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Yes, a completely insane topic from the master of perfection, me. I decided that since the Debate Topic isn’t entirely interesting anymore, this topic would fill that painful hole in your life. Basically this topic exists to hear theories or ideas that YOU (yes you) have about life, the universe, pretty much everything.

I will also answer any questions anyone has, since I obviously know everything and can do no wrong. It’s been a while since anyone commented on my Perfect Scripts…

I shall start this with a potential theory that I have picked up from my readings…what if YOU are the only thing that exists…that everything that you see has only come forth into existence since YOU were created, and when YOU cease to exist, this universe will as well.

If you disagree with this idea, please attempt to prove it wrong.

As for the poll, well its self-explanatory. Feel free to vote on whatever you feel comfortable with, and if you are uncomfortable, vote blankly.

Let this topic exist! (Ha, ha, cause instead of begin, I said exist, get it? It’s funny. Deal with it.)

(P.S. Everything I tell you is a lie. Including the previous sentence. Remember that.)

Um…well…uh…I disagree…and yet, it makes a lot of sense. I don’t think its possible to disprove this, but it’s also impossible to prove it as well…shit. Wow…that’s some pretty big outside-the-box thinking. I don’t know…Ugh, my head hurts now. Excuse me while I proceed to go blow my brains out so I can think of something else.

Been there, done that. Existence is relative, and perception is limited.

YOUR perception may be limited. I see no evidence that MY perception is limited. You base your logic on personal opinion, which is quite illogical.

Existence depends on what YOU mean by it. What do YOU think existence truly is?

(P.S. Death is only a temporary inconvenience.)

Perception is limited to the bodily senses we actually have.

Saying this, how would your existence START? How could all this created universe develop and still have rationality in such a short bit of time? If you exist, you started the universe. It would be physically impossible. If I exist, I created the world. The same goes for death. Your theory sounds like something straight out of a megalomanical madman’s brain, or PK Dick shortly before his death. I’m sorry bu your theory will need to developed further for me to believe you.

If you believe in heaven (or hell, or the Hall of the Fallen Warriors), and not believe in your theory. You just contradicted yourself, since nothing exists after your death, because everything disappears.

Clearly you are confused. I did not say I believed in that theory, I merely put it up there so people could have an idea of what kind of crazy topic this is. Personally I find that theory to be a load of crap. You also seem to misunderstand the Perfect Scripts. They don’t mean anything…and they mean everything. They are completely the most and the least important aspects of every single one of my posts.

Besides that particular line belongs to Albert Wesker from “I am Resident Evil”, not me. I just think its awesome. It does apply to me however, because I have logically concluded that I am incapable of dying.

(P.S. I am perfect. Yet I have flaws…how is that possible? My flaws allow me to understand the flaws in others, and determine how to best take advantage of that knowledge, granting me great informational power. Therefore my weaknesses become my greatest strength solidifying my perfection.)

huh? What are you saying.

Which makes it wrong? <_<

Also, the theory is a load of crap, since it implies that your imagination is god. You’ll notice, however, that true universes of your imagination (dreams, for instance) not only don’t always fit together in a logical fashion, but actually contradict themselves more often than not. If this universe (these universes) were created by us, we’d see a lot more errors.

Also, when Daz comes in he’ll talk about his weird-ass Satanist idea, and I want to reply in advance that his hypothesis doesn’t explain or add anything new. Pretty much the only way it is relevant in this world is that it leaves no room for a human hivemind.

My personal view?
We are Humanity, stranded on our lone planet, flying through a solar system, flying through our galaxy, flying through our universe.
There is no god, there is only life, and evolution, and change.

When we die? No idea, at all. Let’s cross that Bridge when we come to it, eh?

I don’t see why it’s so hard to comprehend that after death is the same thing as before life.

Dang. I never thought of it that way. Good point, Tim.

However, I have my own theory as to what waits for us beyond life. I think that it depends on your religion. For instance, if you’re a Christian, and you believe that you are going to heaven or hell depending on your morality, then that’s where you’ll go. If you believe that in the afterlife, you’ll get 72 virgins, then that’s what you’ll get. If for some odd reason, you believe you’ll go to a place where video games come to life and you get to live your favorites, then that’s where you’ll go.

