Super Smash Bros Melee2!!!

If i get 50 or more on yes i will ask nintendo if they will make it.

heh… im thinking you will need alot more then 50 :^_^:

Your right.what about 200! :smiley:

Yes, because no one in the history of the world already thought of that and suggested it. Please don’t inundate their inboxes further with repeat requests that they’ve seen thousands upon thousands of times before. They didn’t do it then. They won’t do it if they get one more.

Face it. Nintendo knows what they’re doing. They have their own reasons for not releasing stuff like that.

Not to mention they can’t legally take ideas from fans.

…if you threatended them with a MOAB bomb you might get them to listen…unless of course they sent samus after you >_>

One problem: How would you do smash attacks? :confused:

The same way you would on a GCN controller. Press A and a direction simultaneously.

Unless you’re talking about the C-stick, but you can’t charge those anyway so those moves are really pointless. Not really “smash” moves.

The only problem would be only one person can play it per ds.The only way you would play it with people you would need more than two ds’s.But if they would make it i bet there would be wi-fi also.

Noo. You got to say that before I could.
Anyways, would anyone really want to play with the D-pad and on a small screen (screens)

If you think that super smash bros DS would suck you have no class. No offense to metroid fans, but super smash bros is the greatest franchise ever. Ive played, and mastered all the games, and im ready to murderize everyone in brawl (i fight 3 on 1…me being 1 that is) online. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the brawl…duh…DUH!!!

Srry for double posting, sue me. But your wrong, you can charge C-stick attacks. Press the C-stick then immediatly press Z and hold to charge.

…That must be terrible to have to keep switching to. Simply pressing the A button and a direction is much easier, as your thumbs will normally be in the A button area and on the analog stick. That’s how it would work in a DS version.