Move:Game Maker help.

:confused: :confused: Ok, im not sure if this is in the right section but…yeah, i need some game maker help, ive been trying to get the nimated sprite to work, but it seems that well, is not. i added an animated sprite, turn it to an object, but when ever i move it, the sprite freeze into 1 frame. Whats going on??

Put your question in the help topic in the fangames forum.
But for an answer, you are probably having it set the sprite when you move, so put -1 in the subimage blank.

ok, ill post this there, but your solution didn’t work unfortunately, ill move this…or get a mod to move this :slight_smile:

Can you show me the GM6 because I don’t know what the actual problem is.

ok, sure, do you know where i can upload it tho? i counldnt find any site to upload it.

Official Game Maker help topic.