what caused the "financial crisis"

the movie even told you you can look up these things on google to find their authenticity. are you saying the video is lying when you dont go to the effort to prove it is?

Two Syllables: You-Tube. You’re saying that a Youtube video has enough credibility that I should go out of my way to make sure it’s telling the truth? That, my friend, is called following propaganda blindly. You lose the propaganda bullshit, and I might actually watch the video. But without propaganda, I’m betting that the video wouldn’t even exist.

Random Fact, btw: Propaganda helped to fuel the American Revolution. A painting done by Paul Revere (I think) depicted the Boston Massacre in a highly biased fashion, which helped to fuel the colonies to unite. Just a little fun fact about propaganda. Knowledge is power!

Hard to fact-check a video that doesn’t say anything.

It’s lying in its logical ties (lack of), not in the separate facts.

Penguins live in the southern hemisphere, John McCain has melanoma, the ad at the top of this page uses a greek Sigma instead of an E in CHEAPBOOKS, therefore you ejaculate prematurely.

Propaganda also fueled Nazis. Hitler blew up one of his own estates, and blamed it on others, something along the lines of “evil capitalist asshats” (don’t quote me on that, particularly the last word. Capitalist was included, though =D)

Just, y’know, throwing it out there. It’s also why a lot of people believe more good has come out of the current “war” than sucky bullshit.

Oh yeah…completely forgot about Hitler. Just goes to show how Propaganda can be used to form some of the most influential powers in the world, some evil, some good.

Goodwin’s law.


Godwin’s. Best law name ever, btw.
Oh, also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reductio_ad_Hitlerum

Tim, Nazis were researching energy weapons.

I mean…

This seems like it’s a bit different than Reductio ad Hitlerum in that it’s not an idea or anything they supported, just a tool they used. The other examples I could have used either wouldn’t be believed or wouldn’t be recognized.
And on a slightly unrelated note, I hate the use of propaganda by anyone. No matter how you spin it, you’re either lying or bending the truth to get people to do what you want… I consider it to be in the same realm as brain-washing.
For instance… If I took your girlfriend and shot her with a weapon registered to a certain group I disliked, and then told you she was shot by their gun (versus saying I shot her), then handed you the gun and told you to go get revenge (probably in more words than that, though)… I don’t think this is a very moral approach to get what I want. I realize it’s a fairly extreme example, but meh.

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Edit: lol, Daz…
From the wikipedia page on Godwin’s Law:

At any rate, I consider this an appropriate comparison. The fact that it includes Nazis shouldn’t overshadow the fact that it is an example of extreme propaganda that swung things in a negative direction.

It applies just fine.

Almost you could list about Hitler in WW2 applied to the US as well. Energy weapons? Check. Propaganda? Check. Hence the ad Hitlerum - “Hitler did it, so it’s bad.” Well, no, everyone did it. It’s either bad on its own merit, or it’s not bad.

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er, the energy weapon thing:


and the link you provided is where I GOT what I posted. Under corollaries and usage:

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We were talking about McCain, or so I thought.

Wait, hold up a second.

Is this by chance referring to the group that performed a bombing when Obama was eight years old, then held a fundraiser for him many years later after he denounced their activities?

Gee, it sure is easy to twist facts to make anyone sound bad any more.



Well, Damn, I need to build a Time Machine and tell my Granddad to invest in the democratic party.