Metroid Jokes

1:I once i whent in samus’s ship and there where hamburgers all over the place i said what happened here she said mc donalds

Stick with sprites MZ.

D_S, that was rude!

I don’t get the joke, unless you mean McDonalds is a evil villian…
lol, Mcdonalds trashed Samus!

Umm…that was…very…very…stupid. >_> I said it!


i knew i got it somewere…sorry

And people say I tell bad jokes… :sweat:

fine then i guess i just get insults from this place …i think i will leave

(pronounce me as meh)

knock knock
who’s their?
me who?
metroid, whos gonna suck your brains out!
dying sounds

That was funny Metroid Zapper, maybe earth odesy can have mc donalds in it I mean I’m sure Samus gets tired of sidehopper meat, lol.

Now I am going to attempt to say a joke.
Omega Pirate: What is a Metroids favorite food?
Samsus: Phazon?
awkward silence
Omega Pirate: You ruined the joke.

Sorry I suck.

lolololololololol :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: ! u suck :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: ! (JK, it was ok)

Actually, if you read the comic Metroid Third Derivative, Squish, who is Joey the Space Pirate’s Metroid friend, states that to Metroids, Phazon tastes like a cocaine milkshake. Not the best in the world, if you ask me.

Which reminds me, I gotta go check the next daily comic.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…cokeaine milkshake puts tonge to side and drools

Ripped from Metroid Confusion:
What’s a Metroid’s favorite kind of meat?
Prime rib. Get it? Metroid Prime, prime rib?

Why did Kraid cross the road?
To kill the chicken on the other side.

Keep in mind I just stole these jokes from Metroid Confusion. >_>

stolen from
Houston: haha
Samus: What’s so funny?
Houston: He’s holding his balls.

Samus: Yes! i got the screw attack! our enemies are doomed!
awkward silence
Houston: Why? Do you got aids or something?

lol that cracks me up…

Um… copycat! You stoles my ideas! :whack:

lol me? XD :whack:

Kraid: Knock Knock
Samus: Who’s there?
Kraid: Kraid!
Samus: Kraid who?
Kraid: … I don’t have a last name…

Samus: What did the metroid say to the other metroid?
Metroid: Skree?
Samus: Well… That does seem logical…
Metroid: SKREE!? :imp:
Samus: WOAH! Don’t take personally!
Metroid: SKREE! (I’ma gonna suck your energy!)

I suck.
Metroid: Me too.

Those all suck. Except for the last one.

Might I say that you ripped all of your jokes Shinobi :clap: