Windows Vista?

Will P2D run on Windows Vista?

I suppose so…

I don’t have vista, so I can’t test.

hmm, appears to be taking forever and a day to load so i say no :frowning:

Hu? My friend has vista and it runs fine so methinks it does run on vista and your comp sux

I run Vista too, and it seems that I can only run GM 7 games, GM 6.1 games don’t run at all…

Install XP on a separate partition, thats always handy to have. You only have to select which OS you want to run each time you boot up.

I second the notion, with one caveat: Only do this if your original drive had more than 100 gigs, and has more than the minimum specs remaining. I learned this the hard way.

or get marks utility and replace the runner <.<

marks utility? care to elaborate?

sigh Mark Overmars made a utility that splits the gmfile from the runner in the exe then inserts the new runner. -.-


thanks, more free stuff :smiley:

Wow, this is good. Thanks for the link.

Heh no prob at least this allows DF to keep his source code safe from YoYo’s retarded EULA <.<

i swear their terms of use was written by a two year old >.>;

strike that, a two year old could right better. a mentally challenged two year old

lawl too true Hairy

I had recently found out about their stupid terms as well. I thought they would be the same as last and not have to read them; that was my idiotic mistake.


The terms can burn in my furnace.

if your smart you will get a file converter for vista



Because OS’ can be “uninstalled”.

Why not?