Metroid planets

What is your most favorite metroid planet?

  • Zebes
  • Sr-388
  • Tallon IV
  • Aether
  • Celestial Archives
  • Alinos
  • Arcterra
  • Vesper Defense Outpost
  • B.S.L
  • Oubliette
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My favorite planet is Zebes.


B.S.L. isnt a planet, its a research station. >_>


that was so funny sorry about that… DH post your favorite planet.

I know it isn’t but i thought people would say"Why didn’t you put the bsl.

Why the hell would people say that if it’s not a damn planet?

I don’t really know why, but I like Tallon IV.

SR388. Tallon is a very close second though.

SR388 just has this really spooky vibe, where you’re almost scared to go to the next room…
Plus, any planet that looks great with only four shades of grey, wins.

zebes… oh shit, i want tallen, but i cant change it!

It’s a shame it blew up, but I’d have to say that SR-388 is the best planet. Bland? Yes, but it has tons of Metroids and lava, and what else is better besides a hunk of beef jerky? :stuck_out_tongue:

2 hunks of beef jerky?

my favorite is ather 'cuz it looks good lol

A bag of beef jerky.

tallon IV. :slight_smile: second is Zebes, but this one is great because its very elemental. with a magma area, a ice area, a jungle area, and whatever the chozo ruins is… i think it has a nice variety and it goes along with the weapons very nicely.

Hehe… I found a better one: A bag of BBQ flavored Beef Jerky. Try it, it kicks ass.

Oooh, oooh, I’ve got one. Quotespamming! =DDDDD
Hint: Sarcasm. Stop carrying on this spam, please.

I’d have to say a tie between Tallon IV and Zebes. They combine all the miniature Hunters planets into one, plus they have even more than just that. Aether is… wasteland, bog, and fortress, along with the same areas with dark gray ground and neon red skies that don’t blend in with the ground. Not exactly the most pleasant planet to be on. And it’s too hard to tell what SR388 actually looks like, as a small black-and-white tile-based 2-D sidescroller can’t really contain as much detail as, say, the Prime games.

If the black and white really bothers you… I mean, I like it plain and hard to navigate… Makes me feel that much more special when I find something. My only little grudge was how I couldn’t tell the lava from the water a few times.

Troid edit: Don’t quote giant posts if they’re right above you, or at least quote only the appropriate section.

Meh, it’s not really the black-and-white as it is the fact that it’s from a GBC game. I have nothing against SR388 because of that, it’s just not NEARLY as detailed as any of the other planets (color included, but that’s only one thing, and yeah, there’s a colored ROM patch), so I’m just not going to compare them. If there was a remake of RoS or a new game featuring SR388, then I would probably compare.

I like Tallon IV better than Aether since you have to go threw portal and do portal hoping to get somewhere, but I do like Dark Aether mainly the music, background etc.

Troid92 you have a good point I like playing metroid 2 return of samus, I wish they make a 2.5d game of it for the DS like the mario. And have mini-games and multiplayer to it.

Wait, no color? No detail? Wasn’t Sector 1 on the BSL Research Station a copy of SR-388’s terrain? There’s got to be some justice there, lol.