Metroid :: Morphball Madness

Here is a demo of a completely morphball game.

morphball madness

click the link and on the page click “here” to download the demo.

It only has three rooms and it is quite simple … but I will be updating constantly, I swear, unlike my other game (Xenic) which I am trying to perfect.

Post what you think!

Edit :: Its a bit dark so you may have to turn your screen brightness up.

Here is a screen shot!

the link doesn’t work. it says the site is unavailable for viewing. Good idea though.

It really adds to a demo if it’s completable.

unable to view

Interesting… The Morphball jumps too high and falls too fast though… And in the last room you can jump through the roof, which causes the screen to glitch for a second.

Yeah I noticed that ceiling thing last night. Easy to fix, it was just a problem with the veiws. By the way guys the link should be working now. My stupid geocities account just went offline for an hour yesterday, if you had scrolled down the page you would have caught that after clicking on the link. Anyways I was never really good at doing jumps but I am gonna change it. I should have an updated demo tomarrow with a more complete level.

Edit :: Stupid geocities! Lol thats what I get. Anyways the link should work in a little bit.

Edit :: the link is being gay. I need to upload it somewhere else or something … if the link is still brocken or that stupid geocities page comes up, dont keep trying, cuz its probly brocken for good. I will fix it tomarrow.

Edit :: THERE! God! I fixed the stupid link. Yall should be able to download it now.

The link STILL doesn’t work. I’m getting the same thing again.

lol it should work now! I fixed it! I just tried it myself.

This page is not available… :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

Eh? It worked fine for me…

It should work now. Freakin a!

In the first room you can jump through the roof by pressing against the right side of the tank and pressing jump. Note that it usually but not always works.

I think her jump is a tad high. Maybe after getting a powerup like the spring ball she should jump that high. Other than that, it’s not bad. It’ll be interesting to see how you incorporate bosses and enemies.

Roll into a short two-tile-high ledge and jump. Samus UBAR jumps. I tried it in the second room, and flew to the very top of that area of the room. Quite cool.

Yeah, I know. Its weird. You can actually pull that kind of jump on any sharp 90 degree corner, and she flies up. Its like an sb skill, lol … corner jumping?

You should make it a puzzle in the game that’s only possible to pass by using that. Then anyone not in the “know” just has to keep trying ;\

Yeah, I was thinking about that. I want to make this game kinda hard anyways …

well do the demo end when you got to that room with the computer? i only ask because i can’t get up there :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t really be fair to implement a technique without telling people about it.

hey look at what nintendo did with SM
they kept the shinespark and walljump under wraps

why not have a pillbug teach you it