what caused the "financial crisis"



That’s a well-done video, and I enjoyed it (although the text should have been in larger, longer bursts at many points). I’m going to say I may be gullible, but I believe it; yet, regardless, it doesn’t change my opinion on the election. I didn’t plan on voting for Obama in the first place. :slight_smile:

i’m glad to hear that someone else on these forums liked it too :smiley:

the funniest part about it is when it was removed for using a time warner song and the time warner company gave barack obama money.

The was a great video I knew the democrats were screwed up but I had know idea that it was that bad
and this is all I have to say to obama :whack:

I keep clicking it and being bored to tears before I get to any substance. My idiot republican alarm is apparently working, cause I didn’t even realize it was pro-McCain partisan bullshit.
I’mma watch through this time though just for kicks. watch
EDIT: Nevermind, I can’t follow the terrible editing and complete lack of logical structure.
Can someone walk me through it?
Jimmy Carter “and Democrats” passed something, which was okay until Bill Clinton ruined it, and then that forced banks to give people a trillion dollars of money? Then what?

pause button?

our brains work in an illogical fashion so you should be able to understand perfectly. i wonder how many electronic waves go back and forth each minute in a brain. power supplies have electricity in them too. my computer has a 600 watt power supply. those new video cards need more than 600 watts i think. i wonder what kind of card you need to play crysis on full settings? video games are cool. i bought warcraft 3 5 years ago.

I could go on like this all day, and thats exactly how brains work. dont tell me you dont notice? xD

Not all brains make the same illogical leaps. Don’t tell me you’ve never been asked “how did you go from ____ to _____?”
Brains, however, tend to make the same logical leaps. Which is why logical videos are by far preferred. Watching the video makes me feel like someone is hiding something from me, and I don’t understand a single word of what is being said, but I understand that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton ruined our economy. Which we obviously know isn’t true, so what gives?

new version

not much different though.

if you cant understand it, take all the points and put them together in your head in a logical way. xD

i was going to make an outline or summary for you but i thought you could do it yourself :smiley:

Great. Just what we need, more idiotic propaganda conspiracy theories to make people vote for an incompetent idiot who contradicts himself more often than the Bible.

Logic → Truth, not the other way around.

I don’t have the time to try to understand a ten-minute video that goes too quickly to be viewed in real-time. It also has misspellings, and few complete sentences. I don’t trust it. >_>

John McCain?

Take a look at barack obama. he doesn’t ever get into specifics because if he did he would be saying the exact opposate the next year to satisfy the people. there are a few examples of him doing this already but i dont have the time to go look them up. dont flip flop around… choose a side already! xD

the video is about showing barack obama’s true colors. did you know he was a friend with a terrorist? if you want him to be your next president after hearing that i dunno what ppl are feeding you O.o

They’re feeding us the truth.

The least you could do is offer us the same.

It’s possibly a matter of opinion whether being friends with an ex-terrorist (or was it ex-friends with a terrorist?) makes you evil.

Personally, I’m friends with some pretty bad people, and they don’t affect me like that.

I believe that Obama’s significantly changed over his time as human being. He’s a black dude who grew up in Chicago. What the hell do you expect his background to be like?
I’m willing to throw out most of his past, though, in favor of what I see him to be like. I’m willing to do the same for John McCain, too, but fortunately for me, the present heavily favors Obama.

That video really sucked.

Do you know what costs money? ‘War’ on ‘terrorism’. Or should we call it ‘killing for cheaper oil’?
Do you know who Geroge Bush’s family was buddies with before your ‘war’? The Bin Laden family.

And NEVER let a religious fucker that hides his pregnant daughter become president.

And no. I couldn’t watch that movie to the end.

I’m friends with a black person, does that change my skin colour?

Who has a pregnant daughter, aside from Sarah Palin?

So yeah, Timmeh said this well:

It is indeed true that the US decided to oust Iraq’s attempts to become a Democracy and gave them the form of government that we just went in there to re-oust for democracy. Weird.

I like this video better:

They do it without the propaganda bullshit =)

lol. That’s why all of the propaganda bullshit I was talking about works. People “don’t have time” to fact check anything. They see McCain ads and say “NO WAI, OBAMA SUCKS” versus “Hm, this sounds like it’s completely made up and maybe I should double check.” A lot of the ads are completely made up, as are some of the things they’ve said about themselves. I’m sure you’re all aware of Palin’s flat-out lies about the bridge to no where, even after they’d been exposed as definite lies =)

(Oh, pomegranate, congratulations. You used the friggin’ phrase “flip-flop” in regards to Obama, and as per sworn to God, I have to now go out and kill someone now. Thanks.
Couldn’t be more hypocritical. At least when Bush used that term, he HADN’T changed his stance on most things during that election… ooor… I didn’t care because I was 13. Now, McCain’s been flopping around just as much if not more. He’s gone from liberal to conservative since January, and now he’s calling himself a “Maverick.” I find the last leg of it especially hilarious.