Metroid Fusion 2: Prime Battle

I am making a game called Metroid Fusion 2 Prime battle. I have the plot
and the basic engine done. I am also using TGF for the game designer.
Does any one whant to help me with it?

What exactly do you need? I’ll be glad to help if you need it, cept I just read you use TGF and I’m really not familiar with it.

One of the things I need are maps. The other thing i need is music.
But if you whant, I can teach you how to learn TGF. I, making a
tutorial thats explains how to hang on ledges, shoot and use charge beam,
and Morphball with bombs. -_-
And i know some sites with good metroid tutorials as well.

Tell those turorial sites Dragon.
I dont know maybe everything about TGF + MMF

Whats the games story going to be ???


“It has been 2 weaks since the distruction of the BSL work station. A group
of scientists know that the BSL work station was a threat to the Society.
They also knew that when the federation arrived, the X would have consumed
them and they would spread out threwout the galaxy. The scientists also found
proof that Samus was inosent. But after that, in a nearby space station,
one of those scientists had a container of a paralized X parasite. He tells Samus
to deliver the container to a scientific station located on planet SR-388. Samus
gives them the X as they studied it and despretly tried to find a way to destroy them. Satified, Samus leaves the planet and about 1 hour after she left,
she recieves a message from HQ. He tells her that the science labs where
attacked and there where no survivors. He also tells Samus that a Space Pirate
drop ship was seen near the labs. He sends a group of federation soldiers to
investigate the labs. They found out that the X was stolen. He relises that this must mean Mother Brain has become interested in the X. Samus is then sent to
SR-388 to destroy Mother Brain when she encounters a planet not marked on her map. She pulls into the planets atmosphere to see what was going on when her
ship is attacked by Metroids! She crashes into the planet and relises that all
her abilities where lost exept her charge beam. Can our hero Samus Aran survive long enough to escape?”

Okay, no. Mother Brain is just… no. Mother Brain is nothing more than a computer used to control Zebes defenses. Super Metroid made a mistake in the intro, nothing more. It even says this in the manual, in Zero Mission, on the official site, and in the manga. She is not the pirate leader. That is Ridley. And MB does not exist and never will exist again, since her only purpose was on Zebes. End of story.

Now that that’s over with…

It sounds rather cliche. Basically, it sounds EXACTLY like the Super Metroid story–Samus delivers potentially useful but dangerous organism to scientists, pirates attack, now go kill the pirates and get it back.

Sorry, I dont really read the instructions unless im bord…

But how about this,

“This must mean that RIDLEY is interested in the X”

if its gonna be ridley its shall not be mecha ridley its shall be the normal ridley

Why would it be mecha ridley? :laughing:
It looks so stupid, on Zero Mission id didnt even have any legs.

hits mecha ridley with a bat

but i mean the mecha ridley on metroid prime not zero mission because ridley look better in purple

Oh, he does look alot better with legs…
But yes, i am going to have Normal Ridley on the game.

Wasn’t all the X destroyed anyways? Least that was the purpose of blowing up SR388 and the BSL lab.

Also I’d like to see these Metroid Tutourial sites.

And: If TGF can use WAV files, I’ll gladly remix some music in Fruity Loops for you.

Ok then, TGF can play wav format. As for the web sites,
it was redesigned and the tutorials are gone. But i have
them on my PC if anyone whants them.

That’s Meta Ridley. Completely different.

…Using WAVs for music?! NO! HELL NO! WAVs are the biggest filetype there is in audio! Use midis! Wavs are for sound effects only! MP3’s are good for music in games, but TGF doesn’t accept them. Midis are the only option without downloading extras… which I don’t know where to get.

Yeah, they need to be in midi format, unless i find a way to play

:confused: Can anyone explain the name to me? I have no idea where the “Prime” came from…

I think ( Dont quote me on this) The Prime doesnt have anything to do with the 3D games. I think its just a name.

Hmmm… Daz, about what you said before on MB, does that neccesesarily mean that Mother Brain would work nowhere else? Cause I have a mechanical form of it in my fangame but it is meant for a different world…

Also, Daz, can MP3s be used in game maker 6? I could realy use them, but if not thats alright too.

The prime has nothing to do with the 3d game. Just a name.