oh hey a new zelda

Wait, what? OoT was a horrendous mess in every way. Amazing for its time and extremely revolutionary, sure, but take off your rose-colored glasses and it’s a complete piece of crap. Boring music, no puzzles at all (push block get key open door ad nauseum), and an attempt to make an excellent but light-hearted series “dark and edgy”? No thank you.

Also, FUCK the Water Temple. No, I’m not counting that as a ‘puzzle’, because it’s more accurately described as a hellspawned torture device cleverly disguised as a puzzle. I’ve beaten every Zelda repeatedly except the CDI ones and OoT, thanks to that damn thing. And the one time I did get past it, my file got corrupted at the Shadow Temple. -_-

majora’s mask was the “dark and edgy” one

Yes, but Majora’s Mask was good. It actually had something called “redeeming qualities.”

Also, it had a giant talking turtle and Tingle. It at least didn’t try to take itself too seriously ALL the time.

Hell, it had a band of mermen that played guitars made of fishbones. That just reeks of awesome.

And dead fish.

because becoming engaged to a fish woman wasnt awesome xD

This list tends to change a lot, but right now I would say from those that I’ve played:

  1. TP
  2. MM
  3. LA
  4. LttP
  5. WW
  6. OoT
  7. LoZ
  8. MC
  9. AoL

EDIT: D’oh, forgot OoT >_>

1 thing i dont like about WW and TP
easy as…
well, really easy xD

They were awesome in concept, but they always died right as the fight started to get intense. If they’d just had more health, it would have been great.

Also their damage ratios were all messed up.

Dark Beast Ganon did less damage than a keese. Seriously.

What kind of fucked up logic leads to “a bat nudging you gently is going to hurt more than a 20-ton boar body slamming you”?

dunn but modding that game would rock so much ass

I never said that OoT was the best jeze

1: Twilight Princess
2: Majoras Mask
3: Ocarina of Time
4: Wind Waker
5: Link to the Past
6: Four Swords Adventures
7: Minish Cap

yeah I don’t like the rest

WW still was the best. :smiley:

I completely agree w/this list. 072, thanks for giving me a list to use as my own. :stuck_out_tongue: