In a real fight, not like those cartoon sceenes of smash bross(i love the game i just dont see much reality on the combats)

i mean in a real fight between link and samus? for example,the samus of metroid prime agains link from Twilight princess

Who would win?

Samus has advanced weaponry, including a plasma/energy based rapid-fire ammoless weapon, a missile launcher, three other beams of varying affects, advanced energy shielding, versatility, the ability to turn into a very mobile ball, lay a bomb with a huge blast radius, fire a more powerful missile, and has powerful armor.

Link has a sword, a shield, a bow, some magic, and a couple of varying misscellany.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you my conclusion.

I’m pretty sure that a pool would win :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a flame war waiting to happen… :sweat:

YEah this is basicly a Samus vs. Link war.

Samus would still win though…but what if link had a Power Suit? :smiley:

I’m not sure wich would win in a close combat fight only using hands.

you guys are forgeting something… link in most of times uses more strategy than force to beat the gigantic bosses… like reflect light on then or lower the water so the gigant fish boss cant swin , or make the gigant dragon folow him and fall on a hole,(this are all examples) link have inteligence

Link fights bosses far more powerful than he is by using clever tricks and strategies. Samus just uses a bunch of advanced technology to blow shit up.

While Samus’s weapons and armor are infinitely superior to anything Link’s ever faced, there’s still a chance he’d find some weakness she had. Surely the Mirror Shield can reflect her beams, and perhaps her armor is vulnerable to the Magnet Gloves, and such… and while she may have powerful armor, she can take damage simply by touching a completely docile spiky creature on the floor. I think a magically enhanced sword is going to be able to do a liiiittle more damage than a Zoomer… especially when wielded by such a crafty opponent.

Also, Samus’s experience is mostly in dealing with A) giant monsters whose bulk is worked into a disadvantage somehow or B) human-sized aliens with weak guns and very poor dodging skills. Her most difficult battles are those against creatures of her own size, either way, even those who rely on brute force alone. Imagine her trying to fight someone like that… who uses strategy instead of force. She’d have a hell of a fight.

I don’t know who would win, but it’s hardly a sweep for either character.

Good point… the Master Sword might actually do some damage.

And what if Samus didn’t have all her upgrades?

You know what… I think they might actually make a good team. Cover for each other’s weaknesses, you know? Which kind of reinforces the idea which has been going on in my head for awhile… a “nintendo crossover” kind of like that old Saturday morning cartoon, Captain N, the Game Master.

Something like each video game character existing in their own dimension, but a dimensional rift deposits them on the same plane… anyways.

the masamune would definitly inflict damage on her, you see,when link hits de iron knuckle that is all cover by metal, the knuckle suffer alot

1–Um, Masamune? This is Link, not Sephiroth/Frog/dozens of other RPG characters. >_>
2–Iron Knuckles are made of iron. The Varia suit is made of a super-advanced lightweight strong material that can take rocket launcher fire and still live. Slightly different. <_<

my mistake :smiley: i mean mastersword, but i think the magic energy of mastersword is almost like the spectral energy of chozo ghosts… i dont know i just know that is strong, you can see when link do the spin atack

you said that all samus has is technology. she also has strategic smarts too!
what about the spider guardian? what about the power bomb guardian? and what about most every boss from mp 2 and fusion?

Still, she does use brute force against those bosses to.

Zoomers were enhanced by the forces of phazon, so they are able to provide a thick layer of invisible phazon around them selves and spikes.

But maybe that is wrong even so do any of you find it strange how she can’t with stand a little creature like a zoomer.
Is it because her armour was designed to protect against projectiles and energy based weapons (Which pirates use.) instead of force?
Like the At-St’s and At-At’s in Star Wars.
Still Zoomers don’t even go quickly so it would make no sense why Samus would get harmed by retards like those things.

The Pirates are able to dodge well, Daz…
They can crawl up walls, Jump incredible hieghts and can camando-roll.

And I think Samus would do a little beter against Quadraxis. (Closed space and no obstacles helping link.) :wink:

Well… Samus had all the advanced weapons, but… Well, I will make a example fight. Note that the fight is going to happen is a empty place.

Samus uses beams! Link uses his Mirror Shield to reflect them.
Samus launch missiles! Link uses the Magnet Gloves to repel them.
Samus uses Screw Attack/Power Bombs/Other stuff! Link uses Nayru’s love to shield himself.

Well, no one wins a battle by defending himself, so…

Link uses the Giant’s Mask and turns into a giant! He can easily defeat Samus by stepping on her, but she can avoid being stepped on.
Link uses Ice Arrows and Bombchus! If Samus gets frozen by the Ice Arrows, Link can use the Bombchus to blow everthing up.
Link uses the Fierce Deity’s Mask! And he launch guided energy disks at Samus.

BTW, Link don’t have obstacles helping him in battles… :sweat:

GM, zoomers are NOT phazonized. >_> They’ve been in lots of games that existed befoire phazon was even invented.

In your example fight, Samus could ALSO use the ice beam to freeze LINK and blow HIM up with powerbombs/bombs/screw attack/beams. She could also use the plasma beams combo (can’t remember the name…) To start a fire around Link. If Link used the Giant Mask, he would become a MUCH bigger target for all of this stuff. And if Samus hammered on it enough, the Mirror shield would break. Well, if Samus used missiles anyway…

Samus could also use the speed booster for multiple things. Get away from attacks… use the speed booster jump thing…
haah, can’t think of much else to samus’s advantage. Except that she could scan link and find every weakness he has.

I think one thing to look at is that what if Link and Samus switched bosses? How would Link do against Metroid Prime, and how would Samus do against Ganon?

I highly doubt that Link could do anything against Metroid Prime: the Phazon Beam is the only thing known to harm it. Light arrows just might work, though…

Ganon is agile and can use powerful magic… I think Samus would have a tough time.

The Mirror Shield would not break. The giant mask, I agree, would be worthless. But the ice beam can easily be deflected, the screw attack can probably be dodged, and Link’s quite skilled at dodging/reflecting beams and bombs of all sorts already… And, wtf, “to start a fire around link”? Sounds like a standard Samus fanboy coming up with all sorts of BS techniques to make her win. First off, Link is heavily shielded against fire attacks if he puts on his red tunic, second off, she has never and never will be able to just randomly start a fire around a target… and the flamethrower itself is completely useless in battle except against large, slow targets anyway.


Sounds like link would win, I still feel that if Samus had the power bomb she could win.