That’s my opinion, anyway. I have no evidence to back it up, seeing as how there’s no way to prove any of it.

I am just waiting for Daz to join this topic. Cant wait to see what kind of theories he can come up with.

As for me … well …

Existence is based on relevance. To myself, clearly, based upon my six senses (Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch, Hearing, and the sense of time … {yes that is in fact a sense}) … I do exist. And to others, clearly, I exist. But to somebody half way across the world that has never met or heard of me, I do not exist, in their mind anyways. Also. If there happens to be other sentient life out there in the universe, or even just in our galaxy for that matter, I probably don’t exist to them. Think about it. Many people on this planet refuse to accept that there is life out there somewhere, so to them, that life does not exist. But say that there really is life out there. Does the fact that so many people on Earth don’t believe there is mean that said life does not exist?

So you can plug anything into that statement. If I was born and lived by myself on an island, away from all human contact, and no one knew of me, would I exist? Well, relevant to myself, and maybe some fish that I killed for food, yes. But relevant to a group of people in New York city? Probably not. And they would not exist relevant to me. This is all of course based on the feeble perceptions of the human mind.

Now. To extend further upon this topic. When a person dies, of course, I agree with Tim. Basically its the same as before you are born and come into the realization that you are “there”. Think back as far as you can. Do you remember when you were born? More than likely, no. And even if you could, it is highly doubtful that you could recall any time before that, and there is no way you can remember past being a fetus (that would be completely impossible, seeing as how the memory synapses of the brain are not even developed until being a fetus). So, when you die, it is just like that. Your brain stops to function (that is the true moment of death), and your memory ceases to record. Think about turning a video camera off. Yes, the video camera is still there, but is not functioning. It does not have a soul that floats away every time you turn it off, or if you were to bust it on the ground, or throw it in a fire …

So you may be wondering. Am I saying that humans are just like machines? Yes. We are, in basic fact, carbon based machines. Oh noes! They are gonna stone me for saying that! OMFG! … No. I mean, come on. Do cats and dogs have souls? Is there a heaven for frogs and birds and cows? No, and there are very few people who think so. And those animals have the same basic makeup and structure that we humans do. They are organic, carbon based life forms. The one thing that separates us from them is our ability to questions our existence, which is exactly what we are doing here. But just because we have the ability to do so, and the want and desire to better ourselves, does NOT mean that we can magically escape our doom. Once you die, thats it (at this point anyways. Just wait till we have the ability to download the brain into a computer. THAT is where heaven truly will be. And even then, if the computer is destroyed, then what? See what I am saying?).

In conclusion, its true that we may not really be here. According to a microbe living on a moon of Saturn, we don’t exist. According to us, there is no microbe living on a moon of Saturn. It is all based on relevance and perception.

Some of us just have better perception than others.

Good, Axion has assimilated into the topic quite well. While we continue our argument of existence…why don’t I introduce a new theory?

There is no God. There is merely a collection of entities that created the galaxy and all surrounding creations through the power of their own awesomeness. They created these things because they lived in a endless joyful land of bliss…but they could feel no sorrow. And when you can’t feel sorrow…you can’t truly understand joy. So in order to better appreciate their perfect lives they created the many worlds and chose various lives to live out, of course maintaining no memory of anything but that life in order to fully experience the LESSON they learn. When they die they go back and eventually choose to inhabit another body, a different life, to learn a different LESSON.

Basically we are the little game pieces that are being controlled by higher powers merely so they can understand their joy through our suffering. If you would like me to clarify this idea, please ask…I have many appropriate analogies.

(P.S. Existence is futile.)

I think I’m getting it. In retrospect, you’re comparing the world, Earth, and the Universe, as some sort of puppet spectacle controlled by god-like entities, to express things through people’s lives as episodes, like ‘BE GENEROUS’ or ‘BE KIND’ through punishment and newly aquired knowledge.

But all this is done by them becoming a new identity after and getting a better understanding of life? Rather like hinduism? They keep this knowledge in something below subconsciousness, to be passed on to the next entity? This means you believe in souls, souls of these beings?

