Welcome to the New Forum

After months of squeezing InvisionFree for our database, and more months of work by Troid92 and I (but mostly Troid), our new forum is here! Built from the ground up around the Discourse framework, we finally have an interpretation of the classic forum skin that isn’t stuck in 2002. There are some rough edges as we continue to sort things, but with your help we plan to have things running smoothly in no time.

This new board comes with new rules. They can be found HERE. We also have a new Administration staff, which can be found HERE. There is also now a Team SCU Discord, more information on that is HERE. Ranks have changed in the transition, information about the various groups is located HERE. Any bugs found relating to the forum or skin can be submitted HERE.

If you had an account on the old InvisionFree Forum, you should still be able to log into that account, and have your entire posting history preserved. Due to the Dicourse framework however, if you had a space in your name, it is now an underscore - to emphasize: “Metroid Handler” would now be “Metroid_Handler”. If for some reason you cannot access your account here, but still can on the old board - PM any current staff and we can look into it.

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