Ripped Metroid Prime Models [56K WARNING!]

Before you go nuts and start requesting hundreds of refs and asking tons of questions like “Are there any secret models?”, I just want to let you know that I will only be taking requests from spriters (that are actually helping the game) and maybe some others who I feel the need to grant their requests. Searching for a single model in the hundreds of other models in Prime is a very time consuming task.

If your not a spriter and just want to see the models in prime for whatever reason, no need to worry. Although I may not take requests from you, I will be posting several models everyday when I have time. That includes some beta and other secret models as well. Note that I will only be posting screenshots, not the actual models themselves. Which, it wouldn’t matter because every “model” in the game is in .CMDL format, requiring a specially programmed viewer made by someone whos name I will not share.

For spriters and those of you making requests, Although 95% of all of the models in prime work, some do not. Also, any model containing transparent parts is not currently supported by the viewer. Therefore, if the model you rquest is not fully supported, it may not look the same as in game. The viewer currently supports CMDL (model) and MREA (area) files. So you can request a model in the game, or an area. Although, not all area files are currently stable, meaning they aren’t all attainable. Sorry for the three huge walls of text. But, Id rather explain it now than get a ton of questions later. So if you ask a question that has been explained by me already, I would expect that it would be ignored and possibly deleted. All refs will be located here in the first post. If you’ve survived this long, then you deserve to see Prime’s awesome models!

Prime Exo
Prime Essence Front
Prime Essence Side

can you get me a model of the normal shriekbat? as you can see in my thread im currently working on one. also, i made an ice beam shot that was inaccurate to the game, so can you get me the ice beam models, both charged and uncharged?


i already posted the shriekbat request in the sprite list thread, but not the ice beam :wink:


if its so hard to find the models, why dont you just ask the programmer to assign keywords to each model file to make it easier?

Thanks so much for the Prime Exo, it really helped me notice things about her that I didn’t see before.

Can you rip the second form?

Can’t you convert it to another format though? I’ve seen Metroid Prime models in Maya 7 before…

It’s not that simple. If the names were to changed, nothing would work right. Each model has several other files connected to it, they all depend on each other to work properly, changing a name of one of them would cause the others to not be able to find it. I hope by programmer you mean Retro : P, the programmer who made this viewer did not make the files, they can’t just change the names, there are internal scripts that cannot be changed, at least not as of right now. But the more I explore through the files, the quicker and easier it will become for me to find models.

Anyways, I’ll look for your shriekbat. As for the Ice beam, that’ll be a bit different. The ice beam uses transparency. Which as I said in my first post is not supported, but I can still get it for you if you want.

Same goes for Prime Essence, except Essence uses a whole LOT more transparency obviously.

Really sorry, but the programmer says that will be supported very soon. So won’t be too much longer. I’ll still get both just so you can see what they look like now, and maybe you can at least get outlines or something.


This requires that the programmer programs the viewer to export the CMDL’s (models) as Maya’s format, or another format like .obj or .3ds.

To program this now when there still isn’t alpha channel support or bones, would be a complete waste of time. Because they would have to re-program the whole thing twice over. So that kind of thing will not be done until everything else is done.

Currently, he is working on bones, the structure of the models, enabling the user to manipulate the models within the bounds of the specified animation files. Meaning, if the pose you want is animated somewhere in the game, ill most likely be able to get it in that pose. But of course a lot of kinks have to be worked out. It’s not easy reverse engineering Retro’s work.

Could you please get me the model for the space pirate aerotroopers, preferable multiviews?

Got Essence. Pretty easy to find since the Impact Crater PAK is small, plus it was practically right next to exo. Ref will be changed when alpha channels are supported.

(check first post)

Wow, looks… weird without alpha channels. :astonished:

Well, I guess I can only start on the lineart for now.

I got a bunch of models while searching for the shriekbat. It took me 2 1/2 hrs to find. I opened over 250 model files to find it. And I just decided to collect some others along the way.

First off is Samus’ morphball with after getting G. suit and S. ball:

Second we have the lovely blood flower lol:

Next we have a parasite:

Then we have this Puddle Spore:

Next we have the most commonly skipped mini-boss, Hive Mecha! Though sometimes I fight it just to hear the music:

And here we have a map station:

Here is a barbed war wasp:

Lastly here is that shriekbat with four angles:

Hope you liked em, more to come! And, I will look for the aerotrooper next. I think you mentioned you wanted it next to a regular trooper? By that you mean what? A regular space pirate like found in the frigate? And also I’ll have that ice beam soon, though as I said it most likley won’t look right. BTW, everytime I post new models, ill put them right in the post, if they are too big ill post a link to them instead. After a while I’ll move them to the first post and then they will only be links. So if you want to see them on a dark bg, either put em in photoshop and add your own bg, or catch them when I put them in the post since the forums bg is pretty dark. Ok, I’ll be back soon with more.

Wow. Good work! Looking forward to seeing the ice beam.

Yeah, if you could get an extra shot of it next to a trooper (for size reference), that’d be good. Any pirate trooper is fine, but I’d like to have something to go on for proportions.

Uh, that’s just a barbed war wasp. >_>

Now, there ARE some very interesting beta space pirates in there, but that’s about it.

Edit: Jerk. Now my post makes no sense. <_<

Haha. It’s payback for warning me a year ago for advertising my now dead forum XD.

Omg, Spriter Beef.

If it’s convenient, can you also get the Aqua pirates (if they have differences, though I’m not aware of any).

They’re exactly the same but with a trippy color scheme and transparent skin.

Yes. Transparent skin.

Well that’ll do wonders since our program loves transparent skin. >_>

Know any good screenshot sources?

That one up there is called a puddle spore.

To solve the naming issue, you could just create a text file listing each file name and what it stores.

Edit: Page break. That one… back there… is called a puddle spore.

Yes im currently doing this. Though, damn itll take forever >_>.

Alright. I’ve got a buttload this time. 56kr’s beware.

First off, here are the requested Aero Troopers, Aqua Troopers, and a regular pirate to compare.…/aero_front.png…ero_diagnal.png…6/aero_side.png…6/aero_back.png…irate_front.png…ate_diagnal.png…pirate_side.png…pirate_back.png

Although, the regular pirates aren’t the same size as the aero/aqua pirates. ill pm you a better ref for a regular pirate.

Ok, now for the good stuff. First, heres a shot of the chozo statue that flings the morphball to the wall:


Elite pirate:

Hunter metroid:



Baby sheegoth, in’t he cewt? :3 :


Wave trooper:

The tower you knock over in the pirate hideout in phendrana:

And lastly, a beta space pirate:

Man that was a lot of work. I’ll work on getting that charge beam now. And then i’m done for the day, lol.

CROTCH CLAW! :smiley: :smiley:

That last pirate is what the link below my sig is a reference to.

. . . Wow, some things look a LOT different than I realized O.O

Hunter Metroid is crazy looking…

Yay, it’s the return of Crotch Claw :smiley: