles, depending of what power you be using it, not to mention the charge ability of his X-buster that made of him the best projectle of the game, a charged shot can take more than half of the enemy HP, and X still have the ability Falcon armor, jump, then hold the jump button and X will fly arround, you can still shoot while fly, but you cant change powers in air


Mario special is the fiery wave, a massive fire attack that reachs almost all the screen

Cless special is not defined yet

Samus special is the grapple across, samus drag the enemy to her

Master-X special is the Z-saber, a furious sword attack that rise the enemy on the sky

frequent questions (not realy):

Q: how do i help you in the making of this game?
A: either u can gimme a hand in this topic or you can do a remix of torvus bog music, because i deseperated need this tune for samus stage

Nintendo fighting game? Isn’t Super Smash Bros. enough? But wait who am I to complain? More characters would probably help… if you really don’t want to make a SSB clone try to include… … Mike Tyson! Yea!

Add Ridley!

no no, this will not fell like smash bros, theres no % metter and the characters dies when they dies… not when they are throwed out of the screen, plus theres no life and… well… isnt like smash brothers at all XD

about ridley, wait for a surprise muahuahuahua malefic laught

i finished the box

and im still looking for spriters… anyone?

I’m still looking for someone who can teach me to sprite. Anyone?

I like this idea… I can sprite characters but I don’t do backgrounds, also I’m a little confused… you said the platform is the ASCCI Maker 2003, what is that? Also, are those all the characters available or will there be more?

maker? well, is an engine that people use more to do RPGs, but not me, in that tool i see a great potential, the variables and swithes are much easier to play with than anyother else, you can see that in the third screenshoot… you first build your own grapich interface to be able do build the game easly… is very cool…

about the sprites, man would be great if you could recolor some sprites for me, they are in that topic that i mentioned above:

if i had a scanner i could do better draws… but since i dont have one, i gotta draw with mouse, what sucks a lot as you can see on the box that i did… so plz if u fell like helping me i can put your name/msn/contact in the credits (if u want to)


I forgot to say that the process of the game is now paused since i dont have master-x sprites recolored, i was doing the other characters until the X problem were solving, but now i finished then all… so i realy need to complete X

also, about the characters, there will be these four, more two secrets (one still developing, the other is ridley)

Only these four 0.o? Oh noezerz… Can you at least use characters that are more popular? Such as Mega Man? I mean who is Cless and Master-X?
BTW: OmegaMetroid. You don’t get others to teach you spriting, you learn by yourself. Thats right, its hard. It sucks. I’ve been there (In fact I’m still there :stuck_out_tongue:).
Good Luck!

Yeah you should really have more popular characters… I don’t know who Cless is. Character ideas:

Simon Belmont
A soldier from Super Famicom Wars
Lupin III
Samus Aran
The guy from Smash TV
The guy from Contra

Samus is aready included, but about the other ideas i realy liked, the problem is that im getting a little lasy about this project, it took me 3 moths to code this four characters to ascii maker, and with master-x im still having some serious problem,

so if im realy including this other characters, i’ll probably do it in a sequence or “expansion pack” of the game, for now i plan to finish this four that i started (and the secrets) and release the game to see the reaction, but dont worry, im taking note of all the characters that you guys mentioned

ps: master-x is megaman x from the “megamanzero” versions, and cless is the main character of a snes game called tales of phantasia, it was a very inovative game for his time, a RPG where the battles were in sidecroll vision and you were able to control your character like any other adventure game

Hm… well, this seems like an interesting project but ASCII Maker doesn’t seem to be a very funtional tool for this sort of thing, GameMaker and The Games Factory seem easier to work with as well, you may want to look into those at least to see if they could make your job a little easier.

they…aren’t drawn very good, and samus’s cannon is on her right arm.

about the tool:
yhea, a lot of people tell me that… but y,know, i spended like 6 years using ascci maker… now i fell totaly free with this program, i can do pretty much whatever i think whit it

about the box:
i may be a good drawer when it comes do paper and pencil, but draw with mouse is a diferent story LOL, so, to fix this, i made these new boxes:

and also, i got the sprites o master-x walking, so anyone who be reading this and is a spriter , i dont need help anymore thanks anywayXD, now the programing with master x is over guys! im almost finishing!! heres some screens of the final results:

i forgot to say that who made the master-x sprites possible was butch, he didnt asked for credits at the end… can u belive that guy! what a modesty

yeah, butch is just awesome like that, also, what is the first screenshot of? the samus on right looks…odd…

Looks very nice. I can’t wait to see it!

she is doing the spin jump, but paused it realy looks strange, and i was playing with a noob (my father) just to take screenshots, he losed that battle XD XD

umm… plz do not mix sprite styles… it turns out looking pretty bad. it would be better if you made your own sprites of each of the characters in your sprite style rather then just ripping… just a suggestion.

i dunno how to sprite too well,besides, only for master X i riped something near of 300 sprites, if im going to sprite all this by my own, it will take more 3 months to finish