Metroid Legends Series

The basic story is a mix of Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime 2, where an X-parasite strangely survives and roams space until it finds Dark Samus (refer Prime2’s best ending for the DS part) and infects her. So now we have two Samus clones that make a third clone, DS-X. In Metroid Legends 1, Samus hunts down a DS-X and after exploring 2 planets ((SPOILER)). In Metroid Legends 2, the DS-X have already began to multiply and infect a third planet. After somewhat of a war there Samus finds the current DS-XP (Dark Samus-X Prime :wink: ); ((SPOILER)). This is where Metroid Legends 3 begins, ML3 is a new project that hasn’t even reached an alpha stage has Metroid Legends Online just been finished.

The 3 finished games are hosted off my main website at Granite Odyssey, and coincidently they are the only two games uploaded on this less than a month old website. For people who want to stay tuned in and not go to the forum every single time, you can always use the URL shortcut,

Have fun playing everyone!

6/2/05 EDIT: Metroid Legends 3 has been transformed into an online arena! It will stay 3D and have the common GameMaker online capabilities, “know your opponent’s IP address or tell them yours”

12/16/05 EDIT: Metroid Legends Online has been slightly remade, now you don’t need to know your opponent’s IP AND you can see everybody playing online!

…Holy crap…I think I just soiled my pants… :O_O:

I mean, two fangames that I can enjoy…holy crap…

EDIT: WHAT THE…? Do NOT tell me Metroid Legends 3 is a First-person Adventure… :O_O:

DOUBLE EDIT: Sorry for my attitude, I’m just…surprised that two fangames would be available to us right now. All the other topics (including mine) don’t even have the full game completed…

I can’t d/l them. Something about exceeding your allocation time. Damn it, this looked like a good game.

I just downloaded them, what do you mean, Dark Samus?

The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. Visit our help area for more information.

That’s what I mean.

Huh, I must’ve downloaded them just in time…

And I’m already stuck on the first one. Can you help me, topic creator? I’m on the second planet, already beat the first boss there. I have no ship, and the onyl way to go through are some yellow and purple doors that I can’t open. I also have 2 Energy Tanks and a Missile Tank.

EDIT: Nevermind. Had to experiment. Those purple doors are Missile doors…>_>

8) good games nice job

Oh, god…

…What was that for? :confused:

Although the games arnt of the best quality, it doesnt mater because they are fun
and WOW! I never known some one who posted 2 demos on the first day of the topic. Well done KamagaLegends, well done. :clap:

im stuck on the first one and i got the space jump and i don’t know how to do somersault so im stuck

EDIT: i learned how to somersault and wohoo i got the gravity suit and killed Dark Samus

I myself am stuck on the second one…it’s the black Metroid spawner.

I have have already beaten both of your demos.

Actually, 1 and 2 are full versions. He said that 3 is almost a demo.

so one and to are full right

I guess so. They where pretty easy games. I am waiting for the
3rd one to come out.


Easy? Kraid completely ruined me in the first one…

Actually, yeah I do remember Kraid being hard. He might be nigh-impossible without the Space Jump.

I killed him and i thought it was easy. Maby i am just
better at metroid games.
walks away wile cheering for himself