Nintendo NEEDS to Up Their Game(ing)rofl

Ok so I got my wireless internet working (finally) and so I went and bought CoD:W@W and MoH:H2 so that I’d have 4 games to try on Wi-Fi (the other two being SSBB & Mario Kart which I have since returned) and I am disgusted. I mean people have been complaining about the problems but I was always thinking that It couldn’t be that bad, hell I was exited as fuck when I got my Wii because I knew that there was gonna be all this awesome shit and even with the shitty 3rd party games I was patient. I mean who wouldn’t be games that had this crazyawesome new controller Online right?

However as many people have already realized, this is not the case. When CoD3 was released it was heralded as having “the best Wii controls evar” but with the sacrifice of online and in fact all multiplayer, hell It even showed the true colours of the 3rd party; PS2 ports. That was right, Treyarch made unique PS3 and 360 versions but for the PS2, Xbox and Wii all they did was make one game and print it on 3 different disks.

Well we weren’t worried, it was soon after launch, perhaps the devkits weren’t out yet, but if that was true than those kits STILL aren’t out. Jump ahead to 2007 the 360 and PS3 (to a lesser extent) are pumping out fantastic games one after the other and the Wii got…Cooking Mama? Even CoD4 which was initially promised on “all three platforms” and Rockband for “all the major systems” ignored the Wii, RB was even insolent enough to come out on the PS2 and then half a year later on the Wii as a watered down ‘gimpy version,’ by this time everyone was completely sold on selling their Wii for a 360 now In 08 not only are we finally seeing some Wi-FI logos (2 years after the consoles launch) but the games are gasp still bad.

Then a glimmer of hope came when Activision and Treyarch announced that CoD:W@W would be on the Wii WITH online and so yeah, it was looking up until the announcement that there was a PS2 version of W@W “of course” thought the hardcore gamers with Wiis "there will never be a game for JUST the PS3, 360 and Wii, “oh no there will always be a PS2 version” and now I have played it, just as disappointing as i predicted after hearing the bad news. Now the networking is great, no lag that is any worse than on the 360 but it still uses those retarded codes like any other game and despite supporting Wii-speak it still has a bad comunity because there are only like 1 000 000 copies of the Wii version that have left store shelves because most of the hardcore have sold their Wiis and moved on.

So yeah MoH:H2 was worse in that sense due to not even supporting the mic and the latency on SSBB was horrid, Mario Kart wasn’t bad but I was bored of it and the online didn’t help. So now Ninty is off planing Wii music 2 while the last hardcore devs for the Wii is SEGA who are publishing both “The Conduit” and “Mad World” which NEED to sell well to both convince Nintendo that the hardcore is still there and show the rest of the 3rd party that good games sell beter than bad games (I’m looking at Activision and EA right about now.)

But I’m not here asking for help on anything, oh no I just want opinions and of course I’m asking this of the one person who has read this monologue through to the end.

Hm yeah, I would agree that Brawl’s online wasn’t so fantastic - way too much latency/lag - and Mario Kart was really just the same old formula. The fact that Mario Kart supported so many more players was just annoying, as well. I don’t play much Call of Duty, unfortunately, so I can’t really say anything about that :stuck_out_tongue:.

But I agree completely in that there is a terrible lack of new hardcore games recently. From what I can tell, the reason is the market; casual games appeal to more people, therefore there is more money to be had in them, and likely for much less manpower in the development per game. IMO though, screw casual games - at least on big entertainment systems. If people wouldn’t be into games as they were five years ago, then leave them out of the gaming world. It’s their loss, heheh.

Personally, I am really looking forward to The Conduit. Seems like it has some great potential :stuck_out_tongue:.

I’m gona buy both Mad World and The Conduit, just to send the devs a message.
If they are good, I’ll rejoice, if not, maybe sales will show them they need to make more hard core games.

But they are making LOTS OF MONEY, so they will not.

What do you have against the ps2 anyway?

Can’t wait for The Conduit. I mean, whoever thought there would be next-gen graphics in a Nintendo game?(Though I found out that some 64 games had cube mapping which was prety advanced for th mid-90’s)

They’re not really that next gen <___<

Does it even have anti-aliasing yet? If it does then it could look quite good, because jaggies plague the Wii like a plague.


What I have against the PS2 is that Devs are always making all the huge multiplats for the PS3, 360 and IFit gets made on the Wii it is always just running off an engine that was programmed for a PS2 version which does not do the the Wiis card justice at all and promotes the rumor that the Wii isn’t as powerful as the gen 6 consoles, let alone the HD (gen 7) consoles

The Wii (in terms of gaming) isn’t considered a Next-Generation system, which explains why every 3rd party Wii game is a port of a PS2 game with lazy movement controls slapped on. If I really wanted to I could sell my Wii and all the games for it, and make enough money to buy a kickass graphics card which I’d get more enjoyment out of.

but it IS next gen, it IS part of the 7th generation of consoles and it IS more powerful than the Xbox which was the most powerful in gen 6

and it has the most potential as far as controls go, IF the devs are lazy fuckers that is

On a third note as far as the shit-in-a-case=$$ is concerned goes, that’s part of my point, as hardcore gamers who like ninty we NEED to buy these good games to show that quality work=moar $$

It’s got more power than we’ve seen so far, and the GC had more power than we saw anyway, but the PS2 will still exist while it makes money, and it does.

Yeah and on the note of the PS2 it is a travesty

luckily some companies are abandoning it props to Ubisoft but while they abandon the PS2 they either don’t make for the Wii or make more shit.

The most irritating thing thus far is Prince of Persia ‘next gen’ for: the PC, 360, PS3, PSP, and DS…notice a small flaw?

The conduit actually DOES support anti-aliasing.
It’s in the game, but not in any of the screens, which makes no sense whatsoever.
Also, if you look at some of the textures, they are the “far off low detail ones” because they haven’t completed all the higher resolution ones yet.

Its always fun when people ignore me…

but on an irrelevant side note its OoTs 10th B-Day, wasn’t it great back when Nintendo actually made good games?

They do, 3rd parties don’t.
Wii Sports (surprisingly)
Super Mario Galaxy
Brawl (though it’s not as good as the original. :frowning: )
I’ve heard good things about Wii Fit and Wii Music, haven’t played them though.

FYI a new Zelda is in the works already, though that’s not surprising.

Actually, low res textures far away is a commonly used trick to speed things up :stuck_out_tongue:

AA is really heavy, so maybe the console just can’t take it?

Synty, maybe that’s because the Wii isn’t a next gen console, it is a mere shadow of next gen consoles.

With a controller ‘capable’ of immersive sp? gameplay like no other. The hilarious part is that SEGA, the company that can’t do anything right on the PS3/360 is actually doing good shit on the Wii.

Yes, and they call it mipmapping!

Hey, the Wii is more futuristic than the other consoles. It’s got a virtual reality remote! Screw “generations!”


besides…when it comes right down to it nintys philosophy of gameplay over graphics is a tried and true thing

On the subject of the Wii’s graphical power, Twilight Princess has pretty awesome graphics, right? Not quite next-gen graphics, I guess, but still good.
…now go play the Gamecube version, and you’ll notice something. The graphics are the exact same. Hmm…
Those were some of the best looking landscapes and enemies I’ve seen on the Wii yet, and it’s not even close to pushing the Wii’s graphics card!
Problem is, NONE of the games so far have come very close to pushing the Wii’s graphics card… It’s got a lot of potential that we haven’t seen yet.