Wii retardation

My Wii is retarded. It overheats really fast and shuts off. I fear it’s death is looming. Is it possible to transfer all the data other than SD card? Like, transfer the hard drive or something, because some stuff you can’t copy to an SD. I fear the loss of my great data.


that happened to my friends console, we just called nintendo support and it was resolved for $90 since his warranty had expired.

obviously we sent it in and it was repaired within 2 weeks, all of the save data was kept as well as the shop channel data

I did that with mine. It was rattling really loudly. Sent it in, and got it back in two weeks. No more freaky sound!

oh boy…well I’ll work on getting the money I suppose

Mine came of with an internal error message, but nothings wrong with it it runs smooth.

Hey, if it bugs out send it to me first, I’ll see if I can fix it (thermal paste and maybe a better heat sink).

dude that sends the warranty spiraling down into failure.

Syntax speaks the truth. (Do you see what I did there??? :stuck_out_tongue:)

Anyway, yeah, no warranty=bad things happening. Don’t even attempt to open the thing, cause then your warranty is gone.

I was assuming his warranty was already gone.

Oh, and there is NOTHING inside the console that will tell them it’s been opened (I’ve been in 2).

That’s what…wait a sec…HE said >,>

Worse quality than the first 360’s?

nothing will fail more than 1st gen 360s liks >_>

Or the 2nd-5th for that matter. the 6-9th have worked out some bugs, but rumor has it that the 10th is coming into play next quarter.

the one from Q4 07 was 5th right? regardless mine is still fine >_>

…lol that rhymes

Yep, the Wii is having issues, but it can’t be as bad the 360. One of my friends is on his third one (just cause he doesn’t take care of them) and everyone else I know either has a broken one or is on their second (or second component, at least).

First. :smiley:

Ima see if I can find some good HS to put on a Wii. BRB.

Impressive. Very impressive. Maybe you got the one non-lemon out of the first-gens. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not just outa the first-gens, out of the launch-units. :smiley:

… and I don’t have problems loading brawl, either.

My 1st gen Xbox 360 still works like a charm. But I know some people that have had theirs repaired for free. Micorosft extended the guarantee from one year to three.

Anyway. I thought that the Wii would be of better quality since it is a Gamecube on steroids and it is pretty expensive for what you get.
I have mine in that stand that comes with the console. Should I have it laying down instead?
And the new wrist straps, are they much better than the old ones?
I don’t want to drop my Wiimote in my TV.