Super Smash Bros Melee2!!!

Should there be one?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
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Nintendo should make super smash bros melee2 on nintendo ds.It would be awsome.It would have everything from super smash bros melee plus new stuff!You would be able to play on wi-fi.Some new characters and levels.That way you could play it anywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

…you got my ******* hopes up…

Don’t do that again. Ever.

I think Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be good enough, thank you. Until handhelds become as powerful as a GCN, SSB just wouldn’t work on one.

Why would it be called SSBM2? It’s been SSB, SSBM, SSBB… It wouldn’t follow the pattern at all and would be really crappy anyway.

Regardless, a portable SSB would still own, and you know it, Troid. >_> Hell, they could just port the N64 one (other titles have been brought to the DS that way, so we know it’d work) and maybe add some of the new characters …

I don’t like the original one, though. I suppose they could do more with it now, and it would have WiFi… Meh. I’ve just never like the idea of bringing games like that to the DS. The idea of it being portable doesn’t really appeal to me since I rarely ever go anywhere, and the DS version would just be a simpler version of the console ones…

I’m not much of a portable person, so I guess my opinion would be pretty biased. I’ll just not have an opinion on this.

I got a better name.Super Smash Bros Ds or even make a super smash bros retro action game.It would be nes style.SuperSmashBrosRetroAction SuperSmashBrosDs
Two Super Smash bros game ideas!

Is the Wii Wi-Fi compatable?

If they would make it i bet it would

I hope so…Than we can play Brawl on Wi-Fi not needing a DS game with bad graphics.

I vote No. Melee was bad enough, but a Melee 2? If anything, Nintendo should be making a platformer Metroid game for the DS… Or a Kirby game that doesn’t suck like Canvas Curse… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still looking into the Dread theroy.

Yes it is.
Super Smash Bros on DS would suck. (I did like the pic on the game case though)
Canvas Curse didn’t.
Who knows about dread.

OMG DS!?! W/ SSB!?! SO AWSOME!!! i would like it if nintendo made it… too bad they’re not there yet technologically to put one on a portible >_>

Can i know what some of you voted please so i can know how much people would want and wouldn’t want it.If i get a lot on yes i might petition nintendo and see if they would make it. :laughing:

6 for yes,
2 for no,
and 1 for maybe,

if thats what u mean :^_^:

OK…I’ve thought of a way to make SSB:DS feasible. Make all the characters 2D sprites that are like Super Mario Bros DS (prerendered) cause each character has a limited number of moves needing only so many sprites.

The top screen would be the action screen where you fight, the bottom screen would display health, lives, map, etc. The menu interface would be touch based. An ingame touch view zoom mode toggle button would be good. (zoomed only on player, half battlefield, whole battlefield, all players in view, you get the picture)

Normal,power,SMASH attacks could be like so: ‘A’, >+‘A’, >>+‘A’

‘B’ for unique attacks, ‘X’ and ‘Y’ for jump, ‘R’ for grab/throw, ‘L’ for shield

No big change in control style

I think you could have about everything SSBM have for GCN
just add LAN and WAN multiplayer capability and this game would rock

Think about it, SSBM PORTABLE!!! :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:>

submits idea to Nintendo


The arenas should be viewed on the both screens.

Than that’d be hard to control.

Shoulden’t it be called Wii-Fi then?