Anyway life in eternal bliss and joy would be impossible, unless you take everything lightheartedly. And they created life to endure something they never experienced?! I see some sort of comparison between experiments on animals and this theory.

I still see a link with hinduism. I don’t know if you do philosophical studies or if you’re a philosophy adept with erudite knowledge, but some of your ideas are very philosophical, and DOWN TO THE CORE. And this new theory has a link with the last one, as Axion put it.

Axion, your idea that everyone has his own universe is what I was talking about.
What does that add? Is there any way to test it? Does it MEAN anything?
No. It’s just a fancy way of saying “we’re not a hivemind”.


Say hi to the half a billion Buddhists in the modern world. They beg to differ.

Good point >.>

Then again, my reply was based upon a response to (ug) Christianity.

Actually, I was not saying anything about a hivemind, I am just saying that one things existence is only based upon the perception relative to another thing. Not just humans to humans, like a “hivemind”, but more so, how real is your existence compared to a tree in your front yard? What kind of interactions do you and the tree have, so that you have a basis for factual evidence that each of you exist according to one another?

Think of it this way. If you have a can of Amp, in your hand, while driving in a car at 60mph … How fast is that can of Amp going relative to you? 0mph. How fast is that can of Amp going relative to a pedestrian standing on the sidewalk? 60mph. How fast is it going compared to another car, traveling opposite your direction at 60mph? 120mph. That is relativity. And it can be applied to ANY thing in the universe, including existence.

But. If you want me to add an idea or a theory to how we (the know universe) got here, I know of an actual theory cooked up by scientists. Here it is:

Unlike what our human perception can identify, there are actually several different dimensions. Not dimensions like we think of them as length, width, height, and time, but more so the planar dimensions of limitless energy. These planar dimensions are massive in side compared to our own universe, such as an atom compares to a star. Now there are several of these planar dimensions existing alongside each other, in a sort of staggered formation. Think of several sheets of paper, floating, like flat planar grids all facing each other. And these energy planes, dubbed “branes” (like ‘membrane’), move with pulses of massive amounts of kinetic energy they have stored in them. Sometimes these branes smash together, like the pieces of paper touching if blown by the wind. And at the point of impact, energy is released, and according to the laws of physics, energy can not be created nor destroyed, and action has an equal and opposite reaction. So somehow energy has to be released, just like if you hit a nail with a hammer, sound energy is released, heat energy is released, even light energy (even the smallest unseen amount counts). So, when these branes touch or smash or whatever they do, massive amounts of energy are converted into light, sound, heat, and bam … you have the big bang, for our universe, at least, and on the energy plane we lie upon. So on these multiple dimension planes, you have multiple universes. It sounds like a crackpot theory, especially with the way I explained it, but trust me, go look it up. Its a very interesting concept. They came about the idea while smashing atoms into each other using particle accelerators. They also found things like Higgs Bosons, mini black holes, Quarks, and (lawl) Axions. (An Axion is a hypothetical particle with no mass, no charge, and no spin that makes up nuetrons.)

Basically, though, what I believe, is that everything in existence is the result of a balanced mathematical equation.

There is a finite (limited) amount of energy in the universe. So anything that happens, be it a super nova or the drop of a pin, will release energy in the form of something else. So we (as humans, or plainly as life on this planet) are the result of a spectacular release of energy in a calculable series of events.

And that is one of my favorite theories.

My point was that your “theory” doesn’t actually mean anything. Yes, our existences are relative. So what?

Plus, it’s just not true, since everything in the universe affects everything else in the universe. That guy that doesn’t exist in your universe still exerts gravitational forces on you, and therefore exists after all.

Then … there you go.

I was just saying, based on perception, which again, not many people have a wide range of, existence is relative.

Anyways, why don’t you just skip that part, and tell me what you think about the second theory I posted?

Uh, there’s nothing to tell. You look like you’ve got it covered.
I think the name “dimensions” is inaccurate, though, since they seem to just be objects in the 5th dimension. Or 4th, if you don’t count time.