Metroid: Last Escape


Samus is stuck in a room that has forcefields and teleporters and can’t find her way out, also a metroid sucked out half her brain and she’s forgotten how to shoot.





Have Fun :stuck_out_tongue:!


S - Aim Diagonal Upwards
X - Aim Diagonal Downwards
Up - Aim Upwards
Down - Crouch/Morphball/Aim Downwards
Left/Right - Movement
A - Jump

Are you actually going to make this into a game or is it just a beta engine test?

It’s a solid engine, but why can she aim if she can’t shoot? And why is it just one room repeating with no other exits?

Daz, I think you could take a few tips from this guy’s jumping engine.

(And it’s just logically she can aim. besides, she’ll probably remember how if the game goes beyond beta. you know what you should do, wwaker? make a secret button fire. I mean, honestly, if samus went around saying “what’s this button do?” couldn’t she hit whatever causes it to fire?)

Yeah, I know my jumping sucks, but I use a different program than this guy does. I don’t know how to improve it without hand-coding the jumps, and last time I tried that I made Kraid fly when you used the morphball. No joke.

That sounds hilarious. Is that better or worse than one’s feet inexplicably getting stuck in the ground?

I fixed that actually. But if you think that’s funny… one time I mixed up the object descriptions, so Kraid’s ‘belly button lint’ shot morphball bombs. In an attempt to fix it, I turned the Ice Beam into kraid heads. >.< That game never got very far…

Edit: Uh… we’re taking over his topic … >>;.

We can stop now. What you just said there should keep me busy for a few hours. You turned the ice beam into his head?! that’s freaking awesome…

You can get out of the room… right? <_<;;

No. I tried. This “game” is an engine, there’s no real point of objective.

added shooting :stuck_out_tongue:

that took me in between 2 and 4 seconds to figure out that key…Some fraction. Either way, nice add on. So…What are your plans for this game?

guess i should have mentioned it was the z key lol :smiley:

I was thinking the story would go something like this:
Samus has just escaped in her ship from the BSL Research Station, a short time after she encounters the ship that was supposed to have landed there to capture the SA-X. They come to the conclusion that Samus blew it up and start chasing and attacking her, in this heated battle, Samus manages to get away but her ship is far to damaged to go for much longer so she is forced to land on a nearby planet…

edit: added new screen

What program/engine do you use? Or did you just code it by hand or whatever … ?

Its very nice … I tried creating my own engine but like Daz I had alot of problems. I think he and I use the same engine? Maybe not …

Anyways its very good. I want to put up a little fan game that I made over the weekend, but the disk drive on this computer that I am on is messed up. So I will just post it up in a little bit …

I like the idea too, the whole “storyline” …

Id probably like to see more of this game. Going through different rooms, trying to find your way out, seems like it could be fun, if you ask me. :smiley:

Yay! Plan on adding Charge Beam or Morph Ball Bombs?

i’ll add extra weapons and stuff later, but for now i’ve got more important things i need to worry about like room transitions and stuff

edit: will be releasing a new demo to show off room transitions and the map system

Woot! We finally get to leave the evil teleporting room!

Metroid: The Room. Da da dummmmmmmmm.

Uploaded the new demo with now 2 rooms, i’d also like to point out that the map system is having a few issues (mainly because i haven’t designed the maps yet)