Metroid: Assault

Three years after the incident at the B.S.L. lab near SR388, Samus ranged the galixy searching for Space Pirates and destroying all of their kind… One incident was breached by the Galactic Fedreation and she was offered a job. She was to take a stolen B.S.L. ship from the Space Pirates and shut it down for the Federation, destroying the pirates as well. It’s last known position was in orbit around the outer rim, Alinos.

This game I have started is basically a 2D Metroid Hunters game exept not. There is going to be a plot twist. I am going to include all forms of Metroid from Larva to Omega. This is strictly Space Pirates and Metroids, no happy fishes or the like.

–What do you think?
–I have sprites from the earlier games but I need sound effects and music. I’m also using Game Maker for this.

you should write more if you are going to add it to the fanstory competition.

Well I’ll give a section…

Samus arives at the ship and she jumps out and climbs on undetected. As she enters she misses a party of about five Space Pirates that are walking down the hall. She moves through with caution until she arrives at a guared door, with a Space Pirate on either side. She quickly takes them out and enters the door. What she sees are dozens of Metroid eggs and she staggers back. Two Metroids hatched and saw her and became attached to her as their mother. As she trveled through the halls she encountered a Zeta Metroid that simply passes her.

your sig is waaaayyyy too huge.

Oh, but it’s so cool!

Sorry but Metroidkid was right it was too big. Just wikipedia Metroid species.

Question! Why would they want the station shut down, does GF know the metroids are there?
Oh and you may want to change the setting. If it was in orbit around Alinos, why wasn’t it detected in Metroid Prime Hunters?

Other than that, pretty good.

Well let’s see:

The GF thinks she still might hate Metroids so they think she’ll kill 'em all but after the X infestation I’d like Metroids to keep them in check.

Do you know any other desert-like planets?

MSU-04 (Make something up, okay?) is a good desert planet :smiley:

Also, I see you are an expert GM user I don’t know what and how to make an engine. Could you help me there? My team is working on SoR so I’m doing this solo.

Expert? Why, thank you. I’ve never been good with explaining things, but I could try and help as best I could. If you’re ok with this, I think the best option would be testing stuff yourself, and if you can’t find a solution then ask.

Well then, what the hell is an engine?

Then I’m sure you’re aware that you spelled assault wrong…

I never really understood what an engine was exactly (I call it a collection of codes that make the game perform) :frowning:

To the Wikipedia!
A core software component that handles graphic rendering, collision detecting, and AI.

Well that helps alittle.

Ok… um… start a gamemaker file, add an object, add a collision event, put something in there. You just started a collision detection engine.

Thanks for that too.

As I understand it, the game engine is basically the collection of codes for how objects interact in the environment (jumping, running into walls, etc.) I could be completely wrong though.

No, that’s ok, you’re accurate :clap:

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