The official Metroid:revision thread

Okay,i am in beta testing of my forum and I am now begining my work on Metroid:revision,I will post a link when I am finished with my site

Edit space.




You have got to be kidding me. Is this some sort of joke? Not only did you double post, you quad-posted, and all of your posts have no point or substance at all. What the heck is this"Edit space"? It can’t be used for your game consitering it doesn’t even exist at this point in time.

Go away {|>:^{|(

Well you’ll be banned soon enough. Good luck on your game failing.

damnit people can’t you be more encouraging? Many forums only allow a certain amount of characters in each post, and he probably thought it was the same here. If his game turns out to work out, I’m sure all that space will be used up.

man,you peaple hate ME only don’t you i cant give 1 fangame a good shot without peaple pulling out thair flamethrowers?and thank you,Hairy Pomegranate,you are right atleast he cares >_>

but i was going to use the diffrent post for diffrent things such as the site,graphics,music,sprites,ect.

It’s not so hard to understand to NOT DOUBLE POST unless you have a good reason to do so… Incase you are new to forums, I’ll take it easy on you. Don’t double post, use the EDIT button. Just include everything in one post, people here do not like it when you do this stuff. Also, grammar doesn’t have to be perfect (I mean, look at me), but atleast try to make it readable. You don’t use spaces when you use commas or periods, and it mskes every one of your messages look stupid.

Daz wouldn’t LOLBAN someone for making a few posts because they don’t know how these forums work. Way to blow up on the poor guy.

So much for starting over on the warn system because no one had any notable warns. This kid’s just screwed it all up. Thanks.

And Tim, fail. It’s his own fault for not reading the rules. Which, incidentally, is against another rule in itself.

Alright, boy, look. No multi-posts. No blank spam posts. No linking to other forums. No making a fangame topic without having a fangame or at least something to show of it, even if you plan to add said content later. And I don’t know what your idiotic ‘go away’ post classifies as, but it’s certainly not an acceptable post either.

Hairy, don’t encourage him. Again, “other forums are different” is a bullshit excuse, especially when we have a rule that states “ignorance of the rules by not reading them is an infraction in itself”.

I didn’t say you wouldn’t warn him. I said you wouldn’t LOLBAN him. Cause that’d be retarded.


But it was tempting. >>;

no one is sopourtive to someone who is planning on a fangame?i am truely sorry i will leave…:frowning: i hate this place,goodbye ban me if you wish

I never know whether to laugh or cry when rulebreaking morons play the pity whore.

Kid, I don’t care if you’re planning a game or not. If you blatantly ignore just about every rule we have, you all get punished the same.

Alas, how sharper than a serpants tooth is lack of knowledge.

Lack of knowledge is irrelevant. It’s lack of obedience to clearly posted rules that’s a problem.

Alright, NOW you can LOLBAN him <__<.