The (Old) Rules

Same rules as on SCU:

The Rules:

Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to lock, modify, and delete posts at their discretion. We always explain reasons for locking a topic anyway, and every effort is made to be fair and rule-conscious while making any moderations.
If you what are entirely unsure as to what we deem as acceptable after reading these rules, ASK! PM an Administrator or Moderator BEFORE posting! Failure to ask about something’s suitability is your fault, not ours.

  1. Everybody has opinions; these can range from opinions on Metroid games or events around the world. While everyone here is perfectly entitled to their own opinions, should the opinion be deemed unsuitable (could start an argument etc) then it will be removed. If you see something you don?t like in a topic, then simply IGNORE it and don?t reply. If we see people trolling or intentionally starting verbal and abusive fights we WILL take immediate action. You can rest assured of that.
    Be polite when discussing things, also. Not necessarily Virgin Mary polite, but certainly taking consideration for other users. As stated, if you post something rude or flammatory in a topic you are CLEARLY in breach of the rules of this forum. You cannot say you were not warned, as, well, we won’t even buy that poor attempt at an excuse.

  2. Use common sense when writing your posts; avoid content that will get you into trouble. Just because you don?t find something offensive does not mean that someone else won?t. We accept mature discussions fully, but if you even wonder if an Administrator or Moderator would question what you want to say, chances are you?d be best to leave it out.
    Behaviour that will get you into trouble includes, but is not limited to; blatantly insulting someone (flaming); trying to start an argument with someone (trolling); vulgar and sexually explicit language; hard to read posts (i.e. ALL CAPS, AlTeRnAtE cApS, no spaces, no or excessive punctuation, 1337 speak, and so on). And of course, advertising your site or forum is permitted only in sigs. Make a topic about it and you will face our wrath. >_>;

  3. Don?t start slapping the old post button like it?s going out of fashion. Your post will be posted ? check to make sure ? and if it isn?t, THEN try again. Double (or triple etc) posts will be deleted by the Administrators or Moderators. We deem double posting as the same user posting one message, and then posting another message or the exact same message again. Double posting is void after the period of 5 days. There is an edit button people, use it.

  4. If someone needs genuine help or advice, and you KNOW you can offer some decent help, then be nice and do it. It doesn’t cost.

  5. Spam, post-count bumping (see also double posting) and excessive topic bumping (keeping a topic at the top of the board when blatantly no-one wants to reply) is in violation of these boards? ways of conduct. It’s not big, nor clever, and we’ll be on you before you know it. Similarly, if a topic is more than a few weeks old, you’d better have a damn good reason to bring it back up. “Damn good reasons” do not include things like “yeah i agree”, “your link is broken” (if the thread is months old, it should be no surprise if a link no longer functions…), or ‘favorite ___’-types of threads. Generally, if a thread has not been replied to in ages, there’s a REASON for that–no one cares any more, for one reason or another. Of course, if you’re updating a thread for your own project after a long hiatus, or something like that, feel free to bump.

  6. Links to porn, ROMs, Warez (illegal software) and/or ANYTHING that the Administrators or Moderators deem as unsuitable for this forum WILL be removed instantly, you’ll probably be banned and we may even ban your IP address ? THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE.

  7. Please, if there are to be spoilers for a game in your post or topic, clearly mark it. It’s not hard and only takes a few more key-presses. If you don’t know what spoilers are: saying Timmy died at the end of the game “Timmy And His Amazing Trampoline” would be spoilers. Revealing a boss’s name or item locations for the game are not classed as spoilers–unless, for instance, the boss was a previously important character who one would not expect to attack you, and things like that.

  8. If you want to have an image in your signature - PLEASE - obey the limits of having 450 X 150 pixels ONLY! You may, of course have something smaller than this, but even something that is 450 X 151 pixels big will be removed. Otherwise the images simply take up way to much database space AND is an annoyance for the 56k’ers out there. Also, having separate sig images that - overall - come to over 450 x 150 will ALSO be removed. Also, please try and make sure that your sig images are of a reasonable filesize. The maximum we will allow is 60k for a sig image. Anything greater than that WILL be removed. Thank you.

  9. We will NEVER EVER EVER ask you for your usernames or passwords for any website, anywhere, anytime. If ANYONE AT ALL asks you for your details, do not give them to them. If you DO give them away, then you have no one to blame for your - blatantly obvious - stupidity.

  10. If you want to have an avatar linked off-site, then you must obey two things: firstly it can be no bigger than 100 x 100 pixels (at no larger than 25k), and secondly it cannot infringe on any previous rules stated (display porn/insults to other users etc). If you break this rule we may just stop you HAVING an avatar full-stop.

  11. Impersonation of team members or staff for any reason is grounds for an immediate, no-questions-asked ban. Corrections will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in the event we jump the gun.

  12. Users are allotted one account. Period. Barring extenuating circumstances discussed with the staff beforehand, of course–I honestly can’t think of any such circumstances at the time, but I always like to have backup plans just in case. Provable duplicates will be banned. Suspected ones will be investigated thoroughly.

*Phazon Eater points to link below banner that says “Forum Rules.”


What happens if you post flaming in european?

Seeing as European isn’t an actual language, that’d be kind of hard. <_< But if we get alerted to any rule infringements in another language, we’ll investigate and deal with it as usual.

Knows every nasty word in the Spanish Dictionary

So don’t try Spanish. <_<

Also don’t try dutch, french and german… >_>

Or Russian.

Or anything else that can be translated on the internet or by a member of the forums that can understand that language.

I think the point is across.

er…yeah…cant people just not curse? its realy not that hard…no, really!

How about flaming in armpit noises?

well, i myself cannot resist flaming in armpit noises, so i think people should be allowed to do that. :smiley:

you cant flame armpit noises…

how would you know? lol, it was sarcasm, in response to the flaming in armpit noises (which some people can do…i guess…

how about sigs? i din’t find anithing about Maximun Permited Size of the Sigs, i ned to know before make my new sig (as the old one have been deleted by Dazuro Ghenari because it was too big)

It says right there.

Check number 8 in the list

can you make it so that a person has to have an IQ in the double digits to post?

That is already so.

I think you mean triple-digits, right? <_<

If you do, there are many problems with that. There wouldn’t be any way for us to actually tell what IQs people have, and that ruins the whole thing already. Plus, having a lower IQ doesn’t necessarily mean the person is an idiot–They could post with correct grammar and seem intelligent, they just don’t know much geography or math. It works the other way, too. One could have the entire world memorized down to every city, know math perfectly well through calculus, be able to pick out matching/similar shapes with extreme accuracy and speed, have a huge vocabulary, etc., but still post like a complete moron. Finally, this place isn’t to separate the educated from the uneducated and educate the educated some more. Why not educate the uneducated and solve the problem in a more fair way? The educated are probably educated enough to be able to educate themselves (ie go to Wikipedia).

Those last few sentences are a mouthful, so read them carefully >__>

…crap…and yes, i meant the double digits, it just kinda seems like a few people in here have an iq nearly that of…lets say a very smart rat (you know…the ones that can go through a maze)…it was supposed to be a joke…anyways, you are totally right…so…can we make a job of someone to go around and just edit peoples post to have correct spelling/not talk in l33t talk?

Not only would that be a painful amount of work with certain members (<_< >_> No particular names), it wouldn’t help them learn at all. They’d just start to rely on the corrector to make their posts legible, and the problem would get even worse.

And whoops, I thought you meant triple-digits and wrote double by accident.