To all potential fangamemakers:

On this and many other forums I see tons of topics saying people that have grand ideas for games. There’s nothing wrong with this, that’s a good thing. But the problem is this: nine times out of ten, the person says “I want to make __ but I need help with graphics, sound, and the engine”. This sounds simple and innocnt until you look at what it really means–they will offer NOTHING to their own project. Even here I’ve seen at least three fangames in which the topic creator admits he has no skill at anything.

If you want to share your ideas, that’s fine, but the current situation is that people are basically asking other people to make games for them. That’s just lazy and screwed up. No one expects you to make a game completely by yourself, but if you don’t even have the skill or dedication to do a thing besides the general planning, you really shouldn’t even consider making a game.

I do not mean this to offend anyone, so I apologize if I have. Thanks for reading this.

I completely agree with this. I have not actually asked for any help on my Metroid Xenic game, and although I have not posted a demo yet, I have posted screen shots to show what I can do.

The other thing I want to add is ::

Stop pushing fan game makers to have their demo out instantaniously! We work hard to bring you awesome fangames that we create … so be patient!

I ask for help, but I don’t ask for people to do everything for me. I’m just off on a quest to learn how to work things, and sometimes you have to ask others for a little guidence. I haven’t posted any ideas I’ve had yet though because I don’t know how to get started, but once I get things started I’ll be posting stuff.

But yeah I agree with you Daz.

its very true. so many times i read a topic and laugh because it goes like this:
i have teh leetest game, and its cool and stuff, and I want to make it, but I need help with the programming, art , sound, music, background, maps, and design.

I wish I could make a game, but I don’t have skills. At least I haven’t begged people for help yet…

Unfortunately, this applies to me :frowning:. However I do have skill in the design of the entire thing including maps, some sprites, editing, and characters (enemies, bosses). I know that sounds pathetic but I’m trying! I could kind of pump out a build demo IF I HAD THE ENGINE! :stuck_out_tongue:. Although it kills me to say it, I don’t think enough people will help me with mine. Even so, I am pushing on, trying to get something done…

Hey, if all you need is an engine that’s different. Not everyone can do that. But like, imagine if in P2D MH had gathered the whole team…then did nothing as we finished it? That would be horribly lazy and stupid. Instead, he’s not only doing the most vital sprites in the game, but also all cutscenes and quite a few doodads.

Isn’t Metroid Handler releasing the source code for the engine once P2D comes out? If so, Gold Leader, you can just wait until then.

Thanks for making me feel better about being a n00b when it comes to creating a Metroid engine. Once I get one, I have an awesome idea I’d like to take off (and I’ve already ripped some sprites from Zero Mission and begun importing them to Game Maker).

But yeah I’m not completely lazy, we all just need a little help now and then, but to get people to do it for you (unless you pay them then that’s called running a business) and take all the credit is extremely lazy.

Not just lazy, but evil and egotistical too.

Helping out would be a big thing, but can’t you assemble a team to do some bulk work? (provided they agree after all)

All the above is true. Some people dont know how hard and complicated Game Design is. Im working on a metroid fan game (Metroid Fusion 2: Prime Battle"
and my friends keep asking. “When is it coming out?” “Why wont you hurry up?!”
You havent finished charge beam yet! Thats Lame!" " :cry:

MAKE A GAME! And yes, my friends did say all of that… Morons.

Which is exactly why I HAVN’T EVEN POSTED MINE! :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll come out once the story, bosses, items, ect. are tweaked. Don’t get me wrong, I’m planing it to be top notch stuff (although NO ONE can beat P2D now! :metroid: )

Regarding other people’s comments, I said a few things to some of my friends and they asked “What’s it about?” I told them and they just said either “Metroid is boring…” or “Oh wow…” Sports jocks :confused:

The source code of the engine is of my property, and actually is something that I CAN have the property of since it has nothing Metroid-related in it.

Anyway, no, although I will be releasing the P2d - SDK dlls for use in games, its source code will not be released publicly.

I think the reason is pretty obvious.

Yeah, i wouldnt whant to release the sourse code of my game
eigher if it was a popular as P2D.

You’re right. Also, who says that what you’ll have in your game will be used in that engine? Making it from scratch seems to be the only option, but MAN that thing is hard!

There’s a tuourial on the net somewhere for a Metroid Engine I think, but I’ve yet to find it.

BTW For Daz and anyone else that might want to use mp3’s in TGF (I think it uses the same engine as MMF) That page has an MP3 Tutourial.

I’ve seen them for TGF but I need one for game maker 6 like P2D is being made on: its more complicated and capable of Metroid.

I’ve ideas and such, I know that if I had the paitience I could sprite up a storm, and I’m AWESOME with music/sounds… but hey, what’s this Game Maker 6 thingy? o_o Link, please?

I can doo just about everything on game maker now except making samus jump,shoot, run around and all of those goodies. that is the only section I need help with on making metroid games.