Metroid Riddles

I have a very big and razored tail that hits almost all the arena! graurrr!! i can shoot a cool fire beam from my mouth and best of all; I CAN FLY and when i do this you cannot shoot me baby! not even using you lock-on feature,

but… when you shoot me too much my wings burn and i have to fight one hte ground… that sucks…

well who i am?

Psh. The REAL Meta Ridley would not approve of a topic like this. You fail. :smiley:

Point for you! now who i am:

i like to float around…if you shoot or touch me i will explode and throw you very far hehehe… and not only that i will let a green toxic smoke that is very anoying! hahaha i’m all anoying!!

Puffer/bull/preed. Duh. :stuck_out_tongue: When do they get tough, now?

Soo looks like we have a good player gentles and ladies… ok another point for you … who i am:

i am an aquatic being… i have a pearl in my body that stays most of the time hide, but when i show it off you visor gets all screwed up bacause of the jamming

I can’t remember exactly what those are, but I hate them.

the answer is: a Jelzap (spell?).

correctly correct ! a point for the wise boy in front of me, come closer everbody!

Dazzy | Got_Metroid?
2 | 1

next question:

I like to hopp… i hopp there i hopp here… i hopp everwhere! people have called me mario but what i do is not jump, is a side jump…much like a side ho… herm… lets see who can guess!

side hoper? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or desgeega. They act the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, its either one. :smiley:

I’ll do one of my own ( Hopefully much more difficult!) :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the last Item you get in evry metroid game (Which item do you get last in Metroid 1 to Metroid Fusion ‘Not the same Item for each game! :smiley:’)?


That’s not even the same kind of question as the topic is about… or a riddle of any kind. Just random trivia.

What is… the Krabby Patty secret formula?

I am very large and control things. I have been in more than one Metroid game, but have never left my planet. Who am I?

Mother brain!!

am i right ? am i right?

Ok heres the score
dazzy:01 (lost one point for the wrong question)
Got_metroid: 01

we all even so this last question worth the championship,(please who is not in the score dont give the answer or this first round will never end)

I like climb in the celling and hang in there for a while… who i am?


and its spells chagi, its the underline of the names thats make it look like chaqi!


Its a zoomer or a geemer.Hahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!
i have lengthened your quiz!!!
(smiles nefariously)
Now you are doomed to pursue this topic forever in the bowels of the queen metroid!!!

you cauth me… hooo nooo!!

well i have to not consider you answer… and give the prize of winner to chagi!! congratulations you must be soo happy you just winned a thosands of dollars!

and better !you winned a mp3 to donwload of metroid prime! just click here and it will be all yours (the ones that did’nt wonned dont download it)

[No MP3 downloads.]

(you have to copy and paste in the windows media player , in that “add url” box[I]

And now it’s time for…

Flashing neon sign drops from above


The prize for this round: A COOKIE!!

Audience: OooooOOOOOOhhhhh!!


I press a button, 1-ton lead block falls on speaker’s head Now it’s time for our lightning round! The stakes have been raised… now the contestants are racing for the chance to own TWO COOKIES AND A GLASS OF MILK!!

Audience goes wild


The riddle that our contestants must figure out IYYYSSSSS…:

I’m needed to get a lot of places
I can destroy many enemy faces
Flips become more lethal
And they can now mow through rows of people
My name has many double meanings…
If you knew them all and said them too, your mouth would need a lot of cleanings!
Who or what am I?

Stay tuned!

(I just had to take part in this topic)

I would have to say the almighty Screw Attack am I right? :smiley:

(Attemps his own riddle!)

I am verry large
and I can barge!

I am found in a dark room,
and i’ll make many people meet the’re doom.

I will release minne-me’s and they will help my team.
You will get a cool thing from me, that thing is a beam!

You will have too fight my head,
after you plant 2 power bombs in it, i’ll be dead!

Who am I?

Yeah, i’m not that great…



I went and checked, and for some reason, I thought quadraxis was something else.
my turn

I am round in the center, but long on all sides.
If you hit me enough, I’ll split and hide.
I’ll pop out, and attack, and maybe go back
after a while, I’ll make your crystals sack
and unless you have light beam, you won’t get them back.
some people call my sides worms…
but that’s such an ugly term.

heh, shows my cough sucky cough cough skills