The Most Useless Item

Which Metroid series powerup was the most useless?

  • Wave Beam (Metroid)
  • Long Beam (Metroid/Metroid: Zero Mission)
  • Grapple Beam (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)
  • Hyper Grapple (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
  • Ice Missiles (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
  • Hyper Ball (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
  • X-Ray Scope (Super Metroid)
  • Spring Ball (Super Metroid)
  • Super Missiles (Metroid Fusion)
  • Wide Beam (Metroid Fusion)
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I seriously think that the X-Ray Scope was pretty pointless. It was a nice feature, but you didn’t need it to beat the game.

What about the rest of you?

Hyper Grapple. It was needed, but it was about as useless as an Ice Cube in a fire. After using it the first time, it wasn’t used again. Very pointless.

Hyper grapple, by far. 2 uses in the game, as far as I could discern, and that’s maximum, not including optional uses, though I couldn’t find any.

WTF? The X-Ray scope rocks. I always miss it when I play Zero/Fusion because it was just so handy. >_>

Hell, all three of you fail. xD

MP3 spoilers pending

Without the Hyper Grapple, Hyper Mode Phaaze would be nearly impossible. >_> Absorbing energy from ing is the only way to stay alive on the harder difficulties.

Though yes, there were only two uses in the whole game beyond that…


Spring Ball or Flamethrower probably win. Flamethrower EATS the Phazon Elite but is a complete waste against anything else, and the spring ball does nothing a bombjump can’t do.

( MP3 Semi-Spoilers)

I have to agree with Daz. Absorbing energy on Phaaze is the only way to survive, and it was a pretty cool ability, although the fact that you got that AND the Grapple Voltage seemed kind of pointless.

(End Semi-Spoilers)

Also, the X-Ray Visor was, next to the Grapple Beam, my favorite power-up in Super Metroid. Very shiny. The Spring Ball on the other hand, is completely pointless. I went through the whole game my first time, and I didn’t even know it existed.

(P.S. Now we shall see what will happen, now that what happened…happens.)

Funny how the X-Ray scope is actually needed for low% in Super Metroid.

The difference between spring ball and hyper grapple is that you can’t use the hyper grapple even if you want to, except for inglets, apparently. You can use the spring ball all you like, and it’s fun, even if, yes, useless.

Hmm, I haven’t got the HG yet, so I’m not voting, but the hyper ball is useless, too.
X-Ray is cool!

I voted the hyperball. The only reason it’s even used at all is because you get it early on in the game.

I’d probably vote Hyper missle if it was on the list.

But the spring ball is entirely useless, and the hyper grapple has a very powerful use. This topic is about what’s the most useless item, not the most limited-in-area item.

The Grapple Beam in MP2, What the hell are you supposed to do with it after you get the Screw Attack? If I recall correctly there’s no wastebin in your gunship to trash it… Oh, I remember, they don’t let you go inside it, cause it self-repairs EXACTLY when you beat the game… :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, Screw Attack is much cooler…

The Hyper Grapple kept me alive during Phaaze (by ‘borrowing’ those Phaz-Ings’ Phazon :wink: :sunglasses: ).

I agree with Daz, the springball is the first thing that popped into my head when I thought of useless items. X-Ray visor was amazing, if you ask me… I loved that thing. A lot. IT was useful. The springball, on the other hand, wasn’t so useful. It isn’t as versatile as a bomb at all.

Well, the Hyper Grapple was useless in my opinion because you already had the grapple voltage. I think that they should have came up with something that was original. I mean, this was my reaction to the Hyper Grapple,“Wait a minute. Couldn’t I have done that with the grapple voltage? That’s bull!” It was just a repeat, except now you could use it on phazon enemies. I mean, what kind of crap is that?

Yeah, it was unoriginal, but it was still useful. >_>

Meh. Hopefully, they’ll add area-specific grappling if they ever make another 3-D Metroid game.

I wanna see what happens if I send energy into a Space Pirate’s crotch.


You can do that?

I didn’t know either. It isn’t required or anything, since dying resets your corruption to zero… Unless you’re trying not to die or something.

I tried not to die. Also I don’t use continues, so I didn’t know dieing made it easier.
I only survived because I abused the puffer things. They made it easy.

Heh, I abused the heck out of them once I figured out how to use them. The first one didn’t help though.

considers beating MP3 on hyper mode now, but only has a few hours in which to do it

Phaaze on Hypermode is hard as hell though. I’m stuck on it. Last time I got up to Aurora 313’s second form, but died about halfway through. I’ll probably give it another go today. But it’s actually challenging.