Moderation Team

Hello and welcome to the new and improved Prime 2D forums!

Should you ever have any problems or inquires regarding the forum (posts, threads, account, etc.), do not hesitate to contact one of our four dedicated Administrators/Moderators for help. We’re all hard at work here with the project as well as our real lives. This may lead to a delayed reply but fear not, we are on the case!

These are the extraordinary gentlemen that you should be contacting:


The man, the legend himself, he who brought forth from the very depths of hell new life to the project that is Prime 2D. The Illustrative Man (aka Tim) has worked diligently to reorganize and restructure the project for a more civilized age. His skills are too abundant to list, but to go without mention of all the artwork he has created this far would be blasphemy.

If Prime 2D had a body, this man would be its heart, soul, brain, and central nervous system. His legendary status is one that equals, and to some, surpasses that of Tim. But you would be a fool to separate one from the other, Troid92 has continued to push his fighting spirit through the years to its limit, constantly working on NetMission Engine and more recently, a mythic level of database conversion that birthed this forum. To quote a member of the old team: “Troid is Jesus on stilts… and the stilts have unicycles.”


A gentle and kind hearted artist who is always ready to help you improve, and go even further beyond! His title speaks of his amazing pixel art, but this man is also a holder of many talents just as those before him. The team would never be the same without Andreas. He will always push you to go on, because he wants you to reach the pinnacle of your potential. As he would say, “I’m not rude, just a Swede.”

And finally we fall to me, MZ. Although I may not be as legendary or talented as my associates, I am Harbinger of The Frames after all. I seek to pierce the heavens of pixel art and achieve animation transcendence to the level of divine fluidity. In other words, my animations are really damn smooth, or at least I try. I’ve been Troid92’s right hand man since we were younglings, and wherever he programs, I sprite.