oh hey a new zelda

or like, phantom hourglass with a train and a usable helper.

Looks like Nintendo is out of fresh ideas.

“Lets take Phantom Hourglass and remove the boat. Hmm… we COULD put him on a train, give it a new name and call it a day.”

And all the asses wanted to go home early that day.

Train idea seems crappy. Well, at least Zelda is in it. And it can’t be too bad, Phantom Hourglass was fun, so this should be too I suppose.

fantastic, another DS Zelda game, unless they add the option for D-pad control I’ll be skipping this one

Well, when they introduced wacky new concepts in past Zelda games, they usually turned out okay. The railroad tracks may end up being a huge part of the story and the world, but I don’t expect it to get in the way of the usual gameplay.

I just hope they fix the problems I had with PH, mainly the lack of real music. There were just a handful of dull tracks in the last one, and the whole game was repetitive in general.

and hopefully there isnt TOO much train
like there was too much boat in WW <_<

Hey, WW was the best, although there was a LOT of sailing…

P.S. CMC, put the Omega Troid in your Sig.

I thought they were making a Zelda game that wasn’t based on Toon Link, the game looks awesome but its just that I hope that it won’t be too tedious like what WW did with the sailing.

Did you even PLAY PH? I find that most people that whine about hte controls just said “sounds lame” and refused to give it a fair shake.

It actually controls damn well, and wouldn’t work at all that way with normal controls.

It had its issues. The Ocean King dungeon got repetitive as hell, for instance. But the controls were excellent if you give it a chance, and it had some extremely innovative weapon/item uses and puzzles, plus epic bosses.

I played PH for about an hour, got bored and went to go play Twilight Princess because the controls just weren’t my cup of tea

My mistake. To each his own, then.

ive yet to play it, but personally i wasnt a huge fan of WW

I think windwaker is the best of all. Perfect everything IMO. haven’t played PH but my bro swears by it.

have you played twilight princess?
or ocarina of time?
or majora’s mask?
or link to the past?

lttp is still the best game ever made


I disagree, Its a fantastic game, the best of the overhead zelda’s but I say OoT is better

OoT and LttP are my 2 favorites
TP and MM in second
WW is at the bottom <_<
ive not played PH yet
but ive played and beaten all the others

excluding those abominations, cd-i was it?

3-OoT/TP (undecided
6-Original. (Sucked a lil imo)

Haven’t played the rest.

you sir are an idiot