My fangame: Metroid Dark Shadows!

My new fangame is in the process of being made! This game is a story about a dark entity that Samus encounters, but she doesn’t know just how powerful it is or where this thing is from…

After the destruction of B.S.L., Samus is left as a rogue to the Federation. They have sent frigates to capture her, but only one prevailed. They took her suit and left her ship in the docking bays. As she sits in the cell, something rocks the frigate, and her cell opens. Curious, she looks at the computer, and it says “Disturbance found at the bridge.” She immediately heads there, despite her having no gun whatsoever to defend her. Once she arrives at the bridge, she first sees skeletons everywhere. After surveying the dreadful scene, she spots a dark anomaly at the base of the bridge. She drops down to its level, and inspects it. After a second, the anomaly then stretches an “arm” toward Samus, but she dodges it. It then sends two more arms simultaneously, in which she promptly dodges the first, but gets knocked by the second. She almost loses consciousness, when she realizes her energy for her Flight Suit (the blue suit she wore in Zero Mission) has been dropped to 1 unit. When Samus gets up, the anomaly leaves, messing with the controls. A self-destruct sequence initiates, and she has to escape in 1 minute and 30 seconds. After the lengthy corridors, she finds her suit stored in a fairly large room. She immediately takes it, (which restores her health) then leaves for the docking bays, where she opens the hatch and escapes with her ship just as the frigate explodes.

Samus looks at the frightened Etecoons and Dachoras kept in her ship, when Adam speaks up.

Adam: “Samus, I’m detecting anomalous activity heading toward an unexplored planet named “Corain”. Could that be what caused the explosion?”

Samus: ?Give me a visual.?

Adam: ?Here it is. shows visual of the same anomaly?

Samus: ?Yes, set a course for the planet Corain, I want to know what this thing is.?

Adam: ?Affirmative.?

Samus’s ship warps to the planet. Screen appears with them at the orbit of Corain.

Adam: ?Here’s the planet. Scanning surface for a viable landing spot…?

Scene shows him scanning the whole planet, then he spots a good landing place, which is a large hole in the ground.

Adam: ?Spot found. Is this acceptable??

Adam shows Samus a picture of the place.

Samus: ?Seems like a good spot. Proceed to land.?

Adam: ?Affirmative.?

Adam heads toward the planet, then the screen transitions to gameplay screen, showing the ship landing. Before Samus exits, Adam speaks up.

Adam: ?I am detecting hostile life-forms on the planet, including Metroids, 20, to be exact. 4 normal ones, 4 Alpha, 4 Gamma, 4 Zeta, and 4 Omega Metroids.?

Samus: ?Can you provide the location of the anomaly??

Adam: ?Sadly, no. Disturbances are blocking other sensors. You’re on your own.?

Samus: ?Alright.?

Samus heads to the elevator.

Adam: ?Be careful, Samus.?

Samus nods her head, then heads out of the ship.

As she travels through, she shortly finds a peculiar shrine…


  • The 2 basic suits return, with an all new suit never-before-seen in any Metroid game!
  • Most weapons and items return!
  • 5 beams to choose from!
  • Beams can be switched using the feature in Metroid Prime!
  • Each beam performs Charge Combos and can switch to a second function, and each second function has a Charge Combo!
  • Unlockables such as mini-games, and videos for upcoming fangames and fanmovies of mine!
  • Harder versions of old bosses!
  • 2D gameplay filled to the brim with action and puzzles!
  • Full-length 3D cutscenes!
  • Scanning feature from the Prime series makes it to this game!
  • Classic abilities return, such as the Crystal Flash!

In the intro, I’ll be using Fusion sprites for Samus, and the rest of the game will feature Zero Mission Samus sprites. (The intro sorta stops at the shrine.)

I have a team. This is the list I need:

Basic engine-maker (taken)
Music remixer
Background maker/ripper
Cutscene maker (taken)
Tileset ripper/maker

As you can see, the first two positions have been taken. I’m not asking for anything more, I’ll be doing everything else, spriting, maps, engine tweaking (for every power-up you find) screen transitioning, everything else. I will post screenshots as soon as I get backgrounds. (I’d prefer a background maker, since there’s a snowy area that I need 3 backgrounds for.)

Post your thoughts on this fangame!

Here’s the ending pic for the game. Keep in mind that this is not my work.

EDIT: Area listings below, added something new to the Features list.

Territoria: Starting area. Fairly flourished everywhere with dark caves. Who knows what awaits under there… :O_O:
Polaris: This is the next area you go to. Very dangerous when you first start, as the frigid weather depletes your energy bit by bit until you find the Varia Suit. (Metroid DNA, duh. :stuck_out_tongue:) Icy caves with maze-like corridors open into a wide open area that is constantly snowing. Sky is covered with dark clouds, like the way it always looks when it snows. There is a precarious Morph Ball temple at the surface, concealing an important item…
Hephitican: This isn’t your ordinary fiery world. There are many hazards and traps that you should avoid as you delve deeper into the planet. Be careful down there, something may surprise you if you don’t.
(Chozo) Sky Temple: This is an example of the Chozo’s scientific advances, a floating Temple with no supports. The only access port to this area is a portal. Here you’ll find many Lores talking about their history on this planet, but what exactly happened to them?
Triteria: A large, mostly underwater area similar to Zebes’s Maridia. Organic life is abundant here. Be careful when traveling the far depths…the background music will make you want to turn back…
Wrecked Ship: An unknown frigate recently crashed on this planet. After her underwater adventure, she discovers of this crash site. She investigates this rainy area, but something awaits her at the end of this maze…
Metroid Breeding Grounds: The main “home” of the Metroids on this planet. Other Metroids have spread to other lands of the planet, but the majority rest here. Samus also finds an Omega Metroid growing rapidly…
Space Pirate Base: Samus’s final trip, at the core of the planet. This massive base is unlike anything Samus has ever encountered; not even the Phazon Mines’ size can compete with this base. Security is tight here, as Pirates will attack Samus at every corner! Now we know that the Space Pirates are here, but what is their true plan?

EDIT: Added stuff in the Features list, and this added message below.

I will be using VisualBoy Advance emulator controls, and yep, Crystal Flash, the energy/missile/and other stuff replenishing move from Super Metroid returns in this game! Just plant a Power Bomb and hold both the A and S buttons to restore everything except Power Bombs, but each time this happens, 10 Power Bombs will be deducted from your count, so use wisely. I wanted to implement this move because most bosses are hard, especially if you aren’t stocked each time. The program I’m using for this is Multimedia Fusion. (Full version.)

EDIT: New message below.

There’s an option you can unlock by getting 100% scans, which allows you to go through the game in the Fusion Suit, instead of the Zero Mission suit, incase you like the Fusion Suit look.

EDIT: Ach, made a correction in the part when Samus escapes the frigate and looks at the Etecoons and Dachoras. An uncharted planet can’t very well be named already…what a funny little paradox. :laughing: I fixed it.

EDIT: I now have someone making 3D models and cutscenes, so that position’s filled. As for the music remixer, I haven’t heard from him in months, so I’m thinking of taking him off the team. If you’re reading this right now remixer, sorry. Also, the Fusion Suit option is actually going to be hard mode. You’ll take more damage, due to the lack of defense shields, you won’t be able to carry as much ammunition, due to the lack of ammo carriers, (I consider the traditional Varia Suit shoulder pads carry ammo and stuff) you won’t be able to fire while hanging off a ledge, (Power Grip) and you can jump slightly higher. That’s all.

why that ending pic that ending pic is like after super metroid well good story and theres so many sequals to metroid fusion

this sounds really good :O_O: likey that story! i would love to help as it sounds cool but im afraid i have to many fangames on my hands already…

Yeah, thanks. I can see why you’ve got some fangames on your hands. (Knows you’re part of the P2D team.)

yeah… but im also making a metroid shmup with knight33 and im involved in 2 other fangames :wink:

you don’t anserw my question that ending pic looks like from super metroid

I know it looks like it’s from Super Metroid, no need to point it out.

EDIT: Man, I love the edit feature. :laughing: Wish GameFAQs had this…

This is a good Idea and that Samus is as hot as ever! :naughty:

I really like the Dark Samus type of Character! Good Job on Planning!!! :clap: :metroid: :metroid: :metroid:

Whenever I have things I forgot to mention in the first post, I edit it, so check this topic at least once every day. For the rest of the updates, I’ll make new posts, like showing screenshots, how far I am at completing the demo, stuff like that.

isnt the dark entity a copy off of echoes’ dark samus?

You’d be surprised at how un-similar it is to Dark Samus.

anyway this game sounds nice :wink:

I assume moderators are the only ones that can edit other people’s posts?

What double post? :wink:

Now, back on topic plz!

Hehe, thanks Destroyer.

I’m still looking for people to fill up positions on my team!

I can do enemy creation and… stuff. Maybe some LIMITED spriting. Not this week though, this week I got my hands full with Teristra and posting here, not to mention working on my novel and making artwork for the gallery Lukas is making for me, AS WELL as finishing off the last few bits of the Intros/Outros/Interludes for my band’s first demo in FruityLoops… Whew! Yeah, I’m swamped. But, I can and will do spriting/explaining next week, when mIRC stops letting me join Teristra, the gallery is finished, and I’ve gotten all the stuff done for Aelin Reg besides vocal recording and finding the other band members -cough- AND getting Markus Marjomaa to write some songs for us… so. Yeah.

No real need for enemy creation, BUT I could let you animate the anomaly! How about that? I just want the anomaly to be black, but make it sort of gaseous, and when you see through it, backgrounds are distorted.

Distorting = PROGRAMMED. Sorry. Gaseous? Damn man, just program it all, it’ll look hell of alot better.

Well, OK. How about making sprites for devices, such as boilers and electric conductors, and maybe scan pictures?

Scan pictures, ah, no. Ask someone who does somewhat less… immaterial artwork for that x_X The sprites though, I really can do. Whats in the underwater area? I’d like to do that first. Also, I can do very evil and creepy background music for the depths, if you wish. Hell, you know what, I’ll also take up the background music for the whole game, if you allow. I’m working on the Outro for Aelin Reg’s demo anyways! Might as well help you out while I’m at